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Nic to, pogrzebię przy nim przy okazji w przyszłości. Miałem i tak PHP aktualizwać na serwerze. Musiałem np. wyłączyć swój dopieszczony formularz kontaktowy. Mała strata.
Potencjalnego odwiedzającego przepraszam za ten dziwny tekst u góry :-).
Co do reszty… Wierzę, że jestem na etapie autobusu:

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http://habza.pl/dotdotdot/ http://habza.pl/dotdotdot/#comments Sat, 31 Mar 2012 07:56:26 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=604 For of all sad words of tongue or pen,
The saddest are these: “It might have been!
John Greenleaf Whittier
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Facebook and Strongbow beer http://habza.pl/facebook/ http://habza.pl/facebook/#comments Sun, 05 Sep 2010 09:24:31 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=595 I’ve moved to Facebook, probably not permanently, but it was just easier to share links only there than copying them also on the website. I’ll search for a WordPress plugin, that will allow to synchronize blog and Facebook platform. Surely, am not leaving the idea of a blog behind. Check my profile, for some (for now) 340 links that were supposed to be seen here ;-).

To not make this entry completely pointless, I would like to present you a great campaign of the Strongbow beer. Why is it great? Well, it is not only epic, but also is using the bankers as whipping boys. The concept here is to show common people as heroes, and it is executed really well. There are two versions – throne room, and Braveheart-like. For each one there is a second, with bankers. Just see it and enjoy ;-).

Reference to the Star Wars decoration scene is obvious and well made. For me, even the barmaid there is simmilar to Princess Leia. Only why the little guy there (who is probably acting as Chewbacca) got his beer, when Chewie hadn’t got his medal? Oh well, as like that matters ;-).

Oh, right. So, moving on, here is the same spot with ‘ze bankers’.

Strongbow Cinema Ad from Chris Skinner on Vimeo.

The older version, Braveheart style:

Freeeeeeeeeeedoooooom, one may want to say. The bankers are destroying good fun, because who does really know what do they do?

That is all for now. I think that the next entry will be a longer article.

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Articles worth reading: 9 http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-9/ http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-9/#comments Tue, 31 Aug 2010 14:30:24 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=583 Milwaukee Health Department: Stamped mattresses

China leads while US lags in mobile banking uptake
China is leading the world in the uptake of mobile finance, with 77% of consumers using their phones to conduct financial transactions, according to a global survey carried out by KPMG

Pensacola Tourism: Clean Up Fun
Great attitude, usual for Florida I presume.

Empresa dá prêmio a uma tuiteira que falou bem do seu produto

Unsuspecting Fan Gets Truckload of Wheat Thins – Twitter in action.

Companies Lack Customer Experience Competencies
Only 44% of companies ended up with “very good” or “okay” ratings in the highest performing area, Purposeful Leadership.

Indus Pride: Beer Mug

3 credit union microsites – the pros and cons
An escaped Rhesus Macaque monkey in Tampa then evaded capture for over a year, traveling across tree tops and through backyards spanning three counties and over 400 square miles. Along the way, the wily monkey accrued a sizable following, becoming a celebrity of sorts, with around 79,000 Facebook fans.
Capitalizing on the media frenzy fueling the monkey’s fandom, GTE Federal Credit Union launched an online “Mystery Monkey Tour Contest.” The contest gave clues to the monkey’s whereabouts via GTE FCU’s Facebook account. The first person to “find” the monkey at four different locations correctly gets a $1,500 cash prize! Anyone who joined during the promotion got a Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay T-shirt.

Turner Classic Movies – Lose Yourself in Film
I love the colours, and the whole concept of getting lost in the film reels.

Coca-Cola – Machine of Friendship

Flying donkey… used to promote para sailing…

Nike Woman -Just survive it
Here I am – great, but the whole point of promoted product is getting lost somewhere among the robots, ancient gods, monsters etc… Show your dark side mother nature? Riiiight. It is also way to dark and shady to know what is going on.

You’re all individuals, you’re all different
//Our identity is our key to unlocking the riches of the world or losing them. Our identity is so intrinsic to access and ownership, that it is our most important asset.
Our identity is us.// – good point

Studio total who burns money are being burned by the Arvika festival
I will never understand why do some people believe that all sort of publicity is a good thing.

Dodge: Freedom

Very funny ad. You are just waiting for Mel Gibson to appear somewhere holding a tomahawk. The final message is also fun – freedom, well perhaps, but cars? Geeeez…

Crooks dupe fellow cons into doing their phishing for them
A pair of cybercrooks have posted a phishing kit on hacker forums that lets them steal the data gleaned by those who download and use it

People For Animals: Tiger

Walmart: Cristoforo Colombo, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton
My favourite is the one with Galileo ;-). Very smart series.\

Találd meg a Red Bull E-shotot! part 1 (Find the Red Bull E-shot!)

An interactive YT game, quite funny.

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Morphine – Night http://habza.pl/morphine-night/ http://habza.pl/morphine-night/#comments Sun, 29 Aug 2010 19:40:33 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=585
This is an excellent song, especially when you are feeling so gloomy as I am now… One can say, that it is as good, as it is sad. Not the greatest song, because as all the hard rockers known that title can be only attached to this one:

Tenacious D – Tribute
Well, it is only a tribute by Tenacious D to the greatest and best song in the world, but it is a darn close call ;-). Jack Black is an amazing performer, and I am not being sarcastic here.
Here you can read more about Morphine:


Unfortunately the leader, whose moving voice can be heard on the first video, died while performing on stage, few months after Night had been recorded.

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When no one wants to believe you, do not try to make things worse by bothering http://habza.pl/when-no-one-wants-to-believe-you-do-not-try-to-make-things-worse-by-bothering/ http://habza.pl/when-no-one-wants-to-believe-you-do-not-try-to-make-things-worse-by-bothering/#comments Fri, 06 Aug 2010 22:13:21 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=565
When no one wants to believe you, do not try to make things
Załadowane przez: Habzapl. – Zobacz więcej filmów i wideo
Just ignore them. Frasier hadn’t followed that advice – by trying to prove to his friends that he is indeed having a prize girlfriend, he ultimately lost her. We should not be too concerned with how other people are perceiving us. I have a great problem with that, and sadly – have not yet conquered this flaw.

