Facilis Launches Integrated Media Manager FastTracker

Longstanding editorial facilities like Deluxe Digital Studios, AlphaDogs and PostWorks NY have all turned to Facilis shared...

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The Witch
How They Did It: Levitating a Creepy Coven in The Witch

Few popular horror movies are more severe than The Witch, a period-accurate supernatural drama that made the transition from...

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Making Viral Video Hits with a Solid Business Model

Life's getting complicated for producers. Whether it's the rise of multiscreen viewing or the accelerating use of ad...

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Videos of the day

Apr 29 The Roots' Game of Thrones Rap

Did you miss last week's season premiere of Game of Thrones? Looking to catch up on what happened before Sunday night's broadcast? If you've got a minute, Black Thought from The Roots can help you with that.

Apr 26 VFX Breakdown: Hardcore Henry

Watch this highway-chase sequence from first-person-POV thriller Hardcore Henry to see how bicoastal studio Zero VFX augmented the real action with VFX elements — and stitched together dozens of different shots to give the appearance of a single, unbroken take.

Apr 25 New York in 1993 in HD

Take a trip back in time with street fashion and video technology! This clip ripped from an old D-VHS high-definition videotape demo was originally shot in New York City in 1993, judging by clues in the footage. (Anyone know who was behind the camera?)

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