• Michael Logen
    “Winning this contest has had
    an amazing impact on my career.
    Thanks for your support!”
    -Michael Logen
  • Vices I Admire
    “We're still a bit shocked we
    won… I can't tell you how
    much this means to us.”
    -Vices I Admire
  • Jenn Bostic
    “I'm very excited about
    the contest prize package
    and couldn't be more grateful!”
    -Jenn Bostic
  • Eric and the Adams
    “It's great to know that folks
    like you care about the
    musician's future and goals!”
    -Eric and the Adams
  • Jag Star
    “Your contests are a wonderful
    resource for artists and we can't
    thank you guys enough!”
    -Jag Star
  • Schaeffer
    “We are on the music industry's
    radar more than ever since we
    won your contest!”
  • The Love Me Nots
    “We Are Listening offers a
    tremendous array of services
    and opportunities for artists!”
    -The Love Me Nots
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