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By Joe Jankowiak on Mar. 25, 2014

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3 Minutes and 9 Seconds for this Team to Grab you Attention

By Juan Lachapelle on Mar. 22, 2014

 Practicing upwards to three times a week, building relationships that last a life time and doing it all in the name of slam poetry is RIT’s Poetry Slam Team, who is headed to the national competition in Boulder, Colorado. The team consists of Chris Ketant, a fifth year Software Engineering major, Kwando Opong-Mensah, a first year graduate student in Electrical Engineering, Chris Scott, a fifth year Chemical Engineer, Jjvon Hardware, a fifth year Computer Engineering major, and Michelle Sason, a second year Fine Art Photography major. Coming from different majors and backgrounds, they train rigorously and promote slam to the rest of the RIT community. Slam poetry is poetry read aloud...

Making Promises

By Nicole Howley on Mar. 18, 2014

 Every candidate for office makes promises. In 2008, presidential hopeful Barack Obama promised health care and improved environmental protection: the first happened, the second did not. Last year, SG president and vice presidential hopefuls promised that they would start a bike sharing program, get all teachers to use MyCourses and that classes would be videotaped: the first is set to roll out soon, details of the second are still up in the air and the last turned out to financially unfeasible. This is all part of the process, building up voter support, telling them what they want to hear and wishing that you could change everything you want to. But I believe that making unfulfillable...

Data mining and You with Natasha Singers

By Juan Lachapelle on Mar. 16, 2014

 The center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC) hosted a presentation on consumer data mining and management through private companies by Natasha Singers, a New York Times reporter for the Sunday business section. Singer specializes in writing about the business of consumer data. Her presentation discussed the current state of the consumer data business and its striking similarities to various fictional books on advanced societies. Singer’s biggest assignment on consumer data began two years ago with her article series titled “You for Sale,” which focused on corporations whose jobs are to collect data on consumers in order to sell them to other companies....

Try a Tri This Weekend

By Kayla Emerson on Mar. 15, 2014

 "When you're swimming, you can hear a muffled cheer once in awhile, when you turn your head [out of the water],” [J1] recalled second year Management Information Systems major Eric Lizotte. This cheerful spirit is his favorite part of volunteering for Try a Tri. This Sunday, March 16, RIT will host its 10th Annual Try a Tri  in the Gordon Field House from 7:30 a.m. to noon. The scaled-down version of a triathlon is organized by the Running and Multisport Club, two RIT clubs that combined into one this year. For the event's 10th year, the organizers are working with Colleges Against Cancer  to raise about $1,000 each for three organizations: Camp Good Days and Special Times in...

Academic Senate Update

By Joan McDonough on Mar. 14, 2014

 The Academic Senate meeting on March 6, 2014 covered three main topics: the Smoking Policy, the Strategic Planning Initiative and RIT Policy E7.0. 

The Smoking Policy

The Task Force for the Smoking Policy, instated in October 2012, is co-chaired by Assistant Vice President for Student Wellness Donna Rubin and Associate Director for Wellness Michael Stojkovic. It was established as a wellness initiative for RIT. The task force is comprised of students, faculty and staff.The proposal is set to go before the Institute Council May 7. In preparation, the co-chairs presented the proposed policy to Academic Senate to request their endorsement. The policy would ban all tobacco use on RIT...

RIT Men's Lacrosse vs. Stevenson University

By Rugile Kaladyte on Mar. 13, 2014

Freshman Class Facebook Page Shut Down

By Nathan Castle on Mar. 13, 2014

 On February 17, RIT Admissions announced that it was closing the Facebook group for RIT’s 2013 freshman class. Citing harassment concerns, a student employee of Undergraduate Admissions removed the regular student administrators and announced plans to delete the page within days. Student reactions were mixed, with some students decrying the move and others supporting it. Others wondered what the move meant for other online student-led Facebook groups. The Facebook group was officially started by Undergraduate Admissions to provide a common area for finding roommates and getting help with the transition to college life. The freshman community on the page was active enough that it was...

Fixing the Princess Problem

By Evander Sousa on Mar. 10, 2014

Since “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” premiered in 1937, Disney has preached the same message to viewers: meet The One, fall in love and live happily ever after. Cinderella suffered until she was magically made beautiful, met her prince at a party and married him days later. This pattern continued for Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana and Rapunzel. To the impressionable mind of a young girl this sends a huge message.


That’s over 75 years’ worth of girls raised on the same propaganda; generations of young women believing that they have to find a man to be happy. But in 2013, Disney reversed its message with the feature film “Frozen,”...

The Fine Print: RIT Housing Terms and Conditions

By Nathan J. Lichtenstein on Mar. 10, 2014

 When I considered leaving RIT housing, the first thing I did was pull up a copy of the RIT Housing Terms and Conditions for the 2013 – 2014 academic year. At no point did I call the Office of Housing Operations; I banked on my ability to interpret the housing contract, which in hindsight was not the best decision. Reading the contract from the beginning, the first section I came upon, section 1.05 “Contract Cancellation Dates” seemed to address my situation perfectly. “Students returning to RIT that submit a housing contract for the 2013 – 2014 academic year and then decide not to attend RIT or to move to non-RIT housing (including parent/guardian’s home), must cancel their...

Review: Star Bomb

By William Hirsh on Mar. 8, 2014


Rating: 3.5/5

"Starbomb," the self-titled debut of a collaboration band between famous YouTube animator Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and comedy band Ninja Sex Party (NSP), is a rather hilarious romp through the classic eras of gaming that falls short on the flag pole.