Frasier S05E01
Frasier’s Imaginary Friend
Opis odcinka/Episode summary:
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Articles worth reading: 8 http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-8/ http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-8/#comments Fri, 06 Aug 2010 21:51:20 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=560 ad British cereal reveals just who’s doing all those Google searches

ad Bavaria Beer One Drop of Water Commercial

A man on a mission ;-)

ad The Michelin Man’s a serious badass, whatever he’s trying to say

ad Coffee Heros: Celebrate your heros

I would definitely not put Che on one of these, but it is Germany we are speaking, so I am assuming there is a demand for him there…

Chase Bank’s Second iPhone App: Gift Planner

Symphony of Science
Our Place in the Cosmos

ad Mercedes-Benz G-Class – Fireworks

ad Talk for India

Bank innovation spend holds up despite weary scepticism

The vast majority of US and UK banking and capital markets firms have continued or increased funding of large innovation initiatives through the financial crisis yet most do not see innovation as a way to rebuild their businesses over the coming years, according to a survey from Accenture.

Holiday Themes: ING Direct Offers Up Anti-Black-Friday Tease

ad I Want a Goat

Even B2B marketers are using social media

Channels: Really It’s More Than Just Channels…

Enisa calls for national ID cards to be extended to e-banking

Should we have chip only payment cards?

UK firms ramp up social media spending

The vast majority of UK companies are planning to increase spending on social media in the next year, despite failing to gain real, tangible value from it so far, according to a survey from Econsultancy.

ad The 100 poorest

ING Direct Black Friday Screenshots

We don’t need your customer service

The latest report finds that Britons prefer doing their own banking, and would deliberately choose a computer or a mobile phone to manage their finances before phoning a call centre. They don’t want to deal with people in other words – whether in branches or call centres – but want to self-service wherever and whenever possible.


Very quick replacement for a debit card (ING)

Fragmenting the banking structure

ad Stella Artois launches augmented reality Christmas eCard

ad Ford F-150: Bricks

Kids won’t just laugh off the latest anti-drug PSAs. Or will they?

ad United States Air Force: Csar

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Articles worth reading: 7 http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-7/ http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-7/#comments Fri, 06 Aug 2010 17:03:58 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=555 Still too slow :-(
Creative Showcase: November 2009

ad Plane Stupid: Polar bear

ad WWF: Save biodiversity

ad Demolicion magazine: Surf

Russia’s nerves creates massive volatility

the RTS Index has been bouncing around faster than a Bolshoi Ballet Ballerina this year. This is because no-one invests in Russian stocks or stock markets for the long-term. It’s all short-termism.

IKEA: Facebook Tag

The chicken and egg of contactless payments

This chicken and egg scenario is mirrored today with contactless payments. If the terminals aren’t there for customers to use, there is little incentive for card issuers to invest in supplying contactless cards to customers. Conversely of course, merchants aren’t going to spend money on new terminals if only a tiny percentage of their customer base can use them. In other words, one without the other just won’t work.

The predictions on POS terminal uptake are encouraging and thanks to bold initiatives from card companies and large retail groups, the view from the other side is equally rosy, if not more so. MasterCard says more than 55 million of its contactless PayPass cards or devices have been issued worldwide. Barclays has also been an early adopter; all their UK customers will have contactless cards by 2011.

Sinc Digital: Priest

Newspaper composed completely of blog content hits London

The Blogpaper has no editor and its content is determined by the vote of bloggers through the theblogpaper website (theblogpaper.co.uk).

“We aim to combine two different yet equally important types of media: internet and print,” the publisher says on its site.

“One major cornerstone of theblogpaper’s the concept is that many people are in control of what people are going to receive (by promoting content to print).”

(irony mode on) This has to work (irony mode off)

Big Steps for First Independent’s Brand

First Independent had been family-owned for nearly 100 years, during which time the bank’s solid track record helped it forge deep roots in its southwest Washington communities.

That was the good news for the bank’s ad agency, Grady Britton.

The bad news? First Independent was a nearly 100-year old family-owned bank, perceived as “my grandfather’s bank” with a “dusty” image easily ignored by a younger, fast-paced audience.

ad Karate Club: Broken

ad Balloon AA: Calendar

Top 10 Field Marketing trends for 2010

Discover launches cash rewards Web site

Union Bank introduces community development finance Web site

ad Xdress.com: Washroom signage

HSBC: YouTube Channel

ad Boysen: Orchid

ad Fuck You AIDS!

Why brands should avoid playing the nostalgia card in their marketing

UK banks set to vote on abolition of cheques

ad New Zealand Book Council
Going West (Where Books Come To Life)

ad Citroen
Citroen C3 Visiodrive – Swing

ad Eat sugary foods from QT Kitchens. You’re going to die anyway!

Dutch ING customers targeted by iPhone worm

Abolition of Cheques – I Hope the Banks Vote ‘No’

I believe that there are a lot of person-to-person transactions that people will be uncomfortable switching to ‘alternatives’, mainly because those alternatives are not that appealing. I mean things like the giving of money as a present (across a distance, say), payments for school trips, and so on. Yes, I know these could be achieved by the recipient sharing their bank account details so the payer can send a payment using online banking, but many people are not comfortable doing that. Similarly, we shouldn’t assume everyone is either connected to online banking, or comfortable with using it, given the problems we’ve seen on the matter of online security (and yes, I know some people will say that a cheque isn’t very secure).

