UK Health Blog It's all about health Wed, 27 Feb 2013 04:59:16 +0000 en hourly 1 Yoga For Women Wed, 27 Feb 2013 04:59:16 +0000 admin In laws, kids, husbands and their responsibilities! Amid all this, you often ignore or forget yourself and your basic needs. It is not uncommon that for most of you work targets are more important than your health. So swapping meals with burgers is not a big deal for you. And then you wish for a perfect looking healthy body.

If wishes were horses’ beggars would ride. Don’t go with the literal meaning but that’s how our wish list goes. But as they say there is always a way out and here it is in the form of yoga. It is an extremely gentle way to tone and strengthen your muscles. Though it doesn’t promise for a quick weight loss but it’s a humble way of shaping the body

Yoga Tips: Particularly beneficial in weight loss.

  1. Life nerve stretch:  This is for stretching for life nerve which runs from heels to the lower middle upper back and all the way up to the neck. In this you have to sit on one leg and stretch the other one. Bring your chest close to the stretched leg and touch that toe with your hands. Repeat the same position with the other leg. This pose makes your backbone flexible.
  2. Camel Pose or Crescent: Sit on your knees with the sole of the feet facing upwards. Bend backwards and form a circle by touching the soles of your feet with your hands. This makes a camel pose. The level of stretching is increased as we make the exercise harder.  This yoga position is extremely gentle way to protect your reproductive organs and adjusts them.
  3. Hover: Balance your body on hands and toes. Lie down in a push-up posture on your toes with arms straight. Lowers the chest towards the floor and exhale with abs tight. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then inhale while returning to the normal position.
  4. Shoulder stand: Lay on your back and then raise both the legs and stand on your head. Balance your whole body on your head with the help of your hands. Stay in this position for at least three to four minutes. Do not move your neck by looking around and keep the body in a straight line. This position stimulates the metabolism helping you to lose weight.
  5. Locust Pose: This pose helps in building flexibility in the upper parts of the spine and help in the treatment of arthritis of spine ad rheumatism. Lay down on your stomach, raise the legs a bit, touch your chin on the floor and make fist of your hands. Stay in this position for at least three minutes.

Yoga is beneficial from people from all walks of life but should be strictly avoided by pregnant women and in menstruation periods. But otherwise yoga has innumerable benefits right from combating stress to shaping up your body. Other than this important for health is maintaining cleanliness. Washing your hands and face with a good antibacterial soap keeps you clean and free of germs all the time.

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Benefits of Exercises for Heart Health Tue, 26 Feb 2013 10:09:23 +0000 admin People who are leading an inactive lifestyle are found to be more prone to several disorders associated with important body organs like heart. Therefore, your body needs sufficient amount of physical activity or say exercises that can actually help in lowering the risk factors like cardiac disorders. Exercises can actually make a huge difference in your life as it can successfully make you feel energetic and fit for lifetime. As per the reports presented by several disease control centers in the U.S, it is observed that about sixty percent of total American population does not get indulged into regular exercise forms. As a result, many agencies have strictly advised to perform rigorous exercise forms for at least thirty minutes duration on daily basis.

A wide range of benefits can be obtained if a regular exercise regime is followed by the individual. Apart from the general benefits such as muscle gain and fat loss, many other benefits can also be obtained in terms of keeping other body systems in their healthy state. Similarly, cardiovascular system is one such important system that includes the pumping of the heart and provides adequate supply of blood to all needed parts in the body. Cardiovascular exercise forms are especially defined to regulate all major functions that are performed such as circulating functions and heart health as well. Even a brisk walk for half an hour or doing your workouts on gym machine can easily solve the purpose of keeping your heart healthy for a longer time. Through this article, we are mainly highlighting some major benefits of exercises that greatly contributes maintain a healthy state of your heart.

