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To sum us up in a single line, we’re the #1 SEO company in the UK.

Vivid Rankings is a search engine optimisation agency located in the UK. We provide a variety of tailor made SEO solutions/custom link building which have proven to be of great success. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve high quality, affordable results for the long run. Believe it or not, although we never get our clients to sign any contracts, over 95% of our clients never leave us.

We believe in solving actual business problems. After all, we’re here to help. We have no long term contracts or extended tie-in’s in any of our services. We believe in our ability to always continue innovating, and delivering value to our clients. We put our money where our mouth is, and that’s why our clients never leave us.

When you start working with Vivid Rankings, everything is customised – for you. This includes our communication with you, all the way down to the work we carry out for your website. No two websites will receive the same work, so we really do appreciate the uniqueness of each of our clients!

Whether you are a small business, a start up or a million dollar company – we can help! With over 150 campaigns currently being managed by us, there is a high chance that we have already worked with websites similar to yours in the past, so we know exactly what to do in order to get you the results you need.


If your business is online, then you need SEO. Simply signing up to a well crafted SEO service can very easily double, triple and even quadruple your earnings. Many people overlook the possibilities of the Internet, and with SEO, the chances of you increasing the revenue for your business is maximised.

Everyone wants to rank high on Google, but only a few people deserve it. At Vivid Rankings, we believe in long term success and quality incoming traffic. After all, traffic is the gateway to conversions and increased sales.

When we start working with a new client, we seek to gain understanding of the market they are in and on top of that, we research, analyse and check the competition ourself in order to give you a realistic expectation of what you should receive from our services.

Every package is tailor made for our clients and this is one of the reasons why we are continuously delivering profitable results to all of our buyers. Our packages vary on the competition of your keywords. For “simpler” keywords, the quote would be $399 per month for full SEO and link building, whilst more competitive keywords will cost $599 per month. Please get in touch though using the link at the bottom or the contact us page and we will be able to find a solution that works for you!

In a nutshell, a strategic SEO plan created by us would put you on the right pathway to success online. Our team will work specifically on your campaign each month, and you can expect improvements each time. Our main objectives are to make you money, in the quickest way possible, whilst maintaing strict quality guidelines for our link building. If you’re looking for a company to help you improve your presence online, and to help you achieve better search engine rankings, then contact us above and request a free, no obligation quote!

Why Vivid Rankings?

Here are a few reasons why we’re always the #1 SEO company…

Highly Experienced Staff

Highly Experienced Staff

Our entire SEO team is comprised of highly experienced, and qualified staff with extensive knowledge in the SEO field. We go to great depths to ensure that we only hire the best of staff who can help turn your dreams into realities.

E-Commerce Features

We’re ROI Driven

We’re here to help you succeed online. This is only achieved if you start making revenue from your website, and that’s why we are here to help. With the fantastic results achieved from our services, every single client of ours continue making an impressive ROI, and that keeps us happy!

Superior Customer Support

Superior Customer Support

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. This is why we can proudly say that we are the best when it comes to customer support. We don’t have working hours. Our clients can email us anytime they wish, and can expect a reply in within a few hours. Most importantly, we’re human! Our friendly staff will give you the advice, feedback and tips you require to succeed!

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Enterprise Level Reporting

Each month, we provide our clients with state of the art reporting, outlining the SEO campaign they have undertaken, the results it has achieved, and what more to expect in the future. We make sure you understand what you are getting, and we do this by using the top enterprise level tools on the market.

World Class Technology

Positive Results

When hiring a SEO company, the #1 goal is to get the results you need. Our services have proven, time and time again, that we provide superior results – every time. When you join us, you can be rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Our results speak for themselves, so there is nothing you need to worry about!

Free Website Scripts

No Tied Contracts

We won’t force you to sign long term contracts. All of our services can be cancelled anytime you wish, whenever you want! We believe our clients should feel comfortable when dealing with a company and we go to great heights to make sure you get the best possible experience. We won’t ever ask you to sign a contract! Join our service with confidence!

CGI/Database Integration

FREE On-page Optimisation

When you sign up to our services, the first step we must complete is to check whether or not your website is ready for link building. We carry out a free on page SEO analysis, and if needed, we will give you corrections to make and how to make them. Don’t worry – we’re here to help! Once this stage is finalised, we will start building the links which will help you get the results you desire.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

High Quality Link Building

Our link building process and strategies have never failed us. When it comes to SEO, we know what to do and how to help. The link building we complete for you will be nothing more than high quality, ethical work which is bound to get you the rankings needed to achieve a positive ROI. Our goal is to make you money, and we’ve been doing this successfully to our current clients for a long time!