Ronnie Bruce


ad Casa de Menor: Burden

Very, very sad…

Zions Bank Replaces Holiday Gift Planner with eZ Budget Site

Multi-Channel Strategy, A Platform for Banking Innovation

Ad industry to teach kids to be more marketing aware online

End of the cheque: open outcry! (UPDATE)

Make promos out of money you already give away

ad Guinness

ad Shiner Beer: Foreign Beer Exchange, Austin City Limits Festival 2009

How to run a successful online video campaign

Why marketers cannot afford to ignore eye tracking technology

Dublin City Council
Liberty Hall Light Show

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Articles worth reading: 6 http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-6/ http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-6/#comments Fri, 06 Aug 2010 10:39:23 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=536 Unfortunately I am not having too much free time these days, but would like to reactivate this blog. To start with that immense task, I will post in the few upcoming entries links to interesting articles, which I have gathered since the last entry.  I’m not sure if will be able to provide a comment to them, in most cases they will talk by themselves. I’m hoping that in the future I will manage to provide up-to-date entries.

OK, so let’s start and see where it will take us.


In testimony at yesterday’s one-day food marketing hearing at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science, a McDonald’s Corp. executive said the company takes Ronald McDonald to elementary schools and is talking to children as young as 4 in its advertising.A McDonald’s spokesman said the company’s “communications to customers including children and moms are responsible and responsive. They are appropriate. They communicate choice and variety. They are age-appropriate, size-appropriate and are [about] a quality meal at a great value,” he said.

A McDonald’s spokesman said the company’s “communications to customers including children and moms are responsible and responsive. They are appropriate. They communicate choice and variety. They are age-appropriate, size-appropriate and are [about] a quality meal at a great value,” he said.
Ken Powell, executive vice president of General Foods, said his company markets to mothers, not children.

“We strongly think products advertised to kids can be advertised appropriately,” he said. He noted bans on advertising to children abroad and obesity rates that vary widely from region to region in this country, and said that data argues against a link between advertising and obesity.

These guys are serious with their statements… Their attitude reminds me a great movie - Thank You for Smoking

Now This Is How To Advertise Milk – Parmalat Milk Italy

Panasonic nose trimmer: Fatty

Panasonic nose trimmer: Borat

Telenet: Soldier

Telenet: Cyborg

Kudu restaurant: Drive thru since 1988

The inscription – since 1988 is not visible enough. Overall idea is very good.

Fudge: Never too late 1

Vancouver Society of Children’s Centres: 1 2

Mitsubishi Pajero Dakar: The meeting between luxury and off-road

From Russia with Love

Russia’s turnaround was best illustrated for me by a friend of mine, who redesigned all the branches for one of Russia’s largest retail banks: Alfa Bank.Alfa Bank a decade ago had these cold, unwelcoming branches. Grey and horrible.Until recently, I thought all of Russia was still like that with queues being the prominent way of life and ‘customer service’ being as likely as transparent goverment.
Here’s the old way of Alfa Bank:

Mashup technologies in real-world banking

Integration with Google Maps is indeed a good idea, I myself have such service from my phone provider – when am checking the history of calls, location of the callers is shown on a map. Of course  only for the landlines numbers, identified by the prefixes, but still it is a nice service.

Identifying Multi Channel Customer Experience Best Practice

Orange Israel: Hollywood

Orange Israel: Hollywood

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City Harvest: NYC subway is full of… apples http://habza.pl/city-harvest-nyc-subway-is-full-of-apples/ http://habza.pl/city-harvest-nyc-subway-is-full-of-apples/#comments Thu, 29 Jul 2010 14:03:31 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=530
Action begins in a Cloverfield style. Presumably normal video of a sort of a tourist gets interrupted when something unusual happens. This time it is no x-stories high Slusho fueled monster raging destruction on NYC, but a train full of apples, which suppose to illustrate how much food is wasted in that great city.

In the broad area of the ‘social’ campaigns, especially these directed to the poverty, it is always necessary to illustrate the importance of one man actions. In general people think that their participation in some large scale charity collection is insignificant, because their personal donation is too small to change someone’s life. Surely, people are aware that we should think in a big picture way, so the all small donations will end up in something significant, but this is only a theory. If you will show them how much could have been achieved if more people would like to act, they will be donating more willingly. Here, the term of a ‘donation’ can be applied to do not waste approach. This is even better, because people do not like to give away their possessions. If you will show them that the give away can be achieved by wasting less, thus by no cost at all.

I like this commercial, as it idea is so simple, and effective. I would only change the announcement a t the end of a video  from the station speakers to a full screen inscription read by a narrator (Morgan Freeman style ;-)).

Inspiration: Adfreak
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Interstate: Car battery that can get you out of troubles (but not change you in a nice person) http://habza.pl/interstate-car-battery-that-can-get-you-out-of-troubles-but-not-change-you-in-a-nice-person/ http://habza.pl/interstate-car-battery-that-can-get-you-out-of-troubles-but-not-change-you-in-a-nice-person/#comments Thu, 29 Jul 2010 13:43:31 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=527
The story goes so – two young dudes are watching from a balcony a car gliding on an ice covered parking/road. The whole situation makes them laugh, when one suddenly realizes that his car is to be hit next. message of this story is simple – use Interstate car battery and you will be not having such problems.

The concept is alright, but I would change few things, like try to make the characters more lovable – seriously I was hoping that one of this douches car will get smashed.  It could be achieved by i.e. showing a desperate, ‘family’ man trying to save his car.  Someone that we could care off. Secondly, the crash is not a spectacular one. It is a TV for the God sake, use some specials. I am not expecting to see an explosion and see that guy burned to a crisp, but just something more memorable. maybe  crash should happen in a better light? Sure, you want it to be as ‘real’ as it gets, but after seeing that car moving in a so unrealistic manner, the reality boat had sailed off. The old-wise guy at the end is also such a cliché… Cast and character development is a key to a good commercial. Do not place in your ad people of who the audience will hope they will get hurt.