Benefits of exercises for heart health

Exercise plays an extreme important role in keeping your body fit and fine throughout your life. Some major body systems like cardiovascular system needs to be maintained and some specific exercise forms can greatly contribute in this section. Some of the major benefits of exercises are mentioned below:

  • Increases the body efficiency: Few rigorous forms of exercises can actually help in elevating the efficiency of cardiovascular system in your body. This will ultimately enhances the rate of providing nutrients or blood to all other parts in the body. The tolerance and enduring power also get improved if regular exercise forms are sincerely followed by the individual.
  • Improved cardiovascular health: Regular exercise forms can easily help in keeping your heart healthy for a longer time. Cardio exercises basically contribute in lowering the high blood pressure condition and also reduce the high cholesterol level in your body. On the other side, following a regular exercise regime also help in reducing the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels like arteries. Overall, regular exercises greatly help in reducing the risk of heart stroke in you.
  • Minimizes the risks of diseases: Exercises can actually help in reducing the risks of diseases in your body. Many disorders related to the cardiovascular system such as, cardiac arrest or stroke hardly occurs if the individual performs regular form of exercises.
  • Enhances the stamina and energy in the body: Following a regular cardiovascular exercise forms can actually lead you to attain standard level of stamina and flexibility in your body.
  • Releases unnecessary stress from mind: A special chemical called endorphins is released in the end of almost every rigorous exercise forms like cardio exercises. And this chemical actually helps in lowering your stress and controls your anxiety and depression state.
  • Maintain adequate blood sugar level in the blood: Cardiovascular exercises helps in lowering the blood sugar level and can directly contribute in regulating the functions of insulin hormone

Apart from maintaining the health of your heart, cardiovascular exercises can successfully benefit the other parts of your body as well. For example, cardio exercises can eventually help in building up a positive attitude and attain a problem free state of your mind due to the adequate transport of oxygen to your brain system.

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Simple Guidelines in Enhancing Workouts Thu, 21 Feb 2013 10:04:36 +0000 admin

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In all kinds of performance and bodybuilding goals, strength is considered as one of the major foundations to achieve a healthy body. Muscles can easily form when you are strong. You will also lose fat, hit harder, run faster, endure long hours of playing, and work faster when you are able to master strength exercises.

Knowing the best enhancing workouts can help you become stronger. It will also provide you enough energy to endure long hours of workouts. Here are some of the guides to help you in enhancing your strength during workouts.

Start with Warm-Up Exercises

Doing warm up exercises is very important when working out. It prepares your muscles and joints for more intense activities. This will help in preventing injuries and promotes circulation. Warm up exercises can increase the body’s temperature, thus making the muscles become more flexible and receptive to exhausting activities. Many health experts advice their patients to involve themselves with warm up exercises before stretching.

Do Some Stretching

In working out, stretching is another vital part. It helps in preventing the soreness which typically follows every workout exercise. Stretching helps in lengthening the muscles and improving the range of flexibility and motion. It also helps in preventing injuries while doing some exercises.

Stretching must always be done even if you are not going to engage in hardcore physical activities. It also improves blood circulation, decreases muscle stress and tension.

Take a Good Run

Start your daily workouts with a good run. Running helps in conditioning your body before doing strenuous workouts. It also helps in enhancing workouts without trying too hard about getting toned, like lifting weights.

Most doctors advice their patients to run for at least 45 minutes daily. Jogging daily has many health benefits as well! It helps in preventing heart attacks by providing good blood circulation. It also helps in reducing high blood pressure and controls cholesterol levels.

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Ab Exercises
Enhancing workouts are very important when thinking of defining your body shape. It will provide good outcomes which will benefit your body. Since your muscles help you in moving around throughout the day, you need to work out and sustain your energy to keep you going.
Many people are concerned about making their belly lose fat fast. By doing ab exercises, you can have your torso muscles toned in no time. It helps in tightening your muscles by pulling your stomach in.

Do Simple Exercises

You do not have to go to the gym just to do workouts. You can exercise in the comfort of your home. Simple exercises such as running around your community, doing push-ups and lifting weights (or by just cleaning your house) can give your body the best workout that it needs. Simple exercises are perfect in enhancing workouts because you are not required to do strenuous activities just to become physically fit.

Working out is never that hard to do. You just need a little patience and a whole lot of discipline just to make the best of each exercise that you are going to do.

