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I KNOW it’s been a long time since I spoke with you in almost any format except Facebook and Twitter.  At any rate, I decided to get my butt in gear and COMPLETE the No Out There book! 

Since Friday, I’ve been participating in Alicia Dunams Bestseller in a Weekend course.  I tend to be a Very Private person, yet am playing FULL OUT this weekend! So here I posted a#workspace photo to Win A Contest which I think will help my book be a #1 Bestseller.

  • Playing FULL OUT during the Bestseller in a Weekend Virtual BootcampPlease help me and my book by:
    • going to Facebook, if you have an account
    • typing #bestsellerweekend in the Facebook search area
    • clicking LIKE below that photo and then SHARE it with your FB friends. THANK YOU.

    type #bestsellerweekend in the Facebook search

This is time sensitive until 6pm PST TODAY, Sunday, November 17th. The person who has the most LIKES of their photo wins a Book Accelerator course worth $297+.

Non-Fiction Authors Network (Bestseller in a Weekend Virtual Bootcamp) is sponsoring this contest.



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Make Your Mind Work for You….Instead of Against You (c) http://www.no-out-there.com/spirituality/make-your-mind-work-for-you-instead-of-against-you-c/ http://www.no-out-there.com/spirituality/make-your-mind-work-for-you-instead-of-against-you-c/#respond Tue, 17 Jan 2012 05:34:23 +0000 http://www.no-out-there.com/?p=1492 Make You Mind Work for You…. Instead of Against You

Excerpted from Transform Your Life Instantly: Mental & Emotional Erasers Make the Law of Attraction Work for You Instead of Against You(c) 2005. Adele Tartaglia  

Making Your Mind Work for You… Instead of Against You is about using the Law of Attraction in a positive way, instead of a negative way. Removing the seventy-five percent negative programming from your subconscious mind is the easiest, most immediate and permanent way to achieve long term constructive change in your life. Now it can be done in minutes instead of years of talk therapy which further imprints and traumatizes you. Reprogram your subconscious mind instantly and align it with your conscious mind goals. End repetitive life patterns, suffering, unworthiness, fear, anxiety, and self sabotage.

Philosophy and science tell us that the mind of the observer is responsible for the outcomes of physical phenomena we observe as real time events.

This basic premise, known and practiced by man for centuries, is that consciousness is creating everything you experience as your reality. The ancients’ secret wisdom involved rituals to get into a mindset producing the same emotional responses as though they had already manifested what they needed as a culture.  Braden has called it the lost mode of prayer. Essentially, ceremonies to produce a subtle shift in attitude created altered states of thoughts and emotions that vibrated to the same frequency as the desired event thus manifesting it.

Today this principle has been popularized as the Law of Attraction where we teach people how to do this for themselves individually. We no longer need the rituals since the consciousness of mankind has been shifted so powerfully that most people can slip into an altered state such as theta fairly easily in which the subconscious mind can be accessed and altered on the spot.

Philosophical and religious organizations described it my many names such as St Paul’s “….be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,” and New Thought churches’ Transcendentalist philosophy, the Law of Mind Action; the mind of man creates after itself…in like kind. Like attracts like.

The quantum factor of the ability of the human mind to manifest reality, answers the age old question “Why Is This Happening to Me…Again?” Repetitive life patterns will continue until you delete the program that is creating them from your consciousness.  Changing partners or jobs will never stop the progression of experiencing the same thing over and over again.

That’s because the events, behaviors, and people that make up your life have nothing to do with anything outside you. No one is doing anything to you or making you feel any particular way. The circumstances you find yourself in are the outpicturing of unconscious content you often don’t realize you have because it was not installed in your mind by you.

Most of the programs in your subconscious mind are intergenerational DNA and modeling from your family, socialization, and mass consciousness beliefs being propounded daily through spoken and written media and through psychic resonance. You had no choice during the imprint years from gestation through six what beliefs, biases, and behaviors were integrated into your dual mind.  

