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Nov 10

Ok glass, beam me up. #googleglass

Ok glass, beam me up. #googleglass

Aug 10

“, Hochwasser-Hilfe Ich hatte in diesem Blog noch gar nichts von der Flut-Helfer-Koordinations-App erwähnt. Ein Blogpost, der schon längst hätte früher passieren müssen. Was in den letzten zwei Monaten geschah: Selbst von der Flut betroffen, kam mir nach einer Woche Schaufeln und” Shortstory: Die Flut-Hilfe-App - Hochwasserhilfe per Smartphone

Aug 6

The major of #Passau invited me for helping with

The major of #Passau invited me for helping with

Aug 4

Why i am going to write more

Speaking a foreign language is great, but having also the ability to write in an outstanding and interesting way would give you the power to move on with your personal and business branding a lot more faster.

Improve English writing skills

So the first simple reason is that i want to improve my English writing skills. I have to catch up on learning to write better English as i’ve never been in an English speaking country for longer than a week. 

Rhythm and motivation

Secondly to stay motivated you have to focus, repeat and to pace yourself for a specific activity. Additionally to writing more blog posts i am going to discuss more on Quora and Hacker News

Networks and traffic

I also want to discover more about these networks and how they work. What goes viral and how is the traffic changing. How much efford is needed to get a solid follower-base. 

Reflect, learn, clean

But the third and most important reason is that writing down your thoughts is a great opportunity to reflect on the past and learn and clean up your mind.

What are your reasons to write?

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