Inspiration: Adfreak
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Worst Job Interview Ever & Curse – who’s to blame? http://habza.pl/worst-job-interview-ever-curse-whos-to-blame/ http://habza.pl/worst-job-interview-ever-curse-whos-to-blame/#comments Mon, 19 Jul 2010 06:29:05 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=522
Chyba każdy czasami ma wrażenie, że jest przeklęty. Przeświadczenie o tym występuje zwłaszcza, kiedy nagromadzi się zdecydowanie zbyt dużo złych wydarzeń. W tym odcinku Frasier przekonuje wszystkich, że jest pod wpływem cyklicznej klątwy – zawsze jest w dołku gdy przychodzi czas klasowego spotkania. Tak naprawdę, to wszystkie jego klęski są powodowane tym właśnie przeświadczeniem – jesteśmy Panami naszego losu, jeżeli jesteśmy przekonani, że zmierzamy do nieuchronnej katastrofy, tak właśnie będzie. Sam mam wrażenie, że działa na mnie nie tyle klątwa, co wypadkowa złych decyzji. Czas poszukać drabiny i wyjść, tym razem patrząc dokłądnie pod nogi aby nigdzie nie wpaść.

I believe that everyone is sometimes under the impression that he or she is cursed.   This conviction is especially strong when way too many disastrous events are being accumulated. In this episode Frasier is trying to convince everyone, that he is under an influence of a cyclical curse – he is always in a low point in his life, when his class reunion is coming.  In reality exactly this attitude of his is causing all his misfortunes – we all are the masters of our fate, and if we are sure that we are approaching an unavoidable disaster, it will be indeed unavoidable, and in fact caused by us. I am also under the impression, that I’m under an influence, well not a curse per se, but rather of mine misled decisions, which were made on the basis of wrong presumptions. To some of them I knew they are wrong, when I’ve made them, but I had been in a state when it is hard to act in a rational manner – even if you do know what you SHOULD to do. Either way, it is time to search for a ladder and to get out from a hole my life has become an to move forward, but this time while moving – to look carefully under your feet, to avoid any further holes. I am also going to prove all scientists wrong, by showing that it is physically possible to get out from a black hole ;-).

Frasier S06E02
Frasier’s Curse
Opis odcinka/Episode summary:

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Play Mobile: When your marketing strategy costs you more than expected http://habza.pl/play-mobile-when-your-marketing-strategy-costs-you-more-than-expected/ http://habza.pl/play-mobile-when-your-marketing-strategy-costs-you-more-than-expected/#comments Mon, 15 Mar 2010 13:28:03 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=516 I had been thinking about this entry fro some time, but sou know how it is – lack of time. Today, the company about which I am about to write will have a press conference where they may address issues mentioned here. I just wonder how misplaced my guesses will be ;-).

Play Mobile is a Polish cellular telecommunications provider, known also as simply P4. As you can read on their English about page, they have began their operations in Poland in 2007.  Their introduction was a significant event for the market dominated, and almost equally divided among three networks (W3, the Big Three). As for today, the market is estimated to look something like that (number of SIM cards without distinction to postpaid/prepaid):

Total no. of 44,9602 mln SIM cards.

I will not go to the details., enough to say, that Play was the first network to introduce few breakthrough features:

  • an equal rate per minute to all networks – 0,29 PLN (~0,07 €)
  • huge data transmission packets
  • most currently free calls in the network, after a condition of purchasing 30 PLN (~7,6 €) worth credit once every 30 days. Whole credit can be spend on other services.

There are many more, but Play offer is not the point of this article.

To distinguish themselves from the competitors Play is communicating that they are a network with clear and simple rules. No ‘stars’ in the commercials indicating that there are some exceptions from the communicated message. The flat rate to all of the networks is an anchor of they offer. They’ve also used comparative advertising, something uncommon in Poland (whole series of ads with simple visuals where competitors were x-rayed).

Prześwietlenie Simplus from blogplay.pl video – PLAYTV on Vimeo.

So what would you do when your marketing strategy turns against you?

How is that possible? All because of the little thing called Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) – it is a fee paid by the network from which the call is being made to the destination network (where the call is terminated).  The regulatory body, Office of the Electronic Communications (UKE) is responsible for setting this fee. To put Play in the privileged position, calls terminated in that network have a significantly higher MTR – all because Play, in difference to MVNOs, does build their own network (transmitters), and to provide the nationwide reach is forced to use roaming where they are lacking their own transmitters. This difference is intended to cover the years of advantage W3 networks had. The fee was higher, but as for today it is 0,1677 PLN (~0,04 €) for W3, and 0,379  PLN (~0,10 €) for Play (the fee is being systematically lowered). That’s why rate per minute from W3 to Play is something around 0,72 PLN (~ 0,18 €). Such high fee is also intended to discourage people to call to Play, weird strategy, which can easily backfire – people can easily move their number to the different network, whole operation takes just 24h. Postpaid clients are bounded with contracts, but these also have an expiration date… Many commentators are pointing out that this is the main reason why the fees in Play offer are so competitive, and that instead of using this advantage to build their own network, they are fighting for new clients, or rather, as the market is already divided – for the clients of their competitors.

New player shows up…

CenterNet is a new network which, just as Play, is intending to build their own network of transmitters. They were granted with a generous MTR of 0,65 PLN (~0,17 €), and currently are the operator (though working on the basis of roaming mostly) for a relatively small network wRodzinie. I’m not having the exact data, but I can recall that wRodzinie does have something like 50k of active SIM cards.

If you have not counted that yet dear reader Play is loosing aprox. 0,40 PLN (~0,10 €) for every minute of a call made to wRodzinie network. This is not a problem for the W3, who will charge simply more for calls in that direction, but what should do a company for which a flat rate of 0,29 PLN per minute to all of the networks is a core part of their marketing strategy? They’ve chosen the simplest solution – disabled the ability to call to wRodzinie. For all their clients.

