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Why the Workplace Should Be Fun—Seriously

Cliff Michaels, entrepreneur and author of The 4 Essentials of Entrepreneurial Thinking, talks to Darren Hardy about the power of humor, of laughing, as an inspirational driver for a happier and healthier work life.

He says there are many different reasons people go to work, and the culture can and should be one of them.

"When we create [a little fun and a little weird] environments in the workplace or in an academic environment for students wanting to learn, then success goes through the roof."

Cliff Michaels mentions the culture that Tony Hsieh created as an example of a successful work environment. Read more about the Zappos CEO's story—how he built this acclaimed culture and, now, how he's building an entrepreneurial community in Las Vegas.


What's with the Walking Meeting?

"What you're doing right now, at this very moment, is killing you."

What are you doing? Sitting. We do it a lot, and there are health consequences to this, says technology thought leader Nilofer Merchant in this TED Talk. Social interactions might be the key to getting us up and moving, and thinking out of the box, throughout the day—especially at work.

"I used to think about it as you could take care of your health, or you could take care of obligations. And one always came at the cost of the other."

Why not do both?

Get more tips on how to improve meetings at your office.

How to Activate Ambition

Darren Hardy talks to author, blogger, speaker and change consultant Brendon Burchard about drive and what pushes us forward in life—and it's not sticking inside the lines of reality.

"Those unrealistic things, those are the ones that do charge us. They give us vision, they give us excitement, they give us challenge."

In the full interview, Brendon Burchard gives his expert advice on time management to help you accomplish more. Check out the SUCCESS Achiever's Series full interview, available at the SUCCESS Store.

Jennifer Gilbert: An Untouchable Entrepreneurial Spirit

In 1991, Jennifer Gilbert, who later founded the event-planning business Save the Date, was attacked—she was badly wounded after a man stabbed her and left her for dead. In this TEDx Talk, she tells that story, and she also tells the story of her resilience, of her entrepreneurial spirit that lifted her back up to find the joy she’d lost.

“We all have a defining moment in our life that can keep us stuck where we are or can help us to move forward and create something.”

Her attack didn’t hold her down—she decided to thrive and create something meaningful.

That was her entrepreneurial spirit stepping in, which she defines like this: “I think it’s passion. I think it’s moving through your fear no matter what to get to that thing. I think it is not listening to anyone who tells you you can’t. It’s that eternal yes. And that can create anything.”

Read the full story on Jennifer Gilbert and how starting a business helped her heal from that near-fatal attack.

How to Spot a Liar

In this TED Talk, Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting, shares the truths about lies and how to recognize deception, dishonesty. She gives us steps and knowledge to navigate a post-truth society.

"There are good liars and there are bad liars. There are no real original liars. We all make the same mistakes. We all use the same techinques."

She leaves the audience with this thought: "The subtleties of human decency—character, integrity—that's still what matters, that's always what's going to matter. In this much noisier world, it might make sense for us to be just a little bit more explicit about our moral code."


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