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Five A Day Drink Ensures Optimal Health Thu, 21 Feb 2013 04:35:17 +0000 admin It is a well-known fact that eating fruits and vegetables in abundance is one of the basic rules to enjoy a healthy life. The secret of optimal health is to add at least five servings of fruits and vegetables in the diet plan. This five a day rule is same for everyone so you should make sure that every member of your family has taken 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Ultralife fruit-veg

It is no doubt difficult or at times seems impossible to provide the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables to all members of family because food choices differ as well as the age difference is also a factor that makes the matter intricate. Children don’t like to eat the fresh vegetables and fruits or old age people can’t eat and digest more than their body requirements. In this situation the best solution is to try a fruit and veg five a day drink by a well reputed company.

Health Benefits of Five a Day Drink

There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by using five a day drink. The condition is to choose the best drink of the best quality that is made up of natural ingredients. When you choose the drink with natural ingredients the benefits you get become maximized. Another benefit of using a drink of natural ingredients is the natural taste of the drink.

  • Five a day drink helps you to meet the nutritional requirements in an easy manner without putting extra efforts to design a diet plan. Taking a drink ensures that your body is getting the right amount of nutrients.
  • Fiber can be provided to the body with the help of this drink as well. Adequate amount of fiber is essential to improve the digestive system that improves overall health.
  • Vitamins and minerals play different functions in the body to maintain the optimum health.
  • This drink suffices the body with sufficient amount of antioxidants that is good to improve the condition of your health and makes it younger and healthier. Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals and enhance the appearance of skin.

You can get great taste five a day drink in a reasonable amount if you search the market because there is a wide range of drinks available in the market.

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Significance of Choosing the Best Nutrition Drink Tue, 19 Feb 2013 05:24:32 +0000 admin Healthy lifestyle seems something rare in the present world. There is hardly an individual who can maintain a healthy lifestyle with heavy demands to cope up with the current demands of life. No one gets time to follow a diet plan rich in nutritional value that can boost up their courage up to continue with life so most of them become sluggish and heavy headed. A nutrition drink is a smart choice here because it is manufactured with the purpose to offer an instant boost of energy.

Things to Remember for Choosing the best Nutrition Drink

The reasons to use a nutrition drink are diverse as it offers plenty of benefits to us. It is not possible for most of us to carry a nutritious meal with us everywhere. Eating a nutritious diet at workplace is also not easy so the best option left with us is the nutrition drink. The wide array of drinks is available on the market from which you can make a sensible choice by considering various factors.

Ingredients of a nutrition drink play a vital role to improve its performance so take a serious look at the ingredients before choosing it. If it contains the artificial flavours and preservatives don’t prefer it, and look for the one with natural ingredients.

If you choose the drink with the natural ingredients the benefits are higher whereas the drinks with artificial ingredients can offer the short term health benefits. One thing you should keep in mind when looking to choose the nutrition drink is that mostly the drinks with purely natural ingredients don’t taste as good as the one which contains the artificial sweeteners.

If you go for the taste only you will ruin the importance of a nutrition drink, and will enjoy just a delicious drink that can do nothing good for your health, but can add up to your body weight. The drink that tastes good due to the presence of different additives and artificial substances can elevate the blood sugar level also and that leads to other health conditions.

A nutrition drink with natural ingredients offer the adequate amount of vitamins, and minerals to the body that helps to maintain the energy levels and keeps the body in a good state of health. There are pre made nutrition drinks as well as supplement powder is available to make the nutrition drink just before you want to drink it. The right choice is to get the powder for making a nutrition drink of your choice for feeling fresh and energetic.

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Green Coffee Extract Will Help You Lose Weight In 2013 Mon, 18 Feb 2013 07:33:16 +0000 admin Chlorogenic acid is the key ingredient in green coffee beans. The acid slows down the release of glucose and boosts the body metabolism. While boosting the metabolism, the liver burns fat faster in the body. These two processes will eliminate weight gain. The coffee bean supplement when taken once in the morning and once at bedtime will help the body lose weight without making it jittery or nervous because it is not a stimulant. In some studies, the supplement has been reported as lowering the blood pressure and raising the metabolism at the same time.

