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Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, managing it is the next important step.

Apart from the lifestyle changes of managing one’s diabetes – either through diet and exercise alone or with insulin (usually in pill form) – diabetics, both Type I and II, must “prick themselves” and test their blood glucose usually three to five times daily.

If you are diabetic due to a sedentary lifestyle, you are not going to like what you are about to read. You must get off the couch and exercise! Diet alone will not fix the problem. And although the combination of diet and exercise can often avoid the use of insulin, many diabetics favor the use of insulin when faced with the annoyance of having to exercise. Easier though it may be, you are doing your body no favors. Whether you live on your own, in a retirement community or an assisted living program, find friends to walk with or go swimming together. Ask for support. You needn’t do this alone. Open up to people; for all you know, others you know suffer from this too and as the saying goes, “strength in numbers,” means together you take the bull by the horns and beat it!


All of the same foods that you may have avoided are the very ones that you should now incorporate into your diet. Some foods you can eliminate or minimize that will show a marked improvement in your blood glucose levels almost immediately are:

  • Sodium (salt)
  • Excess sugar
  • Fat
  • Sodas
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Excess carbohydrates (yes, the pasta, potatoes and rice you love!)
  • Too much beef (it is very fatty, which turns into sugar)

Foods to add to your diet that will have a dramatic positive effect on your diabetes:

  • Fruits (not too much, as they can turn to sugar)
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains (in favor of bleached flour and white rice)
  • Lean meats – poultry, fish and beans


There is no such thing as bad exercise. Try a few different types and do what makes you happy and this is equally valid for men and women both. Whether it is hiking, walking, swimming, playing basketball, running or playing golf, do what you will enjoy pursuing long term. Exercise should be fun and not drudgery, so it is important to choose something you like.

Diabetes is no fun and it is no joke.  But the good news is that with alterations to your diet, adding exercise to your life and asking for support, you can not only manage your diabetes, but also put it in remission. Although rare, it does happen.

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How Ad Blockers are Killing Your Conversions? Wed, 16 Dec 2015 12:55:01 +0000

ad blocker
With Internet marketers having a panic attack on a regular basis, one has to know the true cause of it. Earlier this year, a Google update by the name of Mobilegeddon was launched, which had an adverse impact on the websites that were not mobile friendly. The search engine giant wants websites to be operated by the mobile phones as well as the computers, and it should be compatible in either platform. With the release of the latest Apple operating system, a new problem has emerged in this front; the ad blocking.

An introduction to ad blocking:

To treat ad blocking as a problem would be going down the wrong path. This concept has been around since the year of 2010 when you had the latest launch known as Adblock Plus. It was a free browser extension, and has since then been downloaded by over 300 million users worldwide. It has notched up extremely high rankings in premium websites like Mashable, CNET, and by the looks of it, it is not going to go down soon.

What ad Block plus provides is a very simple and working example on how ad blocking will be able to work; it simply install the extension to a browser of your choice, and then with the click of a button, you will stop finding any kind of ads starting from your sidebar ads in Facebook to anything from Google. It will of course take into account the banner ads and any other form of advertisement like pop-up from coming into the picture. This tool happens to be configurable, and it also allows the users in order to disable the ad blocking from certain domains and websites. Most of the time, you will be able to find this particular product activated by default.

It has been long regarded as one of the worst things an Internet marketer has been able to experience in order to reach out to their audience. Since the ads are being blocked before they can even be able to get the desired amount of exposure, it adds to the misery piled on upon Internet marketers. Further, when the ad blocking capabilities have been introduced into the latest Apple operating system, this could spell the doom for the people looking into targeting the Apple computers and mobile phones.

So how does ad blocking affect your conversion strategy?

So, as it happens, this question is entirely dependent upon your stand of point. At one hand, you find that the ad blocking schemes and extensions will totally affect the exposure of your advertisement, thereby resulting in any kind of conversion optimization. It will be able to prevent your audience from witnessing your ad, although in various metrics, it would end up being counted as views. It will dramatically reduce the conversion rate to a bare minimum, and the ad blockers will effectively prevent you from gathering any kind of valuable information about your audience or your prospective demographics so as to enable you to better understand how you can communicate with your target audience. This happens to be the side taken by most of the marketers on this particular issue, causing a lot of panic amongst the people that consider themselves to be successful in Internet marketing.