Such mental concepts as your frames of reference, precepts, belief systems, memories, traumas, fears, conditioning, adaptations, and conceptualizations are held in the unconscious. When stimulated, they trigger automatic reactions to life situations based on stored memories.

Often these reactions are antithetical to what you are trying to achieve in life. They block your goal fulfillment in areas such as mental stability, relationships, happiness, success, health, and prosperity.

The subconscious mind being the largest part of your mind is a million times more powerful in its ability to create and attract things than the conscious mind. It is this part of the mind that interfaces with the Universal laws of causality and attraction.

We all know we consciously intend and want only good things to take place in our lives, but they don’t. That’s because the conscious mind does not interact with the Law of Attraction so you can do copious affirmations and the chance of changing the outcomes you experience remains random and slight.

Contrarily, by changing the content of your unconscious mind, you see an immediately shift in reality since it is these programs unknown to you that are sending out frequencies which the universe returns with events that match the vibrations it received from your own unconscious mind. Negative beliefs produce negative events. It’s that simple.

Your hidden psychological programming has to be deleted and restructured in order to create different results in your life by creating a different consciousness within you. 

Fortunately you can reformat your multi-leveled mind within minutes giving you immediate relief from life long issues. With today’s advanced technology you can easily erase and replace….beliefs, behaviors, traits, emotions, expectations, memories, traumas, coping mechanisms and identities that are sabotaging your life.
Everyone can be happy, peaceful, successful, and purposeful.

This new lease on life can be achieved using mental, emotional, physical, behavioral and identity modification tools. 

Since the body mind system is one inseparable organism, when we change the mental and emotional substance our minds, the body experiences miraculous healings since it is cellular memory that stores our past and its fears based on our traumas and painful experiences as blocked energy. This is why we call Integrative Therapy body mind healing.

This restructuring therapy using theta healing in consciousness is a new modality that gives you control of your mind, your emotions, and your behaviors for the first time in your life.

Only the mind is programmed and needs to be deprogrammed. The Authentic Soul Self, before the programming, remains intact and cognizant it was made in the Image with a divine essence of love. 

Upon maturity it becomes your responsibility to change any mental constructs that are not serving you, your family, or the family of mankind so you don’t continue to propagate mass conscious beliefs that are destructive to the welfare of the planet and her creatures.

Look for Make Your Mind Work for You Instead of Against You (c) 2005 on Amazon this year.

About the Author:
Adele Tartaglia, BAEd, CPRT, CHt, NLP, The Life Management Center, Developer Restructuring Therapy, Bd. Cert. Past Life Regression Therapist & Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Transform Your Life Expert, Life/Business Coach, Author, Self Empowerment Facilitator, Radio Show Host, International Speaker, Interfaith Minister, Avatar Master. onlyloveisreal@cox.nethttp://tools2changeyourlife.comhttp://thewinonline.com/shows/transform-your-life-instantly
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Evelyn Roberts Brooks Zap Your Stress – Stress Reduction Program Review http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/evelyn-roberts-brooks-zap-your-stress-stress-reduction-program-review/ http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/evelyn-roberts-brooks-zap-your-stress-stress-reduction-program-review/#respond Fri, 30 Jul 2010 06:09:54 +0000 http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/evelyn-roberts-brooks-zap-your-stress-stress-reduction-program-review/ No one likes to undergo stress. It does not affect a person mentally and physically but can also get in the way of a person’s daily activities. Stress is experienced by every person in this world and each person has his or her own coping mechanism.

Click Here For Zap Your Stress Instant Access Now!

We all want our stress to be gone, for those who have tried to manage their stress but failed here is a guide for you get rid of your stress less than 10 minutes. The eBook by Evelyn Roberts Brooks called Zap Your Stress will help you manage your stress easy and fast. You do not undergo stress just by thinking how you can manage your stress.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you feel anxious and your stress starts to manifest physical symptoms like vomiting, headache and pain then it is time for you to put a stop to your stress. Dump stress like garbage. In this home study course you will be able to know how to manage your anxiety, how to lower down stress levels, be more hopeful, have a stress free and happy life.

