PDF The Redacted Sherlock Holmes (Volume II) DOWNLOAD Orlando Pearson

The Redacted Sherlock Holmes (Volume II)
Author: Orlando Pearson
ISBN: 1780929749
Size: 30.29MB
Pages: 180
Publisher: MX Publishing
Click to Download: [The_Redacted_Sherlock_Holmes_V.rar]

Volume II of the Redacted Sherlock Holmes presents more stories manifestly too scandalous to publish in the lifetime of the Great Baker Street detective. Here we meet Sherlock Holmes as he investigates: -why the publication of a British Government report of a recent war is being delayed; -the continued career of James Windibank, villain of A Case of Identity; -the mystery behind the commissioner of a musical masterpiece; -a notorious killing in 1930's Berlin; and -the complex relationship between Queen Victoria, her family and her domestic servants. Finally, The Adventure of the Fourth Messenger elucidates the contribution of Sherlock Holmes to the writing of the Bible. Mr Pearson mixes canonical stories, history and speculation to produce a sensationally entertaining brew which all lovers of serious sleuthing will find themselves unable to put down. In this volume: -The Alcock Report -The Camberwell Tyrant -An Anonymous Commission -The German Interpreter -The Prince and the Munshi -The Adventure of the Fourth messenger More information on the other stories in The Redacted Sherlock Holmes series can be found at www.Orlando Perason.com.

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PDF Sauerland-Wald – Tischkalender 2015 DOWNLOAD

Sauerland-Wald - Tischkalender 2015
ISBN: 3664101634
Size: 6MB
Publisher: Calvendo
Click to Download: [Sauerland_Wald_Tischkalender_2.rar]

  • Das Sauerland ist eine waldreiche Region im Herzen Deutschlands. Die endlosen Laub- und Fichtenwälder laden zum Wandern ein und dienen der Erholung. Im Kalender finden Sie eine Auswahl von farbigen Impressionen als HDR-Aufnahmen (High Dynamic Range), auch Hochkontrastbilder genannt.
    Mystisch und geheimnisvoll präsentieren sich die endlosen Wälder des Sauerlandes (Monatskalender, 14 Seiten)
  • Publisher: Calvendo; 1. edition 2014
  • Format: 210x148 mm DIN A5
  • 14 pages
  • Author: Bücker Heidi
  • Language: deutsch/german

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PDF God’s Word: Alive And Active DOWNLOAD Julia E. Bland

God's Word: Alive And Active
Author: Julia E. Bland
ISBN: 0788019546
Size: 5.32MB
Pages: 40
Publisher: CSS Publishing Company
Click to Download: [Gods_Word_Alive_And_Active.zip]

Here are more ready-to-use children's sermons from the prolific pen of Julia Bland which are sure to appeal to busy pastors and teachers. In this collection, Bland compares God's Word to a variety of concrete objects, teaching youngsters that although the scriptures were written a long time ago, they remain a powerful and unequaled guide for good and holy living. Like all of her other acclaimed CSS titles, each message in this collection comes with a two-sided activity sheet including a coloring page for young children along with puzzles and word games for older children that reinforce the lesson's theme and key concepts. In addition to ""children's time"" during the worship hour, this resource is also excellent for Sunday school or Vacation Bible School.

So many children's sermons are bits of nostalgia or little stories about the latest television heroes. It is a renewing breath, a Spirit-wind, to read these resourceful adventures into Bible truth.
J. Karl Jones
Former District Superintendent
Kansas West Conference, United Methodist Church

During nearly 50 years as a pastor's wife, Julia E. Bland has taught church groups of all ages from children through senior adults. She has been active in United Methodist Women and served as district chairperson of Global Concerns as well as Publicity and Public Relations. Bland's award-winning oil, watercolor, and pen and ink artwork has appeared in private and public collections. Among her previous CSS releases are Children's Sermons For Special Days, Lessons We Can Learn From The Animals, and Praises From The Psalms.

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PDF Power System Quality Assessment DOWNLOAD Jos Arrillaga

Power System Quality Assessment
Author: Jos Arrillaga
ISBN: 0471988650
Size: 21.12MB
Pages: 312
Publisher: Wiley
Click to Download: [Power_System_Quality_Assessmen.zip]

This is a comprehensive and timely volume on power quality assessment and system reliability, a topic of increasing importance because of the dependence of modern life upon the continuous supply of electrical energy. Effective prediction and monitoring of voltage and current waveforms has become critical and this indispensable book introduces power engineers to the state of the art in power quality assessment and also covers system simulation and signal detection.

Features include:

* Comprehensive analysis of the main power quality problems and review of power quality standards

* Examination of computer methods in use for power system simulation at harmonic frequencies

* Discussion of modern signal processing techniques and their application to power quality instrumentation

* Combination of continuous real-time monitoring and system simulation to achieve global power quality estimation and locate the main distorting sources.

Practising engineers involved in power system design and operation will find this a valuable reference. Postgraduates and researchers studying power systems and power electronics will appreciate the clear and comprehensive coverage of the latest analytical techniques.

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