Audience is Everything™

We explore audiences everywhere—uncovering and discovering what they want—so businesses can make media that counts.

Our Solutions

Our solutions connect you with audiences—no matter how they watch or listen. With a truly comprehensive understanding of the audience, you can discover important opportunities and accelerate your growth.

Audience Measurement

Know your true audience with our cross-platform measurement that provides unbiased data inclusive of the entire population and its shifting habits.

Audience Outcomes

Maximize your effectiveness and ROI by knowing how your advertising and marketing reaches and impacts audiences.

Gracenote Content Services

Understand people’s preferences across the content journey with our discovery center, which connects audiences to what they love.

We rely on real people to share what they watch and listen to—that’s how we get the Nielsen ratings.

Groups of people like you provide us with critical insight into consumer behavior.

Discover what’s popular in streaming, TV, advertising and video games.


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