However, on the other hand, the ad blocking can actually end up benefiting your company in the long run. How is that so? Well, for starters, the people that would actually want to purchase your product or come across new products would not want to activate the ad blocker. So, what you are effectively doing is filtering out the people that would not find themselves to be prospective customers to your products, thereby negating the amount of money spent on leads that would not convert. The ad blocking also gets rid of all the mundane methods like banner ads and the pop-up ads that are intrusive, and creates problems for the people in front of the computer. It is extremely frustrating to find ads popping up from every other corner in the computer so as to find its way into the desktop screen. Even after closing it, there are various other advertisement schemes that seem to be colluding with that particular pop-up, thereby creating a chain that is going to leave a user frustrated. So when such kind of advertising campaigns are taken out of the picture, only meaningful and competent content will be produced for the general people to see.

So, you have two points to ponder about when it comes to ad blocking, and how it can be relevant towards helping you to either get your business in line, or to fall apart.

The near future:

Well, one cannot say for certain, but there are a lot of people focusing on the developments and the potential impact that ad blockers will be able to have on your strategy. However, at the present moment, there is a lot of panic, and people are not at all eager to take up Internet marketing. All the more, this is high time for seasoned Internet marketers to make a killing, as there is a panic amongst the people that may be eager to leave this particular field.

Remember, the update known as Mobilegeddon was released early in the year, and it turned out to be a panic that was not at all justified. After a couple of months, the search results or the SERP of the websites turned out to be identical to the ranking that were before the update. So, this may just be a flash in the pan. However, as of the current moment, there are people suffering from ad blockers, and the current panic will also have to be waited out by disease unwanted errors. This is what should be the current adjustment that is to be done to the market strategy in order to get rid of any problems in the marketing campaign and lead the way to making money.

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New Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS Price and Specifications Mon, 17 Aug 2015 18:03:29 +0000

Bajaj Auto is all set to launch new entry in 150 CC segment. They are supposed to launch Pulsar 150 NS in the month of Sept or Oct 2015. They are planning to replace existing Pulsar 150 DTS-I with the new Pulsar 150 NS. The next generation Bajaj Pulsar 150 has been spotted testing for more than a year and more recently, it has been showcased at trade fairs abroad.

The bike this time will be the much-awaited Pulsar 150NS that is likely to replace the existing 150. Like the AS150, the 150NS too will be based on the new perimeter frame. When compared to the existing 150 DTS-i model, the NS model will see improvement in power and torque figures.


Powering the Pulsar 150NS is a 149.5cc, 4-valve single cylinder engine that pushes out a maximum power of 17PS, which is the highest any motorcycle enjoys in its segment. To put things in perspective, the very competent Yamaha R15, which is hugely capable track machine, too enjoys similar power figure. The torque, however, is bit on the lower side at 13Nm. Kerb weight could be around 144 KGs.

While the price of the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle will be revealed at the official new Bajaj Pulsar 150 NS launch event, our guess is that the prices of upcoming Pulsar 150 NS to start at around Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 75,000 (estimated price) ex-showroom Delhi.

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Preparing for Inca Trail Adventure in Peru Mon, 17 Aug 2015 17:37:08 +0000


Some of us would really like to try out something adventurous if they visit one place. Most of the time, climbing into the highest peak of a country or a state is one of the common choices for this kind of activities. Peru will never disappoint you if you are looking for an adventure because it features the Inca Trail. Many people have already tried going up there and they have been satisfied with the kind of intensity they have been looking for. You should probably try it out when you visit Peru. It might just turn out to be an adventure that you will never forget in your life.

But before you get all excited for this little but worthwhile adventure, you must see to it that you are fully prepared. After all, activities such as this require a lot of preparation if you are to make it out safely. Here are some of the tips for you to prepare for an Inca Trail Adventure in Peru.

Determine the Right Time for the Hike

This is a kind of activity that you cannot do the moment you have thought about it. You must plan it carefully and one of the considerations for this is determining the right time to take a hike for the Inca Trail. For safety purposes, you should not pick the time of the year when it is wet season in Peru. This makes the trail very dangerous especially for people that are not used to hiking to wet and muddy trails. It might also cause accidents along the way. You should find the time when the temperature is not that hot, in order to make your trip bearable.