When green coffee beans are ground and not roasted, they retain the Chlorogenic acid. The results of grinding the bean are green coffee extract which is a natural supplement for boosting the metabolism and burning fat for a quicker weight loss. This unique nutrient has many benefits for the overall health of the human body. The extract helps to maintain a good blood sugar level by using fat for energy instead of storing it in the body. The supplement also reduces the size of the fat cells in the body. Even without exercise or tiring diets, the extract can decrease the amount of fat in the body by ten percent. Some studies have shown that it can also lower cholesterol, which is healthier for the body.

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The University of Scranton conducted a research study on the weight loss benefits of participants using green coffee bean extract. Participants were all overweight, between the ages of 22 to 46 and the study lasted 22 weeks. The participants were weighed and divided into three groups. One group was given 1,050 dosages of extract, one group a low dosage of 750-extract supplement and one a placebo. All participants were closely monitored for what they ate and exercise habits. Each person was charted on how many calories were taken in and how many were burned off.

At the end of the 22 weeks, each participant was weighted. The study showed that the average decrease in weight was 17 pounds. Ninety percent of the weight that was lost was fat. Using all the participants’ statistics the average decrease in weight was around 10.5 percent on an average and the fat decrease averaged out to about sixteen percent. If only the higher dosage was used for all participants, the loss of weight and fat would have been much higher.

What amazed the researchers the most was the lack of exercise the participants did and the large amount of calories they ate each day. On an average, each person took in about 2,400 calories and only burned off about 400 calories. Most people cannot lose weight eating that many calories per day and not burning off more. Researchers believe that the extract was the reason for the metabolic change in the participants, which caused all the loss of weight.

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The head of the research team believes that the green coffee extract, which has a high dosage of Chlorogenic acid, stopped the absorption of fat in the participant’s bodies. He also believed that the liver was signaled to burn fat faster than normal, which increased the loss of weight for the participants. When the coffee beans are roasted, the Chlorogenic acid is burned out of the bean. That is why when people drink a lot of coffee they do not have the benefit of raising their metabolic rate to burn fat. To experience the loss of weight the bean needs to be unroasted.

Several medical studies have shown that the green coffee extract is a genuine weight loss product. The supplements have been found to be safe and effective for long-term use in controlling weight problems.

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Benefits of Antioxidants for Skin Mon, 18 Feb 2013 07:19:36 +0000 admin Antioxidants help your healthiness by washing the free radicals out of your bloodstream. They have a variety of health advantages. Research has revealed that antioxidants lessen the symptoms of over aging by diminishing wrinkles and protecting the surface of the skin. They can even defend your skin from sun-damage, and minimise the occurrence of sunburn. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A or beta-carotene can be functional to the skin in order to clean free radical damage.

Protective effects of Antioxidants on skin

  1. Increased Collagen Production

When free radicals harm the skin and body, they mainly break down collagen proteins in the body. Collagen is liable for serving the skin to maintain its softness and assist it to come into sight more supple and youthful.

  1. Minimise fine lines & wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are usual phenomena of the aging process. They arise as collagen and elastic production very slow and gravity starts to take further cause over facial skin. Free radicals such as extreme sun exposure can speed up the natural effects of aging. For this reason, antioxidants found in skin care products can help to ward against free radicals’ effects, dawdling the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Reduced age Spots

Age spots, identified as solar lentigines in the medical commune, are harmless brown and black-coloured spots that become visible on your skin. These spots happen when sun spotlight speeds up melanin a skin pigment in the body. Over time, this melanin becomes more clumped together, resulting in age spots

  1. Reduced Acne

Vitamin A is one of the dominant antioxidant. When applied to the skin, it’s identified as a retinoid; brand names of this include Retin A. Vitamin A, goes deep into the pores to eliminate keratin plugs, one of the chief causes of acne papules and black spots.

Nutritionists and experts do recommend antioxidant drink for best possible results to carry all the benefits of antioxidants.

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Antioxidants Rich Food Chart for You Mon, 11 Feb 2013 10:36:22 +0000 admin Antioxidants can be defined as the protector against diseases and the aging process. The human body is exposed to free radicals all the time that is harmful to the cells of the body and they get affected. Everyone needs antioxidants to fight the oxidative stress in the body that is caused due to the free radicals.

If the level of antioxidants is low the body is prone to more health issues such as cancer and heart diseases. You can say that it’s a power that you can get easily from many foods such as fruits and vegetables to combat the oxidative stress.

