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Faculty Publication Highlight

Leaving Russia: A Jewish Story by Maxim D. Shrayer is a memoir of coming of age & struggling to leave the USSR. Shrayer chronicles the triumphs & humiliations of a Soviet childhood and expresses the dreams & fears of a Jewish family that never gave up its hopes for a better life. Click here to read more!

New Faculty Publication Highlight

When Abraham Lincoln helped create the Republican Party on the eve of the Civil War, his goal was to promote economic opportunity for all Americans. Yet, despite the egalitarian dream at the heart of its founding, the Republican Party quickly became mired in a fundamental identity crisis. Read more about To Make Men Free: A History of the Republican Party, by Heather Cox Richardson.


Burns Library, Ford Tower - The Everyman’s Library Volumes from the Collections of the John J. Burns Library

O’Neill Level One Gallery - Discovering Kapwa

O’Neill Level Three Gallery - Espresso Your Faith

O’Neill Level Reading Room - Leather Plaquettes: Vignettes of the Art of Blind Tooling

Stokes Hall - Ordering the Unknown: The European Mapping Tradition from 1600 - 1860

Theology and Ministry Library - Come to the Table