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Howard Holton
GigaOm Analyst

Be agile and lead your organization's growth strategy.


Stay ahead of the market with quick reads on the pressing and timely technology issues that impact your business.

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Business & Technology Impact

Drive your organization forward with real-world case studies, reference architectures, and technology deployment guides that deliver immediate value.

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Make better decisions faster. Build future-proofed RFPs and roadmaps.

Key Criteria

Upskill your staff and leadership. Learn how and why the market is changing and build strategies tuned to evolve with emerging capabilities.

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Market Radar

Identify and pick technology solutions that are evolving to meet your company’s needs, and map them against your 12 to 18 month strategies.

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Learn how to deploy new architectures and solutions. Validate your financial and technical requirements.

Total Cost of Ownership

Test and measure the factors that matter most to you—TCO, ROI, performance, security, ease of use, architecture, scalability, flexibility and deployment.

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Learn the setup and operation of key tools and technologies, with benchmark test reports grounded in real-world scenarios.

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