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Barrier Frustration can occur if a dog is behind a window, fence, or on leash and is not allowed to interact with the environment. After a while, she may get frustrated and aggressive. One indicator o...
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Wouldn't it be great if you could just sit a dog down and say, "Welcome to the house. Let's have an arrangement. I will walk you, play with you, feed you good food and give you medical care. The only ...
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Stay close to home once you start leash walking. This video shows the simple, but effective strategy with Jeff Millman of Watch and Train and Chicago Paws.  ...
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In my daily dog training life I am constantly asked a simple question: How much exercise does my dog need? The answer depends on your dog.
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Learn easy and humane strategies to train your dog to stop counter or table surfing. Simple, easy to follow instructions.  ...
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There are a few preventative measures you can do with your dog to lessen the likelihood of problems later on. Unfortunately, even if you have the best intentions and do all the exercises properly, the...
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  • Do not ask an aggressive dog to sit

    What could possibly be wrong with asking a dog to sit? As with any training topic, there are many competing strategies out there, but I urge you to think about the psychology of anxiety and aggression. If an animal is[…]

  • Avoid frustration in dog training - spend focused dog training time

    If you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed at all in your dog training pursuits, pay attention to the time you have when working with your dog, without setting specific training goals. You should look at the amount of time you[…]

  • Is dog daycare a good idea?

    Dog daycares are quite common in Chicago. Especially these days when people have a tendency to work longer hours and might even need to take on a second job to make ends meet. It is easy to feel guilty about dogs[…]

  • What to do if your dog puts the brakes on

    You do not have to worry about your dog becoming lazy. This is not a sign of a personality trait that leads to a lazy older dog. It is not uncommon for dogs to refuse to walk sometimes when they[…]

  • Add or Change a Dog Training Cue

    Add or Change a Dog Training Cue ​ Did you ever want to change a cue or teach your dog a new cue for an old behavior? It is actually very easy to do this with just a little planning. Why would you want to teach your[…]

  • Should you punish an aggressive dog?

    Your dog growls at your son when he walks by his food bowl and then snaps at him. He barely misses sinking his teeth into his 6-year-old leg. Should you yell at your dog? Put him in another room? Something more[…]

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