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Renovating the Bathroom on a Budget

The bathroom is a huge part that people consider when they are looking to buy a house. So if you are selling your house, one of the best things you can do to help sell it is to actually renovate your bathroom. Also, do not worry because you can renovate the bathroom without having to murder your wallet in the process.

A great way to renovate the bathroom on a budget is by giving it a new coat of paint. Paint is cheap and it comes in a wide array of different finishes and colors. You can really change the entire atmosphere and feeling of the bathroom by simply coloring the walls with a new coat of paint.


Replacing all of the cabinets can be quite expensive and most of us simply do not have the disposable income to do such a project, especially when you are planning on selling the home anyways. Although, there is still some solutions to improve the cabinets you already have without spending a fortune. You can actually replace the hardware on the cabinets like the handles, which can give it a whole new look and breathe in some new life into them.

The toilet is usually forgotten when people are doing bathroom renovations. But changing out the toilet seat is a great way for you to update the look and feel of the bathroom.

It is common for a bathroom to have an average and dull looking mirror. By changing out the mirror you can really update the entire look of the bathroom and make the room feel more elegant and put together. Also, rather than going out and buying a new mirror you can refurbish your old one or even frame it.

The shower curtain may seem like a small thing, but this is a great way to upgrade the look of the bathroom, so consider some new shower curtains.

A lot of people think you have to spend an arm and a leg just to renovate a bathroom but this is not the case. There are so many different things you can do to improve your bathroom on a budget and all it requires is a bit of creativity because not only can you refurbish and use the original equipment but you can recycle things and give new life to things. So with a little bit of imagination you can no doubt update your bathroom on a budget.

Houzz Launched in New Zealand


Houzz is the top home renovation and design platform and they finally launched in New Zealand to cater its Kiwi users. It is reported that there is at least a $6 billion home renovation market in the region.

Over 200,000 New Zealanders are already using Houzz every month to find design inspiration, get advice from the largest home community on the web, source products, research and hire home professionals, and manage home projects from start to finish. Kiwi trade professionals are also active on Houzz, with over 4,000 using the site to showcase their work, build their brands and reach new clients.  Globally, Houzz has grown organically to more than 40 million monthly unique users, 90 percent of whom are homeowners, and over one million active home renovation and design professionals in more than 60 categories including architects, interior designers, product designers and more. Read the full article here.

The Cost of Hiring a Locksmith


Despite all that you hear about locksmiths being scam artists, there are hundreds of great companies out there who want to offer their services at an affordable price. If you’re being charged $130 for nothing more than a replacement lock, then you should be suspicious, especially as this is double what most locksmiths charge for their standard service call.

If you have a full lock fitting, then locksmith costs tend to be around $100 on top of a $20-30 labor charge as the locksmith will be billing for half a day’s work. Locks bought from the locksmith but fitted by the homeowner can cost as little as $25 although this isn’t always as easy as it sounds and it is recommended that you have all locks fitted professionally.

Locksmith costs for work on uPVC doors that have cylinder locks are almost always over $100, sometimes even close to $200, as the cylinders are expensive, and the locksmith will usually charge over half a day’s work. These fittings and replacements are a struggle to do without a professional, however, and the fee removes the stress and hassle of trying to figure out how to do it yourself.

The most frequent house call that locksmiths make is to owners who are locked out of their home. Locksmith costs for this job vary widely depending on the area in which you live and how quickly you would like the service, but on average it tends to cost about $70 for a locksmith to destroy a lock barrel. The price for removing a broken key without replacing the barrel is usually the same, sometimes even higher, as the service charge is set at a standard rate and the procedure can be trickier.

Cutting keys is one of the cheapest services that a locksmith offers and should always be below $20, except for transponder keys which can cost up $75 as they are more complex to copy and assemble.

Remember that the most expensive time to call a locksmith is during evenings, weekends, or holidays and this is when locksmith costs will be the most excessive due to lack of serviceman and high demand for service. House calls can be as high as $150 during holiday periods, and it is suggested that you wait if the work isn’t urgent.Always take into account that emergency locksmith costs will be most expensive in cities, although the arrival time can be much quicker than in more rural areas.

24 Hour Locksmith Pros
102 S. Tejon Street
Colorado Springs
CO 80903
Phone: (719) 372-4007

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10 Ways Solar Panels Are An Asset Homeowners


1. Solar power systems are cheaper than ever. Not only are the systems and their components less expensive than ever, but the cost is further marked down by numerous incentives offered by utility providers, as well as the government - from local to federal levels. Leasing solar power systems is also available in most states, solar-specific loans are obtainable, and in-house financing is offered by companies that install solar panels - all making purchasing a system feasible for any homeowner.

2. Solar technology is at its most advanced, and therefore most efficient. If you’re just now purchasing a system, it’s guaranteed to harness the most energy and save you the most money possible.

3. Save money on utility bills. Fossil fuel-derived utility rates fluctuate, and will only become more expensive over time. Solar energy is already cost-competitive, and installing a system involves locking in low rates well into the future. You’ll also receive money back from utility providers for pumping energy into the grid.

4. Security for your home. Solar batteries protect your home from power outages, as well as offer financial security.  You can also go off-grid - a state that’s become appealing to more and more Americans.

5. Solar energy costs will only decrease. As demand for solar increases, alongside technological advances, all costs associated with solar energy will decrease.

6. Increase the value of your home. The average increase is $15,000.

7. Potential buyers want solar power systems. If and when you decide to sell your home, keep in mind that buyers are attracted to all the aforementioned benefits of installing a system.

8. Easy installation. The most time-consuming systems only require a few hours to install.

9. Little to no maintenance. Contemporary systems are easy to maintain, and some require no maintenance at all. Again, technology is improving all the time, and innovative components are creating streamlined, fully integrated systems that are self-sustaining - from panels, to inverters, to batteries.

10. Solar panels are a solid investment. Taking into consideration the above perks, one can easily conclude that purchasing a solar power system is acquiring an asset.

solar panels

5 Value-Adding Home Improvement Enhancements For Under $1,000


Here are some great tips on how to undertake some simple home improvement projects that will cost you less than $1,000, but add many thousands to the value of your home.

Smart improvements in key areas of your home can really skyrocket the value of your home.

People tend to overlook these simple tasks, yet they can make all the difference.

It’s understandable if you, like many Americans, associate home improvement projects with money flying out your door. After all, the average bathroom remodel tops $16,000, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost Vs. Value Report. Replacing your windows runs $8,000 on average. Kitchens and master bedroom projects usually run many times that amount.

Turns out, though, that some smaller projects can add instant curb appeal, make living in your abode more pleasant, and come with a manageable price.

Here are some simple enhancements to consider.

1. Update lighting

Remember that good modern lighting can make a room look larger and warmer. Thus switch out any old-fashioned fixtures and update them with new energy efficient models. To find stylish replacements