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Boomi Tips: Business Rule with Child Records

By Lean | Jun 22, 2018

In the last Boomi post, we discussed the usage of business rule shape in Boomi. Based on that, we all know that we can easily examine a document using the shape. But did you know that you can actually examine the child records in a document (e.g, XML or JSON) too? Let’s use the following…

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WeDid: Custom Bidding Sales Process

By Jimmi | Jun 20, 2018

Challenges: This company earns their revenues by providing construction materials and services to their partners and builders. This includes: Direct sales where builders approach this company directly for materials and services or Multiple builders approach this company to get quotes for materials and services to be used as part of a project bidding purpose. This can…

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Boomi: Business Rule Shape

By Lean | Jun 18, 2018

Business Rule Shape allows the developer to examine the data of a document in a pipeline by combining multiple criteria to determine if a document should be accepted or rejected. The supported profiles are: XML JSON Flat file Database   This shape is one of the advanced workflow shapes and it is only available in…

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Boomi Tips: Boomi Suggest in Map

By Lean | Jun 15, 2018

Boomi Suggest is not a new feature in the Boomi Platform, but there are many integration developers working within Boomi every day who are unaware of its existence.   So what is Boomi Suggest?   Boomi Suggest is a very powerful tool that can help you analyze your source and destination profile element in a…

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OANDA, WDCi and Boomi – working together to connect Foreign Exchange Data

By Deborah | Jun 13, 2018

What a privilege to work with OANDA to deliver a Dell Boomi Connector.   OANDA is the leader in online multi-asset trading services focused on forex and CFD trading, corporate fx payments, and exchange rates data services for a wide range of organizations and investors.   Greg Efstratis from OANDA says “We were pleased with…

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Caloundra Film Festival: BONUS June Film ‘Loveless’

By Bree | Jun 11, 2018

Caloundra Film Festival are spoiling us with a bonus Russian film ‘Loveless’ for one night only.    This film has been described as unmissable, masterful, riveting, brilliant and everything in between. Loveless follows the story of a couple preparing to divorce from their toxic relationship when their son suddenly disappears.   Come and join us at Big Screen…

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TIP OF THE WEEK: Salesforce Record Id Behavior in Sandbox & Trialforce

By Pasan | Jun 8, 2018

What happens to Salesforce Record Id (or Object Ids) when you refresh your sandbox from the production instance? Refreshing your sandbox from a Production org in Salesforce will simply copy the Record Ids (ID field type) from your production to your Sandbox instance.   How does Trialforce Record Ids work? Trailforce orgs are created by cloning a TrailForce…

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WeDid: Salesforce Data Migration and Integration with HubSpot

By Mei Yan | Jun 6, 2018

Challenges This customer is currently in the IT market helping other businesses with their software deployment plan. HubSpot is the main system that is used throughout the years to track marketing prospects, qualify leads and also sales. The Data now needs to be contained between two systems – HubSpot and Salesforce- as opportunity will now…

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Caloundra Film Festival: June Film ‘Aurore’

By Bree | Jun 4, 2018

After taking a month’s break during May, The Caloundra Film Festival is back and ready for June with the French Film ‘Aurore’.   This feel-good movie covers a wide range of topics including growing older, divorce, reconnecting with a first love and becoming a grandparent.   This will sell out fast and we guarantee, you…

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Access Salesforce Mobile App without Installing it

By Pasan | May 30, 2018

Did you know that the Salesforce Mobile App is accessible from almost any mobile platform now?   You can even access your Salesforce instances through the majority of smart devices available today.  Salesforce has developed the Salesforce App to be compatible with different platforms and easier to download from Apple store, Google play, etc. Were you aware…

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