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Andrew Penman

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How the EU prevents UK from banning live animal exports for slaughter on the continent

Craig Mackinlay MP has introduced Bill after 40 injured sheep had to be put down after being crammed into a truck destined for Europe

Three shops on same street caught selling cancer causing cosmetics

Besides causing cancer, hydroquinone can also damage liver yet it is prevalent in skin-lightening products popular in ethnic minority communities

John McDonnell MP with protesters from the construction blacklist pressure group

Call for blacklisting construction company bosses to be jailed

Blacklist victims say getting compensation is not the same as getting justice

Pet shop banned from selling puppies after history of customer complaints

Hanwell Pet Store is run by Stuart Wood, despite the fact he's banned from having a pet shop licence for 15 years

Someone cutting a wedding cake between the groom and bride figurines

First heartbreak, then you lose thousands - the brutal rules behind wedding deposits revealed

A couple cancelled their wedding with nearly a year's notice, but were told to pay half of the quoted price - and were sued for thousands when they refused


How 'missing trader' VAT fraud seems to be too taxing for the EU to tackle

Investigative columnist Andrew Penman on the £40billion a year scam which the European authorities have known about since 1993

Frustrated using computer

£2,300 taken from my bank account for an online service I never knew I joined.

Angela Lee tells me that online shopping site has been charging her a £26.95 monthly membership fee for the last eight years without her permission, and without her spotting the debits on her bank statements.

Family paid £3,828 to online holiday villa fraudsters on TripAdvisor

Family loses £3,828 after hackers take over account of villa owner on TripAdvisor

Charity boss banned after tax loophole left good cause with £3million bill for business rates

Maurice Smith, founder of the Kenya Aid Programme, says the scheme was legal tax avoidance, not tax evasion

Supporters of Trade Unionist Dave Smith outside the offices of the Employment Tribunal which was due to hear evidence in his case against Carillion

Blacklist building firms accused of destroying incriminating evidence

Police asked to investigate claims that evidence has been destroyed in the run-up to High Court blacklisting case