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One Direction star Niall Horan performs FIRST live solo gig at BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

The dashing Irish man took to the stage in front of 10,000 fans

The Harry Potter films missed some key moments

21 missing Harry Potter moments that will upset any fan of the books and films

Some may argue the Harry Potter films cannot be improved, but some of the best moments are missing or laying on the cutting room floor

Bruce Springsteen's still sad that his song written for a Harry Potter movie didn't make the cut

It just goes to show that even The Boss can face rejection! The ballad was written for his son and he felt that it would work in a children's movie

Rick Genest, also known as 'Zombie Boy', in London

Travel Test - Thorpe Park's ghouls come out to test the bravery of the faint hearted at Fright Nights

Mirror Travel verdict on Thorpe Park's Fright Nights - Claire Carter tests the park's terrifying mazes and rollercoasters in the dark

Lindsay Lohan 'on the brink of bankruptcy after she fails to pay rent for £3.5million London apartment'

The Mean Girls actress has reportedly received a legal demand for £77,600 and will face court if she fails to pay

Howard Ashman Beauty and the beast

The heartbreaking truth behind Disney’s Beauty and the Beast - the tale of Howard Ashman, the man who gave Beast his soul

Lyricist Howard Ashman was the man behind the Disney classic animated movie, but he never got to see its success

Actress Frida Farrell

Actress Frida Farrell reveals horrifying real-life sex slave hell in London which inspired new film

Selling Isobel tells Frida's story, after she was drugged and repeatedly raped in a Harley Street flat

Two girls partake in a horrific fight

Teen bully knocks girl to floor and smashes punches into her skull as crowd stands by doing nothing

Horrifying footage shows the young victim appear to be talking on the phone as the teen bully marches up to her and demands she put down the device

Coronation Street: Watch shocking moment Anna Windass is set on FIRE in jaw-dropping stunt

Coronation Street: Watch shocking moment Anna Windass is set on FIRE in jaw-dropping stunt

An explosion broke out on the cobbles after David Platt crashed a car loaded with tubs of petrol

ISIS jihadist ecstatic over drawing straws to become next suicide bomber

Brainwashed ISIS suicide fighter jumps for JOY as he draws 'short straw' to be next to die

The young man celebrates believing he will be made a martyr by carrying out the evil cult's bidding and jogs toward door of 'suicide truck'


What to watch on Netflix UK and USA in November - what's being added and what's being removed

What is coming to Netflix including the relaunch of Gilmore Girls and The Crown as well as everything that is on its way out and the best series to watch right now

Bill Ward on This Morning
GoPro footage of person climbing Tate Modern

Man climbing giant building with no safety gear will have you fearing for his life

This man's pursuit of the highest clutches of London is arguably art in itself

Amazing pilot lands plane with broken nose gear

Pilot survives incredible nose dive landing on runway as quick thinkings avoids 'near catastrophe'

Captured by a fellow pilot footage of the amazing emergency landing shows how pilot managed to land plan by scrapping front along runway

Pretty Women

The REAL Pretty Woman ending revealed: The original script was far from a fairytale

The movie which catapulted Julia Roberts into stardom could have been very different

'World's sexiest street seller' helps bring 'phwoar and peace' to one of globe's most bitterly divided regions

As word spread about good-looking chai waller Arshad Khan, 18, dozens of adoring fans flocked to see him in at work Islamabad

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams gives Mean Girls reunion the green light after Lindsay Lohan sequel request

The Notebook star admits she would be up for it as Regina George

Sex Pistols legend Johnny Rotten snubs 'sissy' punk festival backed by Boris Johnson

Punk icon, best known for hits 'God Save the Queen' and 'Anarchy in the UK', says the involvement of the Foreign Secretary 'creeped the high hell' out of him

Carry On film producer who was brains behind Barbara Windsor's famous bikini top shot dies

Paul Cowen stood off camera with a fishing wire and hook attached to Barbara Windsor's bikini top and yanked it away