Now, you may point out that such action was childish, and they were not prepared that a new network may receive higher MTR. Nope, as the press secretary is pointing out on the official blog the difference in MTRs was not the reason of disabling the connection, as calls to the Cyfrowy Polsat network, which does have higher MTR than the W3 (99% sure it is the same as Plays), is still available. Abuses, and lack of responsibility for them was the reason – CenterNet does not want to be responsible for the artificially generated calls. UKE is currently taking care of this matter, and will most likely force the operators to cooperate.

Play made such drastic move because of such artificial traffic increased significantly, probably also Fixed Cellular Terminals were used to make the whole proceeder easier (a device to which you can put many SIM cards and use the advantage of the variety of the tariff plans among network operators. VoIP providers sometimes use them.).

How should they react for these abuses?

There are few options, the easiest would be a resignation from a flat rate model, and an introduction of ‘stars’ and small lettered messages saying – the rate is applied to all networks, except one. By doing so, you are loosing your main advantage, and also a reputation – you have promised not to introduce ‘stars’. Until the formal agreement will be made, temporary measures should be enforced. I’ll name them from the less-to create a negative impact to the worst. I do not have sufficient data to say at which point should such company stop. In my recognition, disabling the possibility for making a call for all of your clients was the worst move possible.

  • Manpower. We are speaking about a really small network, and calls were made to probably small variety of phone numbers. Create a system for analyzing suspicious behavior among the clients, then use the manpower to double check the suspicious cases (hours long calls to few numbers). Try to contact these numbers. I’m not sure how a FCT works, but it rather does not allow to response for calls, and even if it would – you would be most likely talking with one and the same person all the time… An obvious abuse – disable the abusing SIM.
  • Modify your fair usage policy.  This is a common practice among telecommunication operators, like i.e. Skype with their ‘unlimited’ calling plans, which are de facto limited to 10k minutes per month. introduce a point in your TOS that numbers which are being extensively used i.e. for more than 1k minutes per month can be a subject of further investigation, and if an abuse is suspected – SIM card can be disabled. In my opinion a ‘star’ for such conditions would not be needed – exceeding a 1k (or any other chosen) does not mean an imminent SIM card deactivation – you are just being investigated, and an operator does have the basis for an action.
  • Allow for calls to the wRodzinie network only for registered clients. We are beginning to hurt our own clients here, but it is still a better option than a complete termination. Majority of the abusing calls were made with unregistered newly bought prepaid cards. Why not enforce registration if someone would like to call that specific network? There could be a voice message while making such call, saying – ‘because of abuses we are forced to allow only registered users to call’. What if registration would be made while using false details? Well, this is already a significant hinder for a potential abuser, also there are always first two points…
  • Play had chosen the most severe option. Why? Maybe because they’ve calculated alternatives, and decided that verification on a number by number standard would consume too many resources.  Building a brand image is a hard and longly task.  It is really easy to sow the seed of doubt in the minds of current and potential clients. I’ve not mentioned that earlier, but Play is an ‘expert’ in this area. Their own network does not work properly yet, there are significant problem with the signal reach. They’ve also made some marketing mistakes in the past, like stripping the MIX clients (MIX is a combination of prepaid and a postpaid contract in which you are promising to buy specific amount of credit in a specified timespan, and are allowed to buy a cheaper phone, like in the postpaid deals) of the packets, announcing the termination of a free number promotion something like two hours before the termination on the company’s blog etc. The general message is a lack of security and stability. Their promotions mostly do not have an ending date, and can be terminated at any time, as the free number had been. Sure, after some time it was replaced with something even better (free calls in the whole network), but the impression remained – I can not be sure and feel secure, my promotion can be canceled at any given moment, without a warning. You should not abuse the possibility to cancel your promotion without a warning. Always give a warning, let’s say a week – it really does look much better. Naturally, do not allow for an existence of a vacuum – if one ends, another should be replacing it (Play did not followed that rule). The ‘youth’ network image also does not help. These were not crucial mistakes, but still – there is a doubt in the minds of the clients. Lower price can turn it off, but it will remain there.

This story is universal. Such abuses do happen in many sectors. Not always it is directly connected with a monetary gain of a third party (at this point I would like kindly remind that only the position of Play had been well represented in the media, that’s why the tone of this post is what it is. Personally I do believe that both companies are to be blamed for the situation).  Sometimes system is abused just to create losses by your competitor. That’s why it is always important while creating some promotions/offer which will cost us money, to prepare a stop-loss, or at least limit-loss mechanism. Such mechanism should be also as gentle for the rules obeying clients as possible.

Inspiration: O telekomunikacji w IV RP ;-)
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HSBC: Integrity is as important as money http://habza.pl/hsbc-integrity-is-as-important-as-money/ http://habza.pl/hsbc-integrity-is-as-important-as-money/#comments Mon, 23 Nov 2009 10:11:30 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=512
HSBC: Integrity
Uploaded by Habzapl.

This is an eternal problem. What is the true goal for a financial institution. To make money (hopefully also for their clients) you might say. True, but this has to be done in an ethical manner. Especially when we are speaking about mature market, where consumer awareness is high, details, as code of conduct, moral values etc. become important. Is this commercial dangerous? One may interpret it as a lost chance for major earnings, not necessary a thing you want to communicate when you are a financial institution. In the other hand, it does show that HSBC, just like the paparazzi does have higher standards, moral values and will not act in the gray-morale area.  Integrity is important in an institution – client should be aware, that if an organization does use the moral-doubtful earning occasions, one day, it may act in the same way on him.

