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RE/P Files: Control Room Design For The Small Studio

From the March/April 1977 issue of the late, great Recording Engineer/Producer (RE/P) magazine, the principals of Abadon/Sun Studio, which was located in San Antonio, TX, look at the practical and technical sides of studio design. We at Abadon/Sun decided to… Read More

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Sound People

This list of “effective habits” is distilled down from a much larger list as being the most important – based on my experience over many years in the business. How these relate to you will depend of course on exactly… Read More

The 7 Signs Of An Amateur Mix

Before you can even delve into creating a great mix, it’s good to be aware of the traits of one that isn’t there yet. These 7 signs of a amateur mix come from the 4th edition of my Mixing… Read More

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