Some of our Hypnotherapy Services:
    • Stress Management Hypnotherapy
    • Weight Loss Coaching (Includes a unique Gastric Band Hypnotherapy programme)
    • Soothing Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) 
    • Social Phobia Therapy 
    • Fears and Phobias Therapy
    • Self Confidence Boost Hypnotherapy
    Many more…

Discover how Hypnotherapy can help you free yourself from stress, unwanted habits, weight problems, pain and many more! Hypnotherapy will help you reach your full potential!

Hypnotherapy can be the key to unlocking your full potential. Learn to let go of stress and anxiety that's been keeping you from reaching your goals. We specialize in Stress management, Weight loss coaching and pain management but can help you with various other psychological and emotional issues that may be bothering you. Our team of Therapists, Doctors and Nurses will tell you how we can help you from the comfort of our Cardiff clinic. Simply contact us now for a free evaluation of your Hypnotherapy needs!

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Individual Therapy

We offer one on one Hypnotherapy services with our expert therapists from the comfort of our Cardiff office. There, we can help you overcome various obstacles such as: Stress, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Weight loss, Pain, Phobias, Eating Disorders, Occupational Stress, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and many more. We can also help you reach your goals with our Coaching for weight loss, Self-Hypnosis and Stress Management again, all from our Cardiff Clinic.

Corporate Services

We can help you keep your staff on top of it all by teaching them the stress management tools that will keep the pressure from building up and numbing down your business productivity! Any of the individual therapies we offer can be made available to your staff. The stress management and weight loss programme being the most popular two. We can offer these service from our Cardiff clinic or any business address in Cardiff. If you are outside of Cardiff however we will come to you anywhere in the United Kingdom but will need to discuss pricing and travel arrangements ahead of time.

Eating Disorder: Bulimia

Eating Disorder: Bulimia “I decided to consult with a Hypnotherapist when I started purging again, like I had when I was younger. Then it got worse and more than once a day. I was stuck and I felt like I no longer had control over my emotions and my stress and the quantity of food I would ingest. My bulimia …Read more »

Cancer and Treatment Side Effects

Cancer and Treatment Side Effects Testimonial: “Hello, I send you this e-mail to thank you for all the help that you brought. It’s already several months that I had to go through chemo but found that before our therapy, it was impossible for me to get through the treatments as I could not even take medications without feeling extremely nauseous… …Read more »

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain “Since I have been to see the hypnotherapist I have been able to get my pain under control instead of it controlling me. I feel like I have more energy and when I wake up in the morning I know that I can choose to have a great day or to let the pain take over; why would …Read more »

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