Inspiration: Blindspot
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Esquire: Augmented reality puts the new spirit into old media http://habza.pl/esquire-augmented-reality-puts-the-new-spirit-into-old-media/ http://habza.pl/esquire-augmented-reality-puts-the-new-spirit-into-old-media/#comments Sun, 22 Nov 2009 20:18:41 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=505
Esquire magazine uses an innovative approach to revive, make sexy again the media doomed by many – a paper magazine. Naturally, this is a specific situation, as Esquire target will not migrate completely to the Internet – not like in the case of traditional newspapers. Nevertheless they are paying effort to create some media buzz, so people will start talking again about something as familiar as a magazine. Video does explain most of the things, I also recommend checking Behind the Scenes of Augmented Esquire.  AR is basically live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with (or augmented by) virtual computer-generated imagery – creating a mixed reality.  So, by showing certain image to our camera, we are gaining access to some content. Here is an example how an image from a pizza box unlocked part of a website:

How does it work here? After installing the software, assuming we have a webcam, it is enough to launch the application and place the magazine cover in front of a camera. Software should recognize the code, in this case located below Robert Downey Jr., and the fun can begin. Interactive elements are located in the whole magazine (I wonder where is the legend to that, so the user will not miss a single thing), often celebrities are used in these interactions.  Definitely funny and new for the potential client. Surely, this is a one-to-few times action. Not only because of the work preparation of such feature consume, but also if it would have become a standard part of the magazine, people would simply got used to it.

I do see some potential downsides, like how sophisticated that recognition is – will it work in case of the low-end webcams? Sign (code) is rather big, but still, who knows. If it will not work,  some users may get annoyed.  It is a step in the right direction, user has to be engaged, take part in something new and exciting. This also does harmonize with the upcoming Microsoft Natal, also a camera-movement recognition solution, where player will control video games using whole body as a controller. So, there is a future in such ideas.

Inspiration: Adverblog
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Sofia Bank: Wealth, it is about attitude http://habza.pl/sofia-bank-wealth-it-is-about-attitude/ http://habza.pl/sofia-bank-wealth-it-is-about-attitude/#comments Sun, 22 Nov 2009 14:59:19 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=501

Above examples of a new campaign by Finnish Sofia Bank . Wealth, it is about attitude or as on their website Wealth. It’s an Attitude. I do like the concept – to take some ordinary people in their normal environment, add some upper class nuances, like the exotic fruits, and the most important thing – place them in graceful poses, one may say classic portrait poses. It is not important whether you are rich or not. It is enough that you do feel so. At least I see it so. From the bank point o view, the communicate here the fact that they are treating all clients in the same way, and the only thing that limits them, is their attitude. So, with the right one, you also will be rich.

Inspiration: Ads of the World
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Stand up to the challenge http://habza.pl/stand-up-to-the-challenge/ http://habza.pl/stand-up-to-the-challenge/#comments Sun, 22 Nov 2009 01:32:54 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=487
The West Wing
Załadowane przez: Habzapl.

Czasami najtrudniejsza decyzja to to, czy się poddać, czy też stawić czoła wyzwaniu.  Strach przed porażką może być paraliżujący. Zakończenie drugiego sezonu The West Wing. Mały spoiler, Josiah Bartlet zdecydował się ponownie kandydować.
Strona wkrótce ożyje ponownie, tak jak i autor.

Sometimes, the hardest decision we make is to ask ourselves do we want to give up or stand up, confront the challenge. Quite often we are our greatest enemy, by being narrow minded we are setting limits and boundaries, undermining our own capabilities. The fear of losing can be paralyzing. Sometimes, we are afraid not the defeat per se, but its outcome – how others will start to perceive us. But, after all, is that really so important? Video above is the ending of the second season of The West Wing, probably the best political drama ever made. I do prefer to see it as the countless efforts of the communication team, trying to achieve their ultimate goal – to sell the product to the general public. Josiah Bartlet is one hard cookie to sell. Little spoiler – he decided to run, obviously.
About the website – I had some major issues, which had to be solved. I believe they are, so you, my kind visitor, may expect new materials quite soon.
Awesome song was provided by Dire Straits. If you like to over-analyze stuff like me, you may be able to spot some really nice image/audio connections there.


These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me,

But my home is the lowlands
And always will be.

Some day you’ll return to
Your valleys and your farms

And you’ll no longer burn
To be brothers in arms…

Through these fields of destruction,
Baptisms of fire,

I’ve witnessed your suffering
As the battles raged higher.

And though they did hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm,

You did not desert me,
My brothers in arms…

There’s so many different worlds,
So many different suns,

And we have just one world
But we live in different ones…

Now the sun’s gone to hell
And the moon’s riding high,

Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die…

But it’s written in the starlight
And every line on your palm

We’re fools to make war
On our brothers in arms…

The West Wing S02E22
Two Cathedrals

Opis odcinka/Episode summary:


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Writing is hard http://habza.pl/writing-is-hard/ http://habza.pl/writing-is-hard/#comments Sun, 17 May 2009 21:45:06 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=482
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Pisanie jest trudne, bardzo trudne….
Nie jest to najlepszy odcinek Frasiera, ale ma swoje dobre momenty, trafnie ukazujące czym się aktualnie zajmuję, heh.

Damn, damn hard for us all.
Not their best performance, but still ok. This situation quite resemble my current struggle.

Frasier S01E22
Author, Author
Opis odcinka/Episode summary

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Articles worth reading: 5 http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-5/ http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-5/#comments Sat, 16 May 2009 23:00:29 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=479 YouTube HD Camera Trick Challenge – Samsung

“This clip was shot on an I8910 HD phone, a new camera phone just released by Samsung with an 8 megapixel camera that can actually record and output video in HD format. It was shot in one take, with no post production or special effects of any kind. Everything you see here was done “in-camera”. Our challenge to you is to figure out how we did it. Hint: it’s worth watching in HD…”

I do like such concept, provide a challenge, a competition for your target audience. It was filmed in a really cleaver way.

Turning our streets into neighborhoods – MasterCard

“The Big Lunch, on Sunday 19 July 2009, is a national event designed to break down the walls of anonymity between British people.”
“For one afternoon, every single person will be encouraged to decorate their street, prepare a meal, go outside and interact with their neighbours.”

From the Priceless series. Companies should follow such path, to help not on a nationwide level or for some distant ideas (global warming, give me a break), but show actions HERE and NOW. I’ve been always amazed why do the companies with let’s say large branch network don’t encourage their employees for local activities…

There are no “corporate customers”..