Know What You Should Bring

In any hiking activity, it always helps a lot when you have less baggage to carry. However, you must see to it that you have all the things that you can possibly need in your hike such as water, food, emergency medicine kit, ropes and clothes. These things are essential for your survival. Remember that you are not going for a picnic so you should limit what you should bring. The key to this is to ensure that you bring things that might prove to be useful in the event that something wrong happens on your trip. If you can do that, then you will lessen your baggage, without compromising its contents. You will still have a lifesaver backpack in you even if it is not full with a lot of things.


Get the Services of Experienced Guides

If you are visiting Peru for the first time, then you should definitely avail the services of experienced hiking guides for your Inca Trail adventure. The tour can be very taxing and therefore, you need these people to guide you on what you should do. They can also help you to complete the hike faster and avoid getting lost in the trail. If you have experienced guides, you will have a safe trip and will avoid accidents for you will have people that will watch you every inch of the way. This is such a very good idea especially for those who are travelling for the first time in Peru.

Adventures are part of our lives and at some point of time, we always seek it. However, you should make sure that when the time comes for you o finally have a great adventure, you should be prepared. You cannot afford to be unprepared during these times because it might lead to postponement or possible cancellation of your supposed to be fun and adventurous trip. Besides, it always pays off to be prepared than not to be.

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Hum Hain Desi – Deshbhakti Shayari by Dr. Kumar Vishwas Thu, 13 Aug 2015 19:00:40 +0000

Asia ke hum parinde, Aasma hai had humari,
Jante hai chand suraj, Jidd humari zad humari,
Hum whi jisne samander ki, lehar par baandh sadha,
Hum whi jinke ke liye din, rat ki upji na badha,
Hum ki jo dharti ko mata, maan kar samman dete,
Hum ki wo jo chalne se pehle, manjile pehchan lete,
Hum whi jo soonya main bhi, soonya rachte hain nirantar,
Hum whi jo roshni rakhte, hai sbki chokto par,
Un ujalo ka yahi, paigam le aye hai hum,
Hum hai desi hum hai desi hum hai desi,
Haan magar har desh me chhaye hai hum.

Zinda rehne ka asal andaz, Sikhlaye hai hmne,
Zindgi hai zindgi ke, Baad samjhaya hai hmne,
Humne batlaya ki, Kudrat ka asal andaz kya hai,
Rang kya hai roop kya hai, Mehak kya hai swad kya hai,
Humne duniya mohbat, Ka asar zinda kiya hai,
Hmne nafart ko gale mil, Mil ke sharminda kiya hai,
In tarrki ke khudao, Ne to ghar ko dar bnaya,
In pde khali makano, Ko hmi ne ghar bnaya,
Hum na aate to taraki, Is kadar na bol pati,
Hum na aate to ye duniya, Khidkiya na khol pati,
Hai yasoda ke yha par, devki jaye hai hum,
Hum hai desi hum hai desi hum hai desi,
Haan magar har desh me chhaye hai hum.

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Don’t Register With Foodpanda – They Will Kill You With Promotional SMSes Sun, 09 Aug 2015 14:02:15 +0000


I was a loyal customer of Foodpanda India and I used to order foods every weekends. Typically they used to send me promotional SMSes 2-3 times per day (sometimes in the mid night). My mobile number is registered with National “Do Not Disturb” service. I don’t know who had authorized them to send promotional messages to my number. Anyways, I contacted them and asked to stop sending promotional messages to my mobile number. They asked me to give a miss call to 011-66765505 or send “LEAVE” to +91-9243000111 and they will eliminate my number from the list . I tried both the way but they kept sending me same promotional SMSes again and again. I again contacted their customer support team and explained about my situation. They assured me that they have written down my complaint and it will take up to 48 hours to resolved the issue which means after 48 hours, I won’t be receiving any promotional message from Foodpanda. I said “OK” because it was quite understandable that they need to follow a procedure to take any action. It was first week of July 2015 when I had contacted them for the first time regarding this.

They kept sending promotional messages even after 1 week of my last conversation with them so I was forced to contact them again for the same concern. They again assured me that they will resolved the issue with next 48 hours and they will send me a confirmation email but again no action was taken and I didn’t receive any confirmation email regarding the same. Most of the time they used to send such messages when I’m in the office. It was frustrating so I told them to resolved the issue within next 2 days or delete my account. They finally deleted my account (although I think it was easier to get my number out from the list :p) but I was quite OK with their decision because it was still worth for me.

