Students tell us why the Vanderbilt MBA program is unique.

MBA Overview

The Vanderbilt Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year, on-campus program designed for early career professionals who wish to catapult their careers or switch career paths entirely. Watch this video and discover why some of our students made the decision to get an MBA. Our MBA degree features a core foundation of general management courses and offers several choices of MBA specializations and concentrations. You might be asking, "Is an MBA worth it?" MBA salaries and MBA career paths often surpass those of non-MBA professionals, which more than offsets the cost of tuition. And Vanderbilt consistently places high in MBA rankings from the most trusted ranking institutions while still offering a truly unique Master in Business Administration program. Read more about our two-year MBA in The Vanderbilt Advantage.


Paul Finelli

Senior Financial Analyst, AT&T

In the U.S. Army, Captain Paul Finelli oversaw a 400-person unit whose mission was “explosive ordnance disposal.” Eventually, he wants to build his own social enterprise that supports removing land mines in conflict areas. But meanwhile, he came to Vanderbilt to build the skills for a career in corporate finance and strategy.

Adena Friedman


When Adena Friedman graduated from Vanderbilt, she wanted to manage complex products. Luckily for her (and for NASDAQ), that’s the job she was offered — even though, she says, at that time NASDAQ “didn’t understand that they had products.” Adena relaunched a NASDAQ product that facilitates the quoting and trading of certain restricted securities. Today, she’s listed as one of the 40 most powerful women in the world.

Jessica A. Kennedy

Assistant Professor of Management

Lending her expertise to Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek, and other news outlets, Jessica Kennedy’s work on ethical behavior, hierarchies, and gender is relevant for any organization.

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