“There are no “private customers” either.. Only human customers in different roles. And they surely deserve to be served with similar tools, logic and language irrespective of the role. Anything else is bad service and slowing up adoption of more productive practises in both roles.”

Using Social Technologies to Run Better Events

The Twitter Book – A Sneak Preview – what the flock Twitter is

Banks – how about focusing on new value?

“But what should banks do now to start to rebuild their scattered images? Back to profitability and basics is for sure one route – simple robust real services – less marketeer driven gimmicks and “products” nobody really understand. But more than that, there is a big area where banks are now needed more than ever before. This is the what we call extended payments services. All the way from potentially doubling the payment volumes by moving into networked sourcing, routing and presenting e-invoices, e-orders, e-confirmations, e-salaries, e-pensions etc to e-id, e-signatures and real time payments – services needed in the networked and increasingly real-time economy.”

An anthropological introduction to YouTube


Everything can be an advertising vehicle.

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Articles worth reading: 4 http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-4/ http://habza.pl/articles-worth-reading-4/#comments Mon, 11 May 2009 01:22:24 +0000 Jan Habza http://habza.pl/?p=473 Bank of America outs Twitter imposter

“The anonymous BofA imposter set up his Twitter account yesterday and claimed to be a bona fide staffer at the West Coast bank.

Pros and cons of the ‘new media’. What can you do? Close on them? Then you’ll obsolete.

Will the Troubled Banking Sector Start Pulling Back on Free Consumer Services?

“Free online/mobile banking access: Online and mobile access is an inexpensive service to provide and is likely to remain free for most customers. However, we expect banks and credit unions to begin offering upscale “gold” versions that will carry annual/monthly fees for more benefits.”

This one is easiest to implement and justify I think. Naturally all depends on the market we are acting, so there is no universal solution.

Westpac checks out of Second Life

“Australia’s Westpac has pulled its presence in Second Life and ditched a number of high profile Web 2.0 pilots in response to poor user uptake and changing business conditions.”

No surprise there, as such investments are always first to cut, and it is also not the first example of a financial institution failing in Second Life. As I’ve mentioned earlier on this website – more traditional social networking websites should be targeted in short and mid term. Ultimately Second Life-like communities will prevail. Today also a success could be possible, let’s say some South Korean bank with attractive offer for youth would become the official ‘bank’ for World of Warcraft.

CitiFX Pro goes online and mobile

“CitiFX Pro clients are now able to access their accounts and trade real-time via three state-of-the-art platforms: CitiFX Pro Trader, the current desktop version, CitiFX Pro Web and CitiFX Pro Mobile. Clients with Internet browser access can view streaming prices and charts for over 130 currency pairs and execute trades via CitiFX Pro Web, which can be launched without software installation.”

Brits still failing to protect themselves online – survey

“The average Brit is subscribed to seven internet services, such as internet banking or online shopping sites, and almost a third (30 per cent) of people subscribe to 10 or more. However, almost a fifth of people (18 per cent) use the same password for all their accounts and, of those with 10 or more, 18 per cent use the same password for all of them.”
“Worryingly, the survey also reveals just 12 per cent of people use the recommended secure mix of numbers, capitals and lower case letters when creating their passwords, falling to nine per cent for those in their 60′s and eight per cent for those over 70.”

E-banking draws half of online US population

“49% conducts most, if not all, of their banking via the Internet, up nearly 23% from early 2007.”
“While the research shows 62% of people aged 21 to 34 conduct the majority of their banking via the Internet, around 40% of those aged 45 to 69 are also now mainly managing their finances online.”

Dutch banks bid for customers on online auction site

“To use the Spaarbod site, customers enter the amount of money they want to deposit, for how long and on what terms. The site calculates the best rates and offers the user the chance to sign up.”

Nothing special for now.

“However, they can also choose to have their data sent on to participating banks, which can bid for the business. Within a day the user receives an e-mail listing the five highest bidders and can pick the best offer.

Excellent solution for the Clients who are only seeking the best rate, and are disregarding other factors. Quite dangerous for the financial institutions. When the only thing that matters is a small number and a percentage sign, all marketers efforts are a bit pointless there. There is no place for a shiny brand, exclusive branches, cool ATMs etc. Just the rate.

SmartyPig integrates with money management sites

“SmartyPig is a secure new service that leverages the age-old idea of saving up for purchases before buying, while adding Web 2.0 and social networking technology to reach tech-savvy banking customers. The ability to track SmartyPig goals in online money management sites was a top request from SmartyPig users, who keep an ongoing dialogue with the company through customer service site GetSatisfaction, Twitter, a large fan group on Facebook, and through its popular blog.”

Wesabe launches money management platform for banks

“Aggregation tools enable customers to see all their accounts – checking, savings, credit card and investment – in one place.”
“Furthermore, community features let consumers share advice, support and tips as well as view side-by-side comparison of merchants, showing aggregate spending and satisfaction data, as well as user-generated tips.”

Entropia Universe gets real world banking licence

“The company behind Entropia Universe – an online role-playing game that has a cash economy – has been granted a real world banking licence by Swedish regulators, enabling it to set up a virtual central bank.”
“Mind Bank will also offer selected bank services to customers on the conventional market.”

How many Ts is that?

“It seems obvious to allow time for your employees to connect with their peers across these networks to collaboratively problem solve – though you have to give them the trust to help you innovate and share the reward for it to work.”
“Can banks figure out how to modernise their client services – can they find a way to engage in more transparent dialogue rather than branch-focused workshops with a few customers and expensive budgets that push the brand in other ways?”
“It would be very easy to take a leaf out of the IT service desk approach and evolve the current online banking tools by running a proper Q&A, forum and knowledge base for staff and customers to use and evolve together though there’s not much to banking, is there?”

