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Thursday, August 9, 2012


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Corner Office | Laurel J. Richie

Tell Me Your Idea (and Don’t Mind the Silly Putty)

Laurel Richie, the W.N.B.A. president, says she has learned to give employees “time to think and create and develop” — and to make sure they sense a share of ownership in their work.

Economic Scene

The Folly of Attacking Outsourcing

Politicians on the left and right continue to attack the loss of American jobs, but have yet to develop policies to deal with globalization’s challenge to American workers.


The Trek From Performer to Producer

After giving up her dream of becoming a dancer, Rachel Cooper came to realize that being an arts administrator “can be just as creative and fulfilling as being an artist.”

The Boss

At the Right Intersection

An entrepreneur turned his combination of scientific knowledge and passion for making vodka into a successful business.

Career Couch

Ready for the Big Leagues? Ask a Career Coach

If you’re a midlevel professional, a career coach can help you discover what you need to do to reach the executive level.

The Boss

A Spectrum of Traditions

Hikmet Ersek of Western Union, who learned the meaning of diversity very early in life, enjoys celebrating cultural traditions from around the world.


In Job Hunting, the Pas de Deux of Seeker and Offerer

A friend who is still looking for a job likens the process to “playing chess on a board I can’t see against people I don’t know.”


The Jobless Won’t Forget Your Help

By responding to an unemployed person’s call or e-mail, or following through on a promise, we can help ourselves, too, a consultant says.

The Boss

A Granddaughter’s Journey

If there was any glass ceiling in her career, the C.E.O. of Penn Mutual Life Insurance and the granddaughter of Irish immigrants saw through it.


A Nation That’s Losing Its Toolbox

The waning of manufacturing in the economy may be resulting in a dilution of craftsmanship — long a vital ingredient in the American self-image as a can-do people.

Employment Breakdown by State Shows Little Change in June

California led the states with 38,300 jobs added last month, but it also posted the third-highest unemployment rate in the country, at 10.7 percent.

Retirees Wrestle With Pension Buyout From General Motors

Retirees who were offered pension buyouts from General Motors are finding the decision, a lump-sum check or continued monthly payments, anything but simple.

Economic Scene

Unions’ Past May Hold Key to Their Future

A hundred years ago, craft guilds, facing a new world of corporations, rebuilt their power as industry-based unions. Their clout and numbers again in decline, another reinvention may be called for.

Stimulating Job Growth

Stephen Case, the co-founder of AOL, speaks with Catherine Rampell on job creation and entrepreneurship.

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Amy Astley of Teen Vogue says that in hiring, she wants to get a sense of applicants’ work ethic and whether they can think in an entrepreneurial way.

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