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"Shoulder Shrugs Can Expose Scary Secrets In A Negotiation" - Negotiation Tip of the Week

Have you heard the cliché, "what you don't know can't hurt you"? If you have, do you subscribe to it?more

Pay Attention To The CLIMATE, Or Forget About Our Future!

While many politicians articulate a politically - correct message, claiming their support for environmental protections, including clean air and water, few seem to have any sort of viable plan, rather than mere, empty promises, andmore

Procrastinating Isn't LEADING!

Many observers of organizations, are concerned about the apparent dearth of genuine leadership, we are, so often, witnessing, today! Far, too few, of the people, who, are, either, elected, selected, and/ or, appointed to positions ofmore

Better Real Estate Results: 7 Steps, Homeowners Should Take

When one decides, it's time, to sell his house, the smartest approach, is, to proceed, with a time - tested, well - considered, process, focused on achieving the most desirable objectives! For most, this includes, obtaining the bestmore

Be SMARTER, With Your Health!

Since, it's nearly impossible, to fully enjoy your life, if you don't have your health, doesn't it make sense, to proceed, in your own, best interests? There are many choices, and decisions, each of us, make, on a regular basis, so, wemore

Be Smarter!: Take A Deep BREATH!

How often, do, most of us, face some obstacle, and, visualize, gloom - and - doom, focusing on potential products, and, what, might go wrong, rather, than, the potential, possibilities, and ways of overcoming any particular challenge?more

Book Corporate Event Entertainment With Confidence

Business sales training events require value driven entertainment, to improve memorability of the event's training. You can book corporate event entertainment with confidence, when you know and understand the key value of over-allmore

7 Ways To Drive User Engagement On Social Media

You can drive social engagement if you develop a plan for it. At first, you'll feel as if you're talking to a void, but when you keep going, tweak your actions, and make the most of everything you do and learn, you'll soon get themore

Deception, Treason, And Assassination

In this coming election many ask what does the United States stand for today? The ideals that America was founded on were never before combined..more

Debt Vs. Equity

As a hard money lender, I get calls daily from real estate investors wanting help funding their next project. Many of them are so focused on one way to do it, they sometimes miss opportunities to make money. It was a few months ago I spokemore

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Candida Abrahamson Ph.D.

Diamond Quality Author Diamond Author
43 Articles

I have been coaching and mediating since graduating with my Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 1984. I am fortunate to count among my successes... more

Hasheem Francis

Diamond Quality Author Diamond Author
11 Articles

Hasheem Francis is the CEO & Chairman of Built To Prosper Companies Hasheem Francis is an entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, recognized... more

Julia Hill-Nichols

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11 Articles

Julia Hill-Nichols, SPHR, is the founder of LeadersCove, LLC. With over 30 years experience in operations and human capital management, Julia is... more

Michael Daly

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16 Articles

Michael Daly is a highly experienced international coach and mentor of senior executives and those aspiring to become senior executives. Using more... more

Steve M Herron

Diamond Quality Author Diamond Author
60 Articles

I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old in a band that played guitar instrumentals by The Ventures and The Surfaris. A couple of years later... more

Sahara Devi

Diamond Quality Author Diamond Author
31 Articles

Sahara Devi's pursuit of Consciousness had taken her repeatedly around the world since the 60's, until she was 'struck homeless' in 1994 -- and... more

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