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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • Change is comming…

    … Soon. Bran new re-design of the site. Different purpose, different content, different goals…

  • Remember your towel today

    Today is the day to sport your new fashionable nutriment soaked towel because its Towel Day. Towel Day is celebrated every May 25 as a tribute by fans of the late author Douglas Adams.[1] On this day, fans carry a towel with them to demonstrate their love for the books and the author. The commemoration […]

  • Help your IT guy help you

    When things go wrong you call your IT guy. Everybody has an IT guy! Whether it be the neighbors kid next door, or your friend from the local college. Here are some ways of making sure your IT guy can do his job as efficiently and fast as possible. When fixing technical issues the most […]

  • CSS Naked Day – Showing of my

    As previous years Reflection Design strips down in honor of CSS Naked day :p What happened to the design? To know more about why styles are disabled on this website visit the Annual CSS Naked Day website for more information.

  • Week numbers in Google Calendar

    A feature I have been missing in Google Calendar is a simple Week numbering scheme. Mostly people will be talking about what week they have vacation, or what week number a certain event takes place and I simply hate that my overly used calendar does not display it. For a while I had a greasemonkey […]

  • The blog is burning!

    It is said in Egyptian and Greek mythology that the Phoenix would end its long cycle of life by building a nest, and burning up in a fierce fire. From the ashes a new phoenix would arise destined to live at least as long as the old one. This mythical story and the above dramatic […]

  • Where did your time go ? – ManicTime

    Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. William Penn Ever wonder were your day went, when you are sitting at the computer ? How much time you spent developing that website for a client ? Through the time I have tried various little tools to keep track of what I am […]

  • Keep your HD in silent zen states – or else …

    It was recenly found that shouting at harddrives decreases their performance. Simply put harddisk drives do not like being shouted at anymore than you do. Brendan Gregg demonstrates in the video below, how shouting at the diskdrives decreases the performance of the drives. Of course the expenation is not that the drives dislike being shouted […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    So today is christmas. I watched Muppets Christmas Carol as my personal tradition on Christmas Day, and now i am a few hours from a nice christmas dinner with my parents. Cannot wait to sink my teeth into the perfectly cooked duck! 🙂 Merry Christmas everybody!

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