Getting an Online RN to BSN Program

An online RN to BSN curriculum is perfect for Licensed Practical Registered Nurses (LPNs) who already have a two-year bachelor’s degree from a school that offers RN licensure and wish to complete the additional requirements for a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree. Many LPNs choose to enroll in an online RN to BSN course to earn their RN license while working. Enrolling in an online course typically takes about two to three months of classroom study and clinical instruction. After successful completion of an online RN to BSN program, students will be awarded their RN license and will be able to apply for state certification at the LPN licensure exam.

RN to BSN program

To enroll in one of the many online rn-to-bsn programs, nurses must have a high school diploma or an equivalent. There are no prerequisites for enrollment. Online programs require that students fulfill basic course requirements, such as mathematics, reading, English grammar, chemistry, biology, and biology. Some LPNs may be required to take an evaluation that assesses their nursing knowledge and skills. Enrollment in an online RN-to-BSN program does not guarantee admission to the BSN program; however, most programs are competitive.

The first step in the process of enrolling in an accelerated online RN to BSN course is choosing a school. For students who wish to enroll in an accelerated nursing degree plan, two years is the minimum time commitment for an online course. Students should also take into account whether they will need to fulfill course requirements while working while going to school and if so, whether there are any course restrictions. LPNs who are looking to earn an online RN-to-BSN program can find information on schools by visiting the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Accreditation.

Once students have found an online RN to BSN school, they will need to find a class that they wish to enroll in. Most LPNs choose to enroll in an LPN to BSN course from an accredited institution. However, there are institutions that offer RN to BSN programs that are not accredited by the CCN. These programs usually require more than enough course work to fulfill the requirements of the CCN and may also require students to take extra science lab classes. Students should always check the requirements of any school offering an online nursing program before enrolling.

RN to BSN program

Completion of the prerequisites requires finding an LPN who has passed the ccna, before enrolling. Upon receiving a provisional LPN status, students must complete prerequisite courses. This usually involves taking courses such as chemistry, anatomy, health sciences, nursing management, and pharmacy. prerequisite courses may vary from state to state, and you should contact your State Board of Nursing for further details. Students will find that these course requirements are fairly standard, depending on whether the state is licensed to practice nursing.

Most LPNs complete their associate’s degree before beginning their RN to BSN course. After completion of the associate’s degree course, they will be able to apply to the National Association for Colleges and Schools of Nursing (NACSN) online RN to BSN application. LPNs who successfully qualify will be notified by the NACSN within a short period of time. Upon acceptance, the applicants will need to submit their completed course forms, along with their diplomas and references. The fee for applying to the online nursing program is not refundable, so applicants must ensure that they have exhausted all other financial resources to be eligible for acceptance into the nursing program.