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Why Brands Should Invest in Digital Marketing

Have you been planning to start your own business? Or you have one already, and you are wondering how to attract more customers. Well, for a business to succeed, it requires a great marketing strategy.more

The Health Benefits of Weight Lifting & Strength Training

Resistance training is also known as strength or weight training has become one of the popular forms of exercise both for enhancing individual's physical fitness and for conditioning athletes. No disrespect to cardio, but if you want tomore

Preparing for the CPA Exams As a Working Mother

As a mother with a career, you have to wear many hats. It's not easy to balance all of your obligations. It is possible to advance your career while being a mother, though! If you're thinking of pursuing a CPA, this article may help.more

Machine Entanglement

Caught in/between accidents can cause serious injuries including crushed limbs, degloving injuries, and amputations, and they also account for seven percent of construction worker fatalities. Workers who are injured on the job aremore

How To Lose Weight Fast The Right Way?

If you want to lose weight quickly, you have to understand what your body needs and what it doesn't need. You first must drink water before you have breakfast every morning. The smartest way to lose weight is from the 2-week diet, thismore

What I've Learned About Selflessness: It's a Winning Strategy

Selflessness is a winning strategy when it is dedicated to a worthwhile cause or goal that is larger than any single individual. Dictionarymore

Open Space Offices Exhaust Employees

The majority of the offices we see, work or are offered for sale or as rentals are those of open spaces. In open-air offices, many employees work with their offices very close to one another.more

Living Your Life Fully Is All About Raising Your Vibration

To master your life and attract what you want in it you need to raise your vibrations and live in a state of fun and joy. This is the first step to do - in my opinion - in you want to master applying the law of attraction in your life.more

Writing A Memoir Using Mind Maps

Have a story you want to tell and need a way to get organized and started? This article helps you create a snapshot of your life or family member in a colorful and creative fashion.more

Pellowah As the Purest Form of Energy for Healing

In the Pellowah manual, Kachina mentioned that you will be drawn to Pellowah. Pellowah is a healing session that you may study if you are at a crossroad, or find yourself a physical or emotional crisis. I believe I experienced this when Imore

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Shoshana Jackson

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Finding love can be frustrating. Meeting the wrong men. Waiting for the phone to ring. Getting caught in another dead-end relationship. Waiting... more

Joseph C Kunz, Jr

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94 Articles

My blog's new name for 2020 is: The Business of Self-Publishing My New 2020 Mission Statement: Helping you build your influence and income with... more

Rob Schwing

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Not many people know more about grilling than Rob Schwing. The GM at SABER Grills and the author of Casual Living's "Ask The Grill Guy"column, Rob... more

Dr. Diane Hoffmann

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Dr. Diane M. Hoffmann has written numerous business and communication articles and e-books including the 296-page print book "Contextual... more

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Stephen Jay Jackson is an article content writer that writes about a wide range of other niches. He provides an article content, keyword research,... more

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Isaac Zakar is a graphic designer specializing in the fields of corporate identity design, print design, branding and illustration. 1983 - Born in... more

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