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CMS sup­ports high-growth di­git­al sup­ply chain in­nov­at­or,...
10 Oct 17
Spot­light Series: A sense of place – the sci­ence of...
Brexit and con­struc­tion con­tracts: how will your change in law clause...
On 16 March 2017 the European Uni­on (No­ti­fic­a­tion of With­draw­al) Act 2017 (the ‘2017 Act’) re­ceived roy­al as­sent, en­abling the UK gov­ern­ment to trig­ger Art­icle 50 of the Treaty on European Uni­on and be­gin the pro­cess of leav­ing the EU.
CMS Dubai part­ner re­lo­cates to Singa­pore to join APAC...
05 Oct 17
Spot­light Series: A sense of place – the sci­ence of...
Sur­vey­ors PI: Lim­it­a­tion and Sum­mary Judg­ment in Lender­s' Claims 
The judg­ment in Bridging Loans Lim­ited v Toombs is a wel­come de­cision for valu­ers in sup­port­ing the ad­op­tion of a ro­bust stance when faced with a lender’s over­valu­ation claim which has lim­it­a­tion is­sues.
CMS ad­vises Su­per­y­acht firm on AIM list­ing
04 Oct 17
Spot­light Series: A sense of place – the sci­ence of...
Im­ports of or­gan­ic products now sub­ject to EU elec­tron­ic cer­ti­fic­a­tion...
From 19 Oc­to­ber 2017, use of the elec­tron­ic Trade Con­trol and Ex­pert Sys­tem (“TRACES”) will be­come man­dat­ory for all im­port­ers of or­gan­ic products from out­side of the EU. Or­gan­ic im­ports may only be placed on the European Single Mar­ket if they are covered by.
Cash Pool­ing
28 Sep 17
Spot­light Series: On­line pri­cing and dis­tri­bu­tion (We­bin­ar)
Ofgem con­firms its de­cision to slash em­bed­ded be­ne­fits
Ofgem has de­cided to con­firm its ‘minded to’ de­cision to im­ple­ment an in­dustry modi­fic­a­tion that will re­duce the main ele­ment of the em­bed­ded be­ne­fits re­ceived by cer­tain gen­er­at­ors for pro­du­cing elec­tri­city at peak times, after a con­sulta­tion with stake­hold­ers.
13 July 2017
CMS ad­vises on ad­vises on in­vest­ment in Gate­Way Edu­ca­tion...