Must-Have Equipment for a Beginner Recording Studio

Must-Have Equipment for a Beginner Recording Studio

With the right recording equipment and broadcast solutions, your studio can be useful for some things. You can record music, animation, advertisements, and even soundtrack dubs. You could also use the acoustic space for teaching and training other interested parties about sound engineering and music in general.

A good laptop or desktop is a must have. You can buy a new computer for the business or use your old one as long as it is in good shape and updated. This computer will serve as your recording studio hub. Therefore, it is vital that it has as much RAM as possible. A digital audio workshop (DAW) will also help with recording and editing music. There are several popular DAW programs on the market nowadays including Sonar, Live, Reason, and Studio one among others. Just find one that’s compatible with your computer and use.

Your studio also requires a robust audio interface. This audio equipment will serve the purpose of converting analog or acoustic sounds from acoustic panels, guitars or vocals into digital signals. Since your audio interface collaborates with the DAW program, you should ensure that the two are compatible beforehand.

Your studio will not be complete without one or two microphones. Your mics should be of good quality since it determines the quality of your sound recordings. You can get a good quality mic readily in Australia since many acoustic stores sell them at reasonable prices.

A display monitor or motorised projector screen will also come in handy especially when evaluating your recordings. For the surround sound effect and video coverage, you can secure some ceiling speakers and a document camera. Also, if you have the resources for automation, then consider getting a universal remote for the entire studio setup.

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