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sowlovezambia.com http://sowlovezambia.com Help us build a school for Zambia’s orphans! Wed, 09 Dec 2015 21:42:13 +0000 en hourly 1 The Garden School http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/the-garden-school/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/the-garden-school/#comments Thu, 23 May 2013 15:05:48 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=510

The Garden Slum was built atop a former trash dump. With little or no indoor running water or electricity Garden is a difficult place to grow up and an even more challenging environment from which to be educated.

Over 300 children attend the Lifeway Christian Academy in Garden each day. With their smart new uniforms these precious ones have a real sense of pride in their school, themselves and the potential future they will claim.

Tree of Life Children’s Village (orphanage). Sow Love’s 2011 campaign helped build this 5 classroom school block.

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Lifeway Christian Academy http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/lifeway-christian-academy/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/lifeway-christian-academy/#comments Thu, 08 Dec 2011 07:55:24 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=30 Lifeway Christian Academy/Community Resource Center

Lifeway Christian Academy schools are found at the Tree of Life Children’s Village orphanage and throughout the compounds (slums) of Lusaka .  These schools provide a first-rate Christ centered education from qualified and degreed teachers in a bright, secure, and hope-filled environment.  These schools also act as community resource centers.  They are a place to play, do homework, and receive disciplining from Family Legacy discipleship leaders.   They also offer a place of shelter for children who may find themselves in crisis situations whether that be day or night.

Camp Life The Zambian Community Lifeway Christian Academy The Zambian Community ]]>
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Tree of Life http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/tree-of-life/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/tree-of-life/#comments Tue, 06 Dec 2011 01:59:27 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=33 The Tree of Life Children’s Village is 140 acres of heaven on earth located on the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia.  This orphanage is home to well over 300 of Zambia’s most desperate and vulnerable children.  These kids live in homes with fourteen children and two mature and loving house parents.  Beyond their housing these beautiful kids also have a Lifeway Christian Academy, a church, and acres of playgrounds, soccer fields and areas to explore and enjoy God’s creation.  During our time at the Camp LIFE program we have the opportunity to get to know our campers and their quality of life in great detail.  If we discover situations that appear to be a crisis we notify the Family Legacy leadership who then visit the child’s home and visit with their caretakers. If a relocation of the child to the Tree of Life is warranted the process is begun to work with the caretakers and with government officials towards this goal.

The Zambian Community Camp Life The Zambian Community Lifeway Christian Academy Lifeway Christian Academy Lifeway Christian Academy Lifeway Christian Academy Lifeway Christian Academy Sow Love Fundraising Camp Life ]]>
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Camp Life http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/camp-life/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/camp-life/#comments Mon, 05 Dec 2011 02:00:31 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=36 Camp LIFE gives the poverty stricken children of Lusaka, Zambia a chance to be in a summer camp-like environment where they learn the word of Christ and are free to be themselves. The children are led by American counselors who devote one week of their summer to be with these children.

The Joy of CampLife

Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life The Zambian Community Camp Life The Zambian Community Camp Life The Zambian Community Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life Sow Love Events Camp Life Sow Love Events The Zambian Community Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life ]]>
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Sow Love Featured on NewsOK.com http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/newsok-story/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/newsok-story/#comments Wed, 12 Jan 2011 15:56:34 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=288 NewsOK.com and The Oklahoman featured Sowlovezambia.com on January 11, 2011. Five teens from Casady were so inspired by a mission trip to Zambia with Family Legacy as they are trying to raise $74,000 so the church group can build a school there.

See the full story

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Cookie sales for Sow Love http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/cookie-sales-for-sow-love/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/cookie-sales-for-sow-love/#comments Fri, 24 Dec 2010 18:26:46 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=255

5th graders, Grace Hall & Kat Reynolds baked cookies to sell to the lunch crowd at Bricktown Burgers. In just two days they raised over $300 for the Sow Love Zambia project!!! Great work girls!!!

Sow Love team happily accepting the cookie sales donation from Grace Hall and Katherine Reynolds.

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The Zambian Community http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/the-zambian-community/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/the-zambian-community/#comments Wed, 01 Dec 2010 01:54:15 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=27 86% of Zambian people live on less than a dollar a day, and 70% are living unemployed with little to no hope for the future. The children that go to Camp Life are taught and encouraged to go back into their community and spread hope by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through their actions and words.

The Zambian Community The Zambian Community The Zambian Community The Zambian Community ]]>
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Children of Lusaka http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/children-of-lusaka/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/children-of-lusaka/#comments Wed, 01 Dec 2010 01:53:52 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=25 Of the twelve million people in Zambia, half of them are children under the age of sixteen and one million of the six million children are orphaned. This huge number of children is due to the high death from extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. Even with difficult conditions, Camp LIFE can bring laughter and hope to these amazing children.

Camp Life The Zambian Community Tree of Life Camp Life The Zambian Community Sow Love Fundraising The Zambian Community The Zambian Community The Zambian Community Lifeway Christian Academy The Zambian Community Camp Life Camp Life Camp Life The Zambian Community The Zambian Community The Zambian Community The Zambian Community Camp Life The Zambian Community ]]>
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Sow Love Events http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/sow-love-events/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/sow-love-events/#comments Wed, 01 Dec 2010 01:53:17 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=23 The Sow Love Team has events to spread awareness and raise money for our mission to build a school for the orphans of Zambia.

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Joy Will Come http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/the-joy-will-come-video-2/ http://sowlovezambia.com/posts/the-joy-will-come-video-2/#comments Wed, 01 Dec 2010 01:46:56 +0000 admin http://sowlovezambia.com/?p=15 This video shows the shocking life style the children of Zambia lead, but also the hope they find in Christ during their week at Camp Life.

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