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How to Write With Clarity


Love them or hate them, they affect the meaning of words so they have to be correct. An apostrophe indicates possession or an abbreviated word.

David’s bag (possession – bag belongs to David).

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How to Make Life Easy for your Readers

In my previous article (about punctuation) I stressed the importance of making your text flow smoothly. Avoid “stalling” your reader. If he finds your article difficult to follow, he might give up altogether in boredom or frustration.

If you find it difficult to work out how to punctuate your sentence then it is probably too long. Split it into two or more shorter sentences and avoid confusing and alienating your readers.

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The Curse of Being a Beginner Freelance Writer

In my recent Writers in Charge reader survey, I got the following response as an answer to the question “what is your biggest struggle as a freelance writer?

As a beginner, I must start from the bottom, writing content mills and the income is little for a lot of hard work and hours spent. But I know it is necessary for my development so until I gain more experience and some money for my own blog, I’ll try to figure out what my blog should be about, because I’m imagining it has to be about what I want to write about in the future.

Upon reading the above response, I was heartbroken. I really felt for the reader who submitted that response.

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Punctuation Made Easy for Writers

For good or bad, punctuation will make your writing stand out from the crowd.

(There, I managed to use two hackneyed phrases in a single sentence!)

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2 Years, 100,000 Views and Five Figures in Income

Late 2012, I started a blogging challenge to demonstrate the power of blogging to attract clients.

My goal then was simple: Start a blog, optimize it to attract clients and start generating four figures in freelance income through the blog within 3 months.

This was a public challenge, and many of my readers were concerned that using my name will skew the results in my favor, due to the connections and influence I had online when I started; potential clients researching me will also see my reputation, giving me significant advantage over someone who is just starting.

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