If you want to regain your lost happiness and confidence then get rid of your stress. If there is one thing you do not need then that will be stress. Take a rest from your troubles, anxiety and pain. In less than 10 minutes you will zapping your stress away. Do not wait for someone to remove that stress from you; it is you who can do it and not anyone else.

For only $97 you can have this Zap Your Stress program, no need to spend on therapies, medications and other expensive ways to get rid of stress. Control your stress and do not let it affect your life. Be happy and contented.  Regain your confidence and self worth.

Click Here For Zap Your Stress Instant Access Now!

About the Author:
This author writes about Stress Reduction Program Review and Anxiety Stress Reduction
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Hypnosis Certified Review http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/hypnosis-certified-review/ http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/hypnosis-certified-review/#respond Wed, 28 Jul 2010 07:18:37 +0000 http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/hypnosis-certified-review/ Don’t be misled by other programs padded out to 300 hours – this industry is self-regulating and the schools are ultimately businesses
Steve G. Jones strips out all the unnecessary time wasting & just presents to you all the information you need to practice safely, successfully and professionally
By completing this course, you will also have lifetime support from Steve G. Jones and the American Alliance of Hypnotists

Grab A Copy click here?

Location: Internet

Dates: You may start anytime.

Pace: Seven weeks is the shortest allowable completion time. One year is the longest allowable completion time.

Cost: $3,995 (includes all course material plus four e-book textbooks shown below)

Special Discount: Two can register for $5,995 total.

Registration deadline: None. Register anytime.

Cancellation policy: Cancellations are not allowed.

Instructor: Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Board of Directors Member: American Lung Association (LA Chapter), Member: American Board of Hypnotherapy, Member: National Guild of Hypnotists · Founder: American Alliance of Hypnotists

Text Books (E-Book format): As part of the course (included in the total price of this course), you will receive the following e-books by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed., Clinical Hypnotherapist:

Grab A Copy click here


This course IS for everyone. Even if you are a layman with no hypnosis background, or don’t want to be a professional hypnotist, you should still take this course. You will learn self-hypnosis to break negative cycles and have unlimited confidence. You will also learn how to hypnotize your friends and family!

And, if you are a professional, this course will take you to the next level! Steve shares his powerful marketing strategies and teaches you how to make $150/hour as a full-time hypnotist!

Upon completion of your training, you will be certified by the American Alliance of Hypnotists to practice hypnosis. Please check your state guidelines for specific licensing requirements. Most states in the US do not require a specific licence to practice hypnosis.

FAQ’s for Hypnosis Course

Questions about the National Guild of Hypnotistss

Q: Does the National Guild of Hypnotists recognize this online training course?

A: No. The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) only recognizes in-person training consisting of 100 hours with 75 of those hours being hands-on in a classroom. The National Guild of Hypnotists does not recognize ANY training program (such as ours) that is 100% online.

Q: After taking your program, will the NGH allow me to be a certified hypnotist?

A: No, but you can be a member of the NGH. Membership fees are $115 (US) and $135 (International). The only differences between a member and a certified hypnotist in the NGH are they will not refer any clients to you and they will not send you a certificate. Visit NGH.net to become a member.

Q: Since the NGH does not recognize your program, why should I enroll?

A: Although the NGH is a large, well-established, and powerful organization, it is actually just a corporation. The full name of the NGH is National Guild of Hypnotists, Incorporated. Although they serve a valuable function in the world of hypnosis, they are not a governmental organization. Additionally, membership in the NGH does not further your qualifications in any way.

Q: Will I still need to take CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for hypnosis as in the NGH?

A: The NGH requires 15 CEUs per year in order to maintain your certification. You will be certified in our program through the AAH (American Alliance of Hypnotists). The AAH has no such requirements.

Questions about the Course

Q: I have no prior experience as a hypnotist, are you saying this program will fully prepare me to be a practicing hypnotist?

A: Yes. Many programs try to make hypnosis something that it is not. They will tell you that you will need to study for a certain number of hours or even years. In Steve’s 20+ years of teaching hypnosis, he has found that the basics of hypnosis can be taught in a very focus manner in a short period of time.

