Secession Means More Choices, More Freedom, Less Monopoly Power

Blog7 hours ago

Once states can extend their monopolies over vast expanses of land and cultural regions, states are more easily able to increase their taxation and regulatory power without danger of losing significant amounts of tax revenue due to migration.

police car lights

You Can’t Depend on the State to Maintain Public Order

Blog10 hours ago

Crime is increasing in American cities, but don't count on police to protect you. The Defund the Police movement has less to do with that than most people think.

Rothbard on Utilitarianism


Modern mainstream neoclassical economics is constructed on utilitarianism. Murray Rothbard challenged that worldview on many fronts.

Do Sticky Prices Make the Market Get Stuck?

06/09/2023Mises Media

Can prices be "wrong" (i.e. in disequilibrium) if they are "sticky?" Jonathan Newman joins Bob to discuss. 

It’s Raining Entrepreneurship at a Taylor Swift Concert


While rain at an outdoor concert is a nuisance for most attendees, a few entrepreneurs saw not "pennies from heaven," but dollars.

A Great Man Cannot Salvage a Bad Idea


Einstein might have been one of history's most brilliant men, but even his great mind could not have made socialism work. Unfortunately, he wasn't smart enough to see that.

To Avarice No Sanction


What many people call government generosity Leonard Read called avarice.

Technology Is Meaningless without Entrepreneurship


While many believe that technology is key to a growing economy, technology is useless without entrepreneurship, which develops uses for technology.

The Saudi-China-Iran Partnership Creates a New Middle East

06/07/2023Mises Media

Ryan and Zack look at a region where the United States no longer dominates. 



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