Antioxidant Rich Foods Chart

There are several antioxidant rich foods that give different benefits to the body. I am going to share with you antioxidant rich foods chart with the benefits of these foods.

Foods Benefits
Berries The berries are small in size, but they offer great benefits to the human body. The immune system gets strengthened by eating this antioxidant rich fruit.
Beans Beans are also known as an antioxidant rich food item. Red beans are rich in antioxidants as compared to the other types of beans.
Apples Apples are great tasting fruit and they satisfy your craving for sweet as well. They offer a good amount of vitamins as well as antioxidants.
Dark chocolate Yes, dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants. You can reap the benefits from it
Potatoes Potatoes are also rich in antioxidants. Yes, you don’t need to be worried about including potatoes in your diet as they provide antioxidants.
Carrots Carrots are good for health as they contain beta carotene that helps the body to fight dangerous diseases like cancer.

This antioxidants rich food chart will help you to select the right foods that can provide you good amount of antioxidants which you actually need.

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Tips To Improve the Efficacy of Your Weight Loss Plan Fri, 08 Feb 2013 05:16:00 +0000 admin There are different weight loss tools available on the market to help you in reaching your weight loss goals. Weight loss goals differ from person to person according to the various factors involved like age, height, weight, overall health condition and so on.

 Here I am going to share a few useful tips with you that will lead you to make the best use of a weight loss product. If you choose a healthy slim shake, and incorporate these tips in the lifestyle achieving weight loss goals will not be difficult or you.

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Tips to Lose Weight Effectively

The following tips will help you to lose weight effectively and quickly. These tips are easy to adopt, and some of the tips are given below.

  1. Smoking is bad for health, and if you are trying to lose weight. The better option is to quit smoking if you are on the way to lose weight. The speed of losing extra body pounds increases when you leave the bad habit of smoking.
  2. Make fun not by just enjoying the food, but also by walking, running, swimming and the activities that help you to burn the calories.
  3. It’s not necessary to exercise for long at one time. You can do it in different small sessions according to the time available to you.
  4. Try to save the money for something special you love to eat. This way you will be able to keep your track right, and will eat a healthy diet like fresh vegetables, fruits etc.
  5. Dance helps you shape up the muscles, and lose extra body weight quickly so you should play your favourite music and dance daily once at least on it.
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking water, a healthy slim shake, and fresh juice. Eating juicy fruits also help to maintain hydration.

These tips will improve the efficacy of a weight loss tool such as a healthy slim shake will produce the best results in combination with these tips.

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Use Antioxidant Drink to Stay Safe Thu, 07 Feb 2013 05:43:40 +0000 admin The oxidation process in the human body generates free radicals. These radicals are harmful to the cells of the body as well as they increase the risk of being attacked by some fatal diseases. The commonly caused diseases due to the free radicals are neurological problems, cancer, heart diseases and so on.

How to Control the Effect of Free Radicals?

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You can’t stop the oxidation in your body, but what you can do is to adopt certain precautionary measures that can help you reduce the effect of these free radicals in the body. Antioxidants are known as the best defense against free radicals.

Antioxidants play an important role to keep your body healthy and least affected by the free radicals. Now you must be thinking how to get the antioxidants to safeguard the body. The answer is natural fresh food, yes fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants.

You can make fresh fruits and vegetables an essential part of your diet plan. Most of the people find it difficult to follow a diet plan maintaining the sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables to get the antioxidants so they are recommended to use an antioxidant drink.

Antioxidants are available in the form of pills as well, but the reason to recommend an antioxidant drink is that it absorbs into the body quickly. The body does not need to put more effort for absorption of a liquid while pills need more time to be absorbed.

One of the popular drinks for antioxidants is coffee so you can use it as an antioxidant drink as well; however the excessive use of coffee is not appreciated because it can cause certain health complications as well.

The better option is to choose a drink that is healthy and can offer a good quantity of antioxidants as well. Juice of fresh fruits is the best option; however you can choose a supplement made up of natural ingredients to make a refreshing healthy drink.

The supplement of good quality can be mixed up in the water immediately to make a refreshing drink. You can make a refreshing antioxidant drink instantly to enjoy a delicious drink.

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