Q: Does this course teach self-hypnosis or hypnosis?

A: This course teaches you hypnosis so that you can perform hypnosis on other people. You will be able to apply what you have learned if you wish to use self-hypnosis.

Q: How exactly is the course conducted?

A: The course is a self-study program based 100% online and correspondence will be through email or mail, whichever you prefer. Upon enrollment, you will be provided with the following pdf’s:

Advanced Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis Book by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.
Hypnotherapy Case Studies – Hypnosis Book by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.
Hypnotherapy Scripts Volume 2 – Hypnosis Book by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.
Hypnotherapy Inductions and Deepenings Volume 2 – Book by Steve G. Jones, M.Ed.

Grab A Copy click here?

About the Author:

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The United Religions Initiative http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/the-united-religions-initiative/ http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/the-united-religions-initiative/#respond Tue, 27 Jul 2010 07:55:41 +0000 http://www.no-out-there.com/uncategorized/the-united-religions-initiative/ The United Religions Initiative is an effort to integrate all religions. All the great Religions of yore Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism etc should be integrated, as all are brethren, and all religions are nothing but different radii of the same Eternal Circle, with the Absolute Self as the Center.

Maurice Strong and Gorbachev, founders of the Green Cross International, pushed for this U R I in the Earth Charter. The Green Cross Earth Charter Philosophy views & highlights the protection of the Biosphere, as the Common Interest of Humanity, as top priority.

Great men are always integrators. The Knights Templars of yore tried to integrate Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Syncretism or Ecumenism is the essence of Masonic and Indian Philosophy. Sarva Dharma Samabhava ( seeing all Religions as equal ) is the culture of India !

U R I – Philosophic implications

In Sanskrit the word Jnani for Philosopher has deep philosophic meaning. Jnanmeans ” me ” and Ni means ” you “. So Jnani means “I am you” or ” You are I”. The same constituents which comprise my body comprise yours. The Self is the same. So you and I are the same and the man who knows this mystic principle is considered as a Jnani.

When it comes to human relations, we should look upon others as ourselves.

Isnt my son me ? He is me in another aspect ! Isnt my brother me? He is me in another aspect. By applying this principle to the entire humanity, we can save the world from its iniquity !

In Bridal Mysticism

YOU in Bridal Mysticism is He. ” I am You” means in B M – I and my Father are One !

Mansur Al Hallaj, the mystic said

I met the lord of my Heart and asked Him ” Who are you? “.He replied ” I am You ” !

I thought of Thee always
Till I became Thee
Swiftly Thou drew near
And I merged into Thee !

Whatever we see is His gross Universal Aspect, His Visva Virat Swaroopa.Everything is He !

There is only one difference between Thee and me
If I erase me, what remains is Thee !
Isnt that what I want?
(Dissolution of my Ego ?)

The Earth Hour

A global event organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature, Earth Hour is an event on the last Saturday of March annually, requesting businesses and households to switch off their non-essential lights for one hour. This is aimed at raising the awareness of humanity towards the need to take action on Climate Change.

The first Earth Hour event was in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million residents of Sydney participated by turning off all non-essential lights. Following the lead by Sydney many cities followed suit and now the Earth Hour is a global event.

The Earth Hour 2011 will take place on March 26,2011, at 0830 to 0930 PM, at participant’s respective local time. The supporters of the E H include Bishop Desmond Tutu, Helen Clark, the Irish Rock band the Cranberries, the Mayor of London Borin Johnson, NFL Football player Tom Brady and other celebrities.


About the Author:
G Kumar, Astrologer, writer & programmer of www.eastrovedica.com. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. He gives free tips at http://www.eastrovedica.net and stock market investment advice can be got at http://www.stockmarketastrology.com. He is contactable at info@eastrovedica.com Address of his physical shop is Zodiac Computers, 3/528 Tkss Bldgs, East Nada, Guruvayur Kerala, India 680101. Office Phone +91 0487-2552851. Home Phone +91 0487-2422060
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