The War to Sell You a Mattress Is an Internet Nightmare

David Zax, writing for Fast Company:

In January 2015, Krim wrote Mitcham that while he supported objective reviews, “it pains us to see you (or anyone) recommend a competitor over us.”

Krim went on: “As you know, we are much bigger than our newly formed competitors. I am confident we can offer you a much bigger commercial relationship because of that. How would you ideally want to structure the affiliate relationship? And also, what can we do to help to grow your business?”

This entire story is bonkers.


News From Brand New’s Chicago Show

Brand New performed in Chicago last night which means we have some new goodies. First, you can see what the tour vinyl offered looks like, you can watch the set on YouTube, and we learned that “Same Logic/Teeth” was actually written by Vinnie over a decade ago. So, that’s cool.

The band also mentioned they’ll be coming back to Chicago “within the next 14 months.” Oh, and they have new merch up on their website.