Mount Hope Monitor The Mount Hope Monitor is a print and online newspaper serving the west Bronx neighborhoods of Mount Hope, Morris Heights, and parts of Fordham and University Heights. Sat, 03 Dec 2011 17:24:47 +0000 en Your Health Matters: Reduce Type 2 Diabetes and Childhood Obesity /?p=1153 A Place Where Mexican Cowboys Can Suit Up /?p=1152 Crucial Featherbed Lane Program May Close /?p=1148 Senator Looks to Shed Pounds, Promote Healthy Living /?p=1146 Students Hit the High Seas for a New Learning Initiative /?p=1131 Rally for 15-year-old Shooting Victim /?p=1129 Success Among Many Benefits of Rugby at MS/PS 279 /?p=1120 Local Politicans All Ears at Recent Town Hall Meetings /?p=1112 Firefighters Contain Blaze, Save Row Homes /?p=1108 Living Wage Bill Gets a Hearing /?p=1104