Setting up Average Page Load Time as a Calculated Metric in Adobe Analytics

Once upon a time Adobe Analytics had a metric within it for average page load time but then suddenly did away with it.  Would it be great to have this back in the UI so that you can use and slice and dice data based upon it? Read more ›

Sizing up Adobe Analytics Audiences to Target for Personalization and Testing

You might think that is a pretty easy question to answer but its not and hopefully by the end of this post, you will have a better idea of what to do when faced with this question. Read more ›

Trigger an In-App Message from an Adobe Audience Manager Segment

Are you leveraging Adobe Analytics to track your mobile app? Wouldn’t it be cool if you also leverage your Analytics tracking to potentially trigger an in-app message based off of a segment from Audience Manager? This blog post will describe how that can be done. Read more ›

Creating Classifications for Device Name Lifecycle Variable in Adobe Analytics

Did you know that you can classify lifecycle variables? This blog will show you how to do this for Device Name reports within Adobe Analytics. Read more ›

Switching JSON at Runtime in Adobe Analytics

By default the Adobe Analytics SDK only allows one JSON file to be loaded at a time. So what do you do if your dev folks have two JSON config files (one for dev and one for production), launch your app to production and all the data is going to the dev report suite? Read more ›

Turning Off Body Hiding Flicker Handling in Adobe Target

Adobe Target provides a content flicker handler that adds time to the page and user experience that some users might not want or need for a page or set of pages. This blog posting will give you the tip on how to disable this feature within the UI. Read more ›

Tracking Internal Search Correctly in Adobe Analytics

A user reached out to me and asked me to take a look at how they were tracking internal search terms and to adjust if it wasn’t correct. This blog posting discusses the correct way to set this tracking up in Adobe Analytics. Read more ›

Force Secure Protocol for All Request in Adobe Target

In certain instances you might have to have request sent over via secure protocol (keep data sent to Target encrypted) but due to the dynamic nature of Target, if you are on http, it sends the data as http. This blog posting will provide you a quick tip to override this. Read more ›

Recommend Products Based on Profile Script in Adobe Target

Would you like to have Target recommend good cross sell products to your end users so that they purchase more of these? Would you also like to have this based on the last product order? This blog posting will dive into this and help you set that up. Read more ›

More Comprehensive Cleaning of Strings within Web Analytics

Yesterday I did a post around “Trim White Space from Strings in Web Analytics Solutions” which should help remove white space from your captured string.  But what if you need to do further cleansing of the string as it contains items in it thats either throwing off reporting or causing business users to get upset?  Read more ›