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Get a handle on what’s changed in B2B digital marketing, what hasn’t, and how you can make the most of social media, content marketing, marketing analytics and really smart strategy to make your business better.

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I’m an energetic, experienced presenter and I help your audiences – large and small – get smarter about B2B digital marketing and social media, thanks to two decades in the trenches.


Read my latest writing and thinking on marketing, social media, communication, how B2B companies are adapting to the changes and what businesses need to know to thrive.

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I’m Amber.

I’ve been a B2B marketer for 20 years, and most of that has been spent exploring the possibilities of the digital world to make communications better. I’m currently a B2B marketing technology exec, and have worked with Fortune 100 brands, non-profits, and businesses of all kinds to develop smart digital strategy, execute on outstanding programs with content marketing and social media, and build strong measurement programs to prove the results.

I’m a published author, a seasoned keynote speaker, and a freelance writer when I’m not doing my day job. You can read more about me here.

The Messiness of Self-Perception and Expectations

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been called “pretty”. I’ve been called beautiful a few times, even “hot” once or twice, much to my astonishment. But pretty isn’t something I’ve much associated with myself and it’s not a word I’ve heard...

The Thing About Thought Leadership

Stop worshipping every vapid, regurgitated set of thoughts that comes out of the mouth of so called “thought leaders” and lead your own damned thinking.

Unvarnished Things

I’ve hated my writing for a while. Over time it was sucking the soul from me, so I walked away for a while. Now I think I’ve figured out what was missing, how to fix it, and what’s next.

Smart Digital Marketing for B2B


Daunted by digital and social media for your B2B company?

Don't be. I've got 20 years in B2B digital marketing, social media, sales enablement. and content marketing (before that was a thing), and I can help you do it, too.

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