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Engineer Aaron Glas Utilizing Soundcraft Vi3000 & Realtime Rack For Fitz And The Tantrums On Tour

Console snapshots help in attaining consistency; also has an entire rack of plugins available

By PSW Staff August 4, 2015

Aaron Glas at work at his Soundcraft Vi3000 on the current tour by Fitz and The Tantrums.

Front of house engineer Aaron Glas is utilizing a Harman’s Soundcraft Vi3000 digital console and Realtime Rack as centerpieces of his work on the current tour by Fitz and The Tantrums.

Led by vocalists Michael Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs, the rock/soul/R&B group is noted for its unique sound and for high-energy live performances “Each show is a kaleidoscope of sound and a non-stop dance party demanding fan participation,” Glas notes. “Each band member is a force to be reckoned with, and you just can’t take your eyes of Fitz and Noelle.”

The tour is in support of the band’s 2013 album More Than Just a Dream. “The production design for the show is fantastic, where the album art is recreated live with video content into an enormous set piece,” Glas says.

Matching the visual impact of the band’s performances with dynamic audio, he’s been using a Soundcraft Vi3000 with a Realtime Rack at the FOH position. “The Vi3000 shares a Compact Stagebox with the Vi1 at monitors, so it’s really efficient. We don’t have the need for an analog split or analog snake and it’s worked very well for us.”

While the eclectic nature of Fitz and The Tantrums’ music is one of their distinctive qualities, it also poses a series of challenges. “The band can change vibes quickly: they’ll move from an old Motown sound to an electronic synth-y feel, and I need to be able to switch instantaneously to keep the sound consistent for the audience,” Glas explains. “The snapshots on the console help me with that. I also make changes on the fly right along with the set list and even during different verses and choruses within the same song.”

Prior to moving to front of house, Glas handled monitor duties for the band, and he notes that audio quality is the main reason he has chosen Soundcraft consoles for both roles. “Soundcraft consoles always sound incredible compared to other digital consoles out there,” he states. “I’m also really enjoying the Realtime Rack. Universal Audio makes the best-sounding plugins and now I have an entire library at my disposal. Being able to set it up with the touchscreen and make changes on the fly is a tremendous advantage.”

Another challenge is the differences in vocal range and style between the band’s two lead singers. “I have to keep up with their dynamic ranges and movements of Fitz and Noelle on stage,” Glas says. “That’s where a cool plugin chain comes in handy. Before using the Realtime Rack, I had an analog plugin chain with a series of compressors and EQs. Now I can achieve the same result or better with the plugins.”

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