The songs that are funny are genuinely a riot but many of the tunes rely on a comedic crutch that is detrimental to the album: an overabundance of dick jokes. Whereas the comedy from NSP tends to rely on clever innuendos or generally surreal but funny situations, “Starbomb” tends to dish out just overtly sexual references with no rhyme or reason.


Particularly, the...

Black Button Distillery

By Gino Faneli on Mar. 8, 2014

Alcohol is woven tightly into the tapestry of virtually every culture on Earth. Deep red wines on the dinner table have become synonymous with France and Italy, while great steins of handcrafted ales bring to mind Germany and Belgium. In the...

Editor's Note

By Michelle Spoto on Mar. 8, 2014

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal.”                               -Deceleration of Sentiments , Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1848


Clad in their work uniforms, women of all professions—nurses, teachers, homemakers, farmers, and more—marched five thousand strong down Pennsylvania Avenue. Having advanced just a few blocks, their peaceful protest soon turned violent as men blocked the streets shouting at, grabbing and tripping the protesters.


This was the March 3, 1913 Women’s Suffrage Parade. One hundred and one years later, it seems as though a lot has changed; Women have the...

Public Safety at Your Fingertips

By Andrew Magown on Mar. 8, 2014

As of January, 55 percent of Americans own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research center. Concurrently, RIT’s Public Safety released its newest feature of campus safety for students in the form of a smartphone application called TigerSafe on December 7.


TigerSafe is a free downloadable app available on both Android Google Play and iOS App Store. Students sign in with their RIT accounts, allowing them to input any information they think Public Safety would require in case of emergency situations.


“I was tasked with seeing if this was even an option,” recalled Tony Yazback, Investigator for Public Safety. “What happened was the Public Safety...

Review: Ingress

By Andrew Magown on Mar. 8, 2014
Android/Free to Play Game (Coming soon to iOS) Rating: 5/5 stars

It took five hours of walking, driving, battery life and all our resources, but finally the Resistance took back the RIT campus.The Resistance is one of the factions in Ingress, a game developed by Google internal startup Niantic Labs. It can best be described as a real-time augmented reality multiplayer online pervasive game. Its gameplay revolves around your geographical location, with an angled birds-eye perspective resembling Google maps.The gameplay follows a search and destroy format featuring two factions vying for control of portals. By taking pictures of landmarks, art and buildings, players, or agents, build these...

I'm Raw, You're Cooked

By Kayla Emerson on Mar. 8, 2014

Chicken covered in red barbeque sauce, crock pots full of pasta and meatballs, a huge lasagna, roasted nuts, hard-boiled eggs and — of course — cupcakes and chocolate. Platters full of food covered every countertop and table.  My aunts were offering me dish after dish, but I couldn't eat anything they had lovingly prepared. My temporary dietary restrictions didn’t allow for any of this food. Or soda. Or milk.I had gone raw.For a week, I wanted to experience eating no cooked food, living on a raw food diet. The whole week was a steep learning curve of what foods were and were not allowed: fruits and vegetables were in; bread, peanut butter and milk were out. I had a lot of lonely...

The Future of Smoking Policy C16.0

By Juan Lachapelle on Mar. 7, 2014

Policy C16.0, left untouched for decades, has resurfaced in order to add some changes. C16.0 details the procedures for how smoking is handled on campus. The current version restricts smoking in any indoor area and prohibits smoking within 25 feet of any residential building. The committee overlooking the policy aims to make stricter changes for a potentially healthier RIT.The policy change was most recently presented to Student Government (SG) on January 31. Donna Rubin, assistant vice president for wellness initiatives, and Mike Stojkovic, assistant director for wellness, were the co-chairs for the committee and presented the proposed changes to SG, the academic senate and institute...

At Your Leisure

By William Hirsh on Mar. 6, 2014
Word of the Week:

Pluvial (adj): Rainy or related to rain.Sentence: After the dreaded pluvial weather persisted for a solid month, Kate decided to transfer. 

Quote of the Week:

“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, ‘It might have been.’” –Kurt Vonnegut, “Cat’s Cradle” 

Stream of Facts:

There is an all-girl cover band of Led Zeppelin called Lez Zeppelin. Founded in 2004, they were called the leading force in all female cover bands and even recorded their first album with one-time Led Zeppelin recording engineer Eddie Kramer.The Super Soaker was invented by NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson. Johnson’s research company also invented the rechargeable...

A Journey Too Far by Nostalgia77 Review

By Tim Henry on Mar. 6, 2014
2.5/5 stars

Released in February, “A Journey Too Far” is the fifth LP by Nostalgia77. The album has a distinctive big-band sound, while combining other genres such as swing and reggae, and features horns, snare and soft female vocals. “A Journey Too Far” offers very easy listening, so much so that the music quickly becomes boring, the simple jazz reminiscent of mall music. Exceptions to the album’s base style are “An Angel With No Halo” and “Like Dark To Light”. Both tracks offer a mystic feeling by using acoustic guitar, violin, rolling cymbal and piano. The combination of instruments, especially the guitar, is reminiscent of many video game soundtracks, particularly...

SG Update

By Juan Lachapelle on Mar. 4, 2014

At the February 28 Student Government (SG) meeting, the general manager of the Grace Watson dining hall gave a presentation on its current and future suitability efforts. Various senators also presented their mid-year reports and progress updates.

Improvements and Changes to Gracie’s

Scott Vadney, general manager of the Grace Watson dining hall, stated that with little way to change the physical layout, he aims to improve operations and food venues for sustainability goals. One of the new stations, called Simply Eats (previously proposed as Solutions), targets students with allergies or vegan preferences. The station provides over 260 different recipes that have none of the eight...


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