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Delivering for you in gambling
30 Jun 17
UK Consumer Products Conference
European Commission investigates potential excessive pricing of l...
On 15 May 2017, the European Commission opened a formal investigation into the pricing of medicines. [1] The Commission is investigating whether Aspen Pharma has been imposing excessive pricing that constitutes an abuse of dominant position in violation of European.
CMS announces revenue of EUR 999m for 2016
27 Jun 17
Spotlight Series: Delivering infrastructure to Ena...
Brexit one year on: Telecoms
The telecommunications regulatory regime in the UK is based predominantly on EU Directives which were written with the aim of achieving an EU-wide consistent communication regime. In the UK these EU Directives are implemented into law via the Communications.
Shareholder Activism: A European Perspective
Brexit one year on: Financial services
Since the Brexit referendum, the UK’s financial services sector has moved relatively quickly to close out the risks to its business and clients. In stark contrast there has been little, if any, progress (despite much debate) in clarifying what will happen to.
Financial services and regulation
Brexit one year on: The CMA and competition
The landscape in which the Competition and Markets Authority finds itself post-Brexit will of course depend largely on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, which formally commenced on Monday. However, in order to address any resulting ‘enforcement gap’ in.
CMS restructuring team advise Hoover Limited on ma...
Brexit one year on: Real estate
The UK real estate industry neither expected nor welcomed Brexit. The outcome was a shock for many, and almost a year after the referendum there is still very little understanding about how Brexit will evolve.
15 June 2017
CMS launches its Graduate Academy ‘Next Generation...