The main problem starts now, after couple of days I again received same promotional SMS from Foodpanda. I avoided that message because I thought it will take couple days to get whole things refreshed and once they will update their database, I will automatically get eliminated from their list but I was wrong. They kept sending same messages after every 2 days. I contacted them again on phone and asked them for explanation and written confirmation. They said “If you want to receive confirmation in written, you will have to send you query in written. Only then we would be able to confirm you in written.”. I said “OK” and sent this email to Foodpanda customer support team (on 27th July 2015):-


They didn’t bother to reply to my first email. I waited for next 3-4 days for the response but no luck and they kept sending me same promotional messages. I again sent a follow-up email on 3rd August with screenshots of promotional messages that I had received in last 2-3 days and called their customer support team for one more time. Here is the email that I sent them on 3rd August 2015:


I talked to their representative and later they forwarded my call to “Floor Supervisor” “Miss Shagun Arora“. It was heated argument between me and her and I demanded the solution right now right away. Finally she convinced me that she is gonna resolved the issue before “End of the Day” and she will send me a confirmation email but again neither she resolved my issue nor she sent any confirmation email. Next day I again contacted them and luckily I again talked to “Miss Shagun Arora” for one more time. I asked for the explanation. She felt sorry for this and she promised me that she is gonna send me confirmation email within 24 hours. This time I received a response from their team. Here is the exact email that I received:-

Dear Devjeet,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We wish to extend our sincere apologies for the delayed response. We would like to inform you that we missed your ticket due to some internal glitch. However, we will ensure immediate response in the future.

As per your request, we have unsubscribed you from our foodpanda newsletter.

Best Regards,
Your foodpanda team

It was quite relaxing news for me but it was partial solution because they had only removed me from “foodpanda newsletter”, not from the “promotional SMS” so I asked them to remove me from list of promotional messages as well. I called them and talked to their “Floor Supervisor” for one more time. They again promised me that they will send me a confirmation email within 24 hours. This time they met their promise and I received this confirmation email:


I thought “Finally I have won the game and I’m not gonna receive any promotional message and emails from foodpanda” but guess what, I WAS WRONG! They again sent me same promotional message on 7th August (the day after when they confirmed me that they have un-subscribed me from the list of promotional SMS). Here is the message that I received on last Friday(This screenshot was taken on Saturday as I sent another email to foodpanda with the same screenshot):-

foodpanda promotional sms spam

Here is the email that I sent them on 8th August with the screenshot of promotional SMS and I again called their representative for the explanation:


They promised me that they will revert back to me within 24 hours and I received their email within the time frame but I was shocked to read their message. Here is the email send by them:

Dear Devjeet,

Greetings from foodpanda!

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced.

We would like to inform you that might be some technical glitch you are still receiving the promotional messages on your mobile number.

We request you to kindly give a missed call at- 011-66765505 to stop your promotional events for forever.

It will take 24-48 hours to come into effect.

Best Regards,
Your foodpanda team

So, finally they sent me to the same loop. Seems I’m at the same position where I was around 1 month ago. I called them at least 10-15 times, sent lots of email, I was forced to delete my account but what I received? Nothing! They are still sending me same junk messages.

While doing my own research, I found few other people are struggling with the same situation. For example:-

I have few questions for Foodpanda. I would really appreciate if any of their representative comes and response to these questions:-

  1. Please confirm if you have deleted my Foodpanda account.
  2. If yes, then tell me the date when you deleted my account.
  3. Am I still allowed to receive promotion messages from foodpanda?
  4. Have I (or anyone on behalf of me) ever authorize you to send promotional messages to a DND activated number?
  5. I had requested my number to eliminate from the list by giving a missed call to 011-66765505 and sending “LEAVE” to +91-9243000111. Why are you still sending such messages to my number?
  6. Have I made a crime when I registered with your website?
  7. Why shouldn’t I launch a police complaint against you guys?

I really didn’t want to spread all these things in public but I had no option left. I’m forced to create this post. I hope they will understand my situation now.


  • Foodpanda Reviews
  • Foodpanda Complaints
  • Foodpanda Scam
  • Foodpanda SMS Unsubscribe

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Latest Equipments for Wedding Photographer Fri, 08 May 2015 19:49:26 +0000


Wedding events are celebrations when you are not really getting married with your life-partner, however a celebration when everybody you enjoy come together. It is most vital that you do everything to record this celebration. A wedding photographer can assist you in encapsulating the memories of your wedding event into images and video.

