The Role of Speech and Language Therapists in Schools: 6 Benefits of Speech Therapy in Schools

If you work as a speech therapist, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of working in the profession. Speech therapists play a vital role in helping people overcome various language, speech, and swallowing problems. But if you have only worked in hospitals, rehab centers, and nursing homes, you might not know about the advantages of working as a school-based speech therapist. (more…)

Eight Healthcare Facilities and Schools that are Giving Back to Their Community

Healthcare facilities and schools are helping people every day. Whether it involves proving medical care or training future healthcare professionals, these schools and health organizations are making a difference. But some healthcare facilities and schools do even more for their community. Below are eight organizations and schools that are giving back to their community in several ways.

Occupational Therapy in Preschool Settings

Children achieve many developmental milestones in their first five years, such as walking, talking, and developing social skills, but not all children reach milestones as predicted. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in six kids have some type of disability. Whether a disability involves a physical issue or learning delay, early intervention can make a difference. That’s where occupational therapists come in. (more…)

Self-Care for Teachers & Educators to Reset Over the Summer

Being a teacher can be draining: physically, mentally, and emotionally. You pour your heart and soul into serving students, developing high-quality lessons, and keeping up with the latest trends and best practices. So, how can you reset so you are ready to begin anew in the new school year? The answer: self-care. It is critical for educators to refresh over the summer, to regain their strength and fire up their engines for the next round of instruction. Taking care of yourself is imperative for your overall health, and the many related benefits will help you remain an impactful teacher. Not only can self-care help you in your education career, but it can lead to overall improved quality of life.


Best Books For Teachers & Education Professionals to Read Over The Summer

Working in schools is a fluid and dynamic profession. One way to ensure that teachers and education professionals continue to grow and thrive is through reading. There is a wide variety of books that school-based professionals can read over the summer to enhance their careers and fine-tune their approaches to the classroom. Authors delve into leadership, behavior management, understanding learners, and how to build education professionals skill sets. Here are seven books that can alter the way you instruct, deliver services, provide access and equity to all students, and develop yourself as an expert in the field. 


Understanding the Difference Between Clinic-Based and School-Based Physical Therapy

school physical therapistIf you are transitioning from a clinic or hospital-based physical therapist job to a school-based PT job, you may have an idea about how these physical therapy settings are different. After all, you know you will be working with children and teens in an educational environment as opposed to a clinical setting. Although the foundations of your responsibilities as a physical therapist are similar, there are also many differences to be aware of. Consider some of the following questions and answers regarding the differences between clinically-based and school-based PT work. (more…)

Cerebral Palsy: Occupational Therapy Treatment Ideas For Children

OT for cerebral palseyAs an occupational therapist in a school setting, you probably work with children with all types of challenges, such as autism, learning disabilities, and muscular dystrophy. It’s also common for school-based OTs to treat students with cerebral palsy. When working with children with CP, it’s important to keep several things in mind.

4 Ways Schools Can Prepare for the School Year Return

As schools prepare to return for the upcoming school year, school-based professionals can certainly anticipate additional adjustments than in previous years. With a focus on adjusting to a new normal, schools will need to prioritize how to acclimate to these changes, ensuring that they are offering adequate support and leadership to students. We have put together a list of ways schools can look ahead to the upcoming school year, with help from Sunbelt Staffing.


How To Become a School Based Therapist: 6 Tips To Land a Therapy Job

school therapy jobs
If you’re an occupational therapist, speech therapist, or physical therapist trying to move into school-based therapy, there are several things to consider. Although experience as a therapist in a hospital, nursing home, or rehab setting is helpful, working in a school setting is different. But with the right game plan and advanced planning, you can transition into school-based therapy. Consider some of the following suggestions: (more…)

School Nurse Job Interview Questions, Answers & Tips

nursing interview tipsWorking as a school nurse can be a great career move. You’ll have the chance to work with young people and their families in a setting outside of a hospital. School nurses don’t only provide routine care for minor ailments; they also respond to medical emergencies, such as accidents, asthma attacks, and life-threatening allergies. School nurses also provide health education.

Before you can make a difference as a school nurse, you have to get the job. A big part of landing the job is nailing your interview. Regardless of how much nursing experience you have, interviews can be stressful. But going into an interview prepared and confident will help your strengths and qualifications shine through. Consider some of the following suggestions: (more…)

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