Banks are just too afraid to be open on the communication with Clients via ‘public’ channels. Let’s name an internet forum. Obviously it’d have to be moderated, so what would happen if a bunch of noisy and unhappy Clients would come? Cut them all off? Community would have been outraged. These are the worries of large universal banks, a fear that a small fraction of Clients (often without particular reason…) will create a mess. In my opinion tools are there to use them, only wisely. Only through communication with those who are leaving money in your establishment you will know how to get your service better.

Fifth Third Bank adds lending information section to site

“The site includes information from the U.S. Department of the Treasury about Fifth Third Bank’s monthly lending data in comparison with other financial institutions participating in the Capital Purchase Program. The site also includes information about Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation coverage and details about how Fifth Third Mortgage Company’s customers can get assistance.”

Wells Fargo taps Twitter

“Wells Fargo is the latest bank to launch a Twitter feed, where customers can ask questions and seek advice.”

Online banking bill payers are more profitable and loyal – study

“Bank customers who pay bills online are over 15% more profitable and 76% more loyal than those that don’t, according to a study sponsored by Fiserv.”
“In addition customers who paid bills online were 76% less likely to churn or leave the bank, with the figure rising to 95% for people paying five or more a month.”

Arizona State CU launches social media site for recession-hit members

“The HelpingAZ.com site is designed to assist Arizona state and university employees and others who have been impacted by the economy, layoffs and furloughs.”

US m-banking take-up hindered by security and cost concerns – survey

“The poll of over 500 people shows 85% of respondents believe mobile banking is important but they do not want to pay for it. Of those who have not used m-banking, 48% cite security and privacy as the primary reason.”
“The survey also highlights a lack of awareness on mobile banking, with 68% claiming their financial institution does not offer the service.”

Third of European Internet users bank online – comScore

“Of 17 European countries individually analysed, Internet banking usage was highest in the Netherlands, with 52.9% of the total online population using it.”
“France saw the second highest penetration levels, with 49.9% of the total online population, followed by Sweden on 48.4% and the UK, 46.1%.”

Hacking, OTPs and next generation of Authentication Methods

“The following authentication scenarios discussed here apply to a simple connection between a client and his online banking website. After reviewing the most dangerous hacking techniques, we will see what solutions can be implemented.”

Global recession fuels ID fraud fears – Unisys

“According to the poll, 84% of Spanish consumers believe the financial crisis will increase their risk of ID theft and fraud schemes, with 74% of people in the US and 72% in the UK sharing this concern.”
“The survey saw a 10 point increase in Internet security fears worldwide, which included near equal rises in concerns about online banking and shopping as well as computer viruses and spam.”

Wells Fargo calls on customers to switch to online statements for Earth Day

“Pay It Green, an industry alliance organized to promote online banking, including online-only statements, estimates that an average household with online services could save seven pounds of paper, 60 gallons of waste water and five gallons of gas each year. (payitgreen.org/get-the-facts.html)”

Recession-hit Americans turn to Web banking – comScore

“ComScore says nearly 60% of the total US Internet population now visits any one of the top 20 financial institutions’ sites in any give quarter.”
“However, brokerage firms saw their highly satisfied customers decline from 70% of respondents in 2008 to 58% in 2009.”
“Around 37% showed a strong interest in online personal financial management tools, with half of those interested indicating they were willing to pay a modest monthly fee for the services.”
“An instant messaging service would appeal to 30%, widgets to 27% and blogs to 20%.”

It’s a Bird It’s a Plane…It’s Earth Day

“Just one day past Earth Day, e3bank announced their intention to be the first to create a commercially successful, full-service financial institution built from the ground up around principles of sustainability. Which means a bank with no branches but a whole lot of technology.”

Twitter and other banking fads

“According to figures from the Nielsen Wire blog, more than 60% of US Twitter users fail to return the following month. This is actually an improvement on previous 12 months pre-hype stats, when Twitter’s retention rate languished below 30%. Compare this with the 70% retention rates of Facebook and MySpace.”

For banks, Twitter is a stunt

“Now, I’d assume that each of these institutions has someone whose role is, at least partially, dedicated to servicing that Twitter account. With less than 400 customers to serve, I suppose it is possible, even, that they can create some content which is interesting enough to keep their followers signed up. But what if they had thousands of followers, or tens of thousands? Creating relevance for so many is not likely to be something one person can do.”
“But all of this is irrelevant, really, because the Twitterati aren’t interested in content at all. Their primary interest is counting the number of followers they’ve acquired. It is a badge of honour: you are someone in social media if you have thousands of followers, and noone otherwise. Twitter is a way of keeping score, a means of being part of the “in crowd”.”

Twitterati vs the banks

“Yes, banks and others need to monitor Twitter. But if that ever became a primary communication channel, something is seriously wrong. I do think that the banks running a help line on Twitter are probably doing a good thing. I monitor a few of these, and I don’t see them getting that much traffic, and what they are doing is redirecting the enquiries, for the most part.”
“Social media have a democratizing effect: it means small voices can more easily be heard. They help balance out the power imbalance of one customer versus a big institution.”
“Relatively few banks offer customers feed services for things like rates. This would appear to be a good application for Twitter. What about campaigns and promotions, announcements of new locations, all that sort of stuff.”

New media uptake threatens retail banking business model – Gartner

“Gartner defines social banking as an emerging approach to retail banking that makes depositing, lending and the connections between depositors, borrowers and financial institutions transparent.”
“Without planning for the emergence of this new financial services environment, retail banks will not only be disintermediated, but also miss a significant opportunity to transform their operations and customer focus, she says.”

Importance of Customer Services during a Crisis

“For a company, Advertisement is your word and Customer Services is your action.
Advertisement is important to let the people know out there that you are still alive and doing ok. Don’t assume that they think you are, tell them. Customer Services are important to do what you say you’re doing. Telling your customers and your potential new customers that you are ok is one thing.”
“Showing them is another one. Show to your customers that they are important to you. Bring them the best quality of service ever, especially during crisis time: Invest in your customers.”

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