Spreading the News: Marketing Week - Nestle whips up social hub for Nescafe

by Raquel Rodrigues Jul 14, 14

Nestle whips up social hub for Nescafe ‘super fans’ - Nestle has set up a social media hub where fans of its Nescafe brand can share actions in exchange for virtual and real rewards as part of a long-term plan to reach discerning, younger drinkers.

All the Fun of the Fete

by Raquel Rodrigues Jul 11, 14

If the state of the Engine building this morning was anything to go by, yesterday was a fun day. Custard. Giant Birds. 3D printers. Caipirinhas. The Magic Numbers. Bales of Hay everywhere. A giant ball pit in reception. Yes, the Engine Summer Fete was a pretty epic event.

Cannes 2014: What Janelle Feliciano Learned About Leaders at Cannes Is Not What Sh

by Raquel Rodrigues Jun 30, 14

Creative at Jam reflects on a week at the Cannes Young Lions Creative Academy

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Tash Kahn won June's award for SheSays!

by Raquel Rodrigues Jun 24, 14

Our lovely Tash Kahn won June's award for SheSays, an award-winning volunteer organization set up to encourage more women to get into creative and marketing careers.

The Secret Diary of Two Cannes Virgins

by Raquel Rodrigues Jun 23, 14

James and James tell you all about their first Cannes experience.

Let's NOT predict Cannes

by Raquel Rodrigues Jun 16, 14

Quite literally, this is an email conversation - warts and all - between Fred and Joel.

90 minutes of pain and pleasure on Twitter

by Raquel Rodrigues Jun 20, 14

England’s World Cup hopes may hang in the balance, but there’s plenty of juicy Twitter data from the Eng vs Uru game last night.