Since 1999, our DDoS protection and network visibility solutions have been tested and proven in the world's largest, most complex networks. We deliver powerful visibility and traffic intelligence, at internet scale, to help customers not only understand their own environment, but threat actors, their tools, behaviors and campaigns on a global basis.

Best-in-class Hybrid DDoS Protection

Layered, Automated DDoS Attack Protection: Industry best practices recommend a comprehensive layered, approach, backed by continuous threat intelligence.
Protection in The Cloud

Stop today’s high volume attacks, which are exceeding 600GB/sec.

On-premise Protection

Stealthy application-layer attacks against existing stateful infrastructure devices, such as firewall, IPS and ADCs.

Multi-layer Defense

Only a tightly integrated defense can adequately protect you from the full spectrum of DDoS attacks.

What Can NETSCOUT Do for Me?

Organizations face increasing pressure to drive technology transformation while managing risk. To deliver the level of user experience required by today’s digital businesses, you must instantly see and interpret the complex digital interconnections that accurately describe speed and resolution, security, and relevance.


How do I keep my services up and running?

Stop the most significant threat to service availability - DDoS attacks - with our suite of products and services.

Arbor DDoS Protection

Arbor Servers

How can I close security gaps within my team?

You can empower your security teams with the global intelligence provided by Netscout.

NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence

Security Team

How do I leverage the full power of my network?

Capitalize on analytics to maximize network performance and investment returns.

Network Visibility


Are You Experiencing a DDoS Attack?

Your business is riding on the availability and integrity of your website and online services. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack could wreak financial havoc, compromise your customers and damage your reputation.

If you're under attack, Please call us. We can help.

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Our DDoS Protection Solutions are proven in the world’s most demanding networks. We can provide rapid deployment and pricing flexibility through a mix of managed services, in-cloud, on-premise and virtualized solutions.

Insight into the Global Threat Landscape

Our world-class ATLAS Security and Engineering Research Team (ASERT) deeply researches malware campaigns and botnets at a global level, providing much-needed context to the overall threat environment.

Issue 7: Findings from 1H 2021 NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence Report: The Long Tail of Attacker Innovation

Latest Netscout Threat Intelligence Report

The unprecedented events of 2020 led to an enormous and extended upswing in innovation for threat actors. DDoS attacks continue to threaten organizations worldwide, as adversaries unleash innovative new attack methods against an ever-expanding target set. And it's not going away anytime soon.

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NETSCOUT Smart Data fuels our DDoS Protection Solutions

Stopping the modern day DDoS attack no longer needs to be complex. Let us simplify it for you.
NETSCOUT’s Active Threat Level Analysis System sees more internet traffic, and collects more data on that traffic, than anybody else. ATLAS monitors over one-third of all internet traffic providing near-real-time visibility into today's’ threats.
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ATLAS Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT), world-class security researchers and analysts.
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Implementation Services for Sightline / Threat Mitigation System (TMS)

NETSCOUT is committed to providing its customers with quality implementation services delivered by a team of skilled industry professionals.

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Implementation Services for Arbor Edge Defense (AED)

NETSCOUT can provide its customers with quality implementation services delivered by a team of skilled industry professionals.

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DDoS Attack Protection Solutions

To stop modern-day DDoS attacks, NETSCOUT offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully integrated, incloud and on-premise DDoS protection products and services; all backed by continuous global threat intelligence.

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DDoS Solutions by the Numbers

NETSCOUT secures the world's most demanding and complex networks from DDoS attacks and cyber threats.


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Proven DDoS Protection and Network Visibility solutions for enterprise, cloud, and service provider organizations.