While your wedding event can be an actually demanding celebration the last thing you desire would be to include more to the fears. It is challenging to find the best wedding event professional photographers.

The first thing to do is to produce a list of the leading professional photographers around your area. You can find these photographers by taking a look at the regional Minneapolis listings in your Telephone directory. Ensure that you fulfill and get in touch with a minimum of 3 professional photographers. Begin by inquiring about their portfolio. Examine their previous work including their pictures and videos.

Ask about the devices they are utilizing. The very best professional photographers utilize digital and latest equipment’s. You can inform the professional level of a photographer from the type of devices they make use of. It would likewise inform you how serious the professional photographer has to do with providing you the very best for their cost. Think about the kind of cam made use of and based upon the devices and quality of photography and video, you must think about whether the prices is affordable or not. A great way to inform yourself on the devices is to go to your regional electronic camera shop.

The professional photographer ought to be paid according to the quality of services that they offer. If the professional wedding photographer is making use of 10 megapixel or 12 megapixel electronic cameras, they need to be paid appropriately. You must not handle beginners. An excellent professional photographer needs to have the works. This consists of image-stabilized telephoto zoom lenses, wide-telephoto zoom lenses, wide-angle zoom lenses, and so on. Just experts know the best ways to direct the lights and to utilize them to their benefit. Their devices needs to include umbrellas/soft boxes for each flash, mono-light flashes, TTL flashes, flash stands and flexible camera stands, and so on. Since their devices will reflect the work you will get, this is the factor it is vital that you see the devices of your professional photographer. And it does make all the distinction worldwide.

While not all amateur photographers are developed equivalent, the very best way to ensure that you will get a quality wedding event cd is to employ an experienced professional with a strong and differed background of nuptial experiences from which to draw.

Even if you have no idea much about photography, you would succeed by examining the previous work of the professional photographers. You would have the ability to inspect their command over providing excellent quality photos. In addition to top quality photography, imagination is another vital

element to be considered. Professional photographers have an innovative director who coaches the couple as well as the visitors for the presenting.

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Bihar Board Matric Result June 2015 Sat, 18 Apr 2015 20:38:00 +0000


Bihar School Examination Board had conducted Matriculation exam from 17th March 2015 to 24th March 2015. A whopping number of more than 16 lakh student had enrolled for the examination and now they are waiting for Matric Exam 2015 result.

It was 5th of June when Bihar Board had declared result in 2013 and concidently it was again 5th June when result of Matric Exam was declared in 2014 so we are expecting the result of Bihar Matric Exam 2015 by Friday, 5th of June 2015. Student can put their roll number & roll code here to get instant result through SMS. Alternatively they can check 10th exam result 2015 by visiting official website of Bihar School Examination Board ( or .

How to Check Your Matric Result:

Method 1:

You can enter your name, email id, roll number, roll code & mobile number in the form below and we will update you about the result through SMS. You will get a SMS with your complete marks and grade for sure.

Method 2:

You can visit official website of Bihar Board or Jagran Josh to get your result. You only need to enter your roll number & roll code to see your result. You can download or print out your score card for further reference.

NamasteJee team wishes all the very best to students who has participated in Matric Exam 2015 conducted by Bihar School Examination Board, Patna.


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World Cup Quarter Final – 5 Reasons Bangladesh Can Beat India Wed, 18 Mar 2015 16:00:02 +0000

India have been in absolutely fine form in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. They’ve won all their six games in the group stages, beating big boys like Pakistan and South Africa. Now their next target is Bangladesh. But Shakib-al Hasan’s team are a different beast this time. They’ve made it clear that they’re not going to be pushovers and Rishad DSouza feels they have plenty going in their favour to topple India in their quarter-final clash. He lists five reasons why Bangladesh could prove to be more than a handful for their older neighbours.

Click Here for the First Reason

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10 Facts Every Indian Cricket Lovers Must Know About India-Pakistan World Cup Match Sun, 15 Feb 2015 13:08:24 +0000


  1. It was record partnership between Kohli & Dhawan for 2nd wicket against Pakistan in World Cup Cricket. They both made 129 runs and broke previous record of Sachin Tendulkar and Gautam Gambhir who scored 68 runs in the semi final match of World Cup 2011.

Click Here for Fact No. 2


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