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Man, Economy, and State: Exchange and Prices

1 hour agoAudio/Video
Jeff Deist and Dr. Jonathan Newman break down Chapters 2–4 of Man, Economy, and State . This is vintage Rothbard: precise definitions; hardcore explanations of property, prices, and exchange; the problems of "hegemonic" state violence; and a "beautiful" (per Dr. Newman) conception of social...

Keynes vs. Say

3 hours agoMises Daily Articles
Keynes's "greatest achievement," according to his admirers, was his famous "refutation" of Say's law. Yet Say's law actually remains more relevant than ever.

Equality Is Good—Believe It or Else

Blog6 hours ago

Ultimately, the case for equality doesn’t amount to more than “You must believe in equality—because you must!”

Why Savings Are So Critical to Improving the Standard of Living

Blog11 hours ago

In order to produce capital goods, and hence more consumer goods, we must first forego current consumption. That is, we must save now to have more later.

Money Supply Growth in May Again Surges to an All-Time High


During May 2020, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 29.80 percent. That's up from April's rate of 21.3 percent, and up from May 2019's rate of 2.15 percent.

Fallacies of the Public Goods Theory and the Production of Security

07/09/2020The Journal of Libertarian Studies

In this paper, Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe offers an examination of the theory of public goods.

Why the EU Keeps Fighting Brexit


EU membership is a sort of bait-and-switch for states that were sold on membership as an opportunity to join a free trade bloc and a chance to participate in a more cooperative Europe.

How the Left Uses "Public Health Crises" to Get What It Wants


"Public health crisis" is essentially a left-wing stock phrase at this point, as is reflected by the fact that the solutions proffered to the social ills in question are virtually always some sort of government regulation or income redistribution scheme.

Another 1.3 Million Americans File for Unemployment Insurance as White-Collar Layoffs Loom

07/09/2020Power & Market

As unemployment claims data comes in, the V-shaped recovery looks less V-shaped every week.



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