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Poll: Have You Ever Been Shocked While On Stage?

Help us find out how widespread this problem is by responding to this brief survey.

By Mike Sokol August 13, 2010

Have you ever been shocked while playing on stage or operating a sound system?

Have you ever had a hum or buzz in your instrument rig or sound system you couldn’t make go away except by cutting off the ground lug of your amp or mixer? 

Have you ever been shocked by your instrument or microphone on stage?

If your sound system is connected to an improperly grounded power outlet, you could electrify every instrument on stage and not know about it until your lips touch the microphone.

Please take a moment and respond to this brief survey and feel free to check out the responses by others which are available here.



Responses to the survey are available here.

Presented by HOW-TO Sound who has a new web site and blog,, which is dedicated to electrical safety for musicians, sound system operators and theater technicians. Comments are encouraged.

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Mike Sokol
Mike Sokol

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Mike Sokol does sound system design and training for JMS Productions, his consulting company in Western Maryland. Visit for his educational articles and videos, and email him at [email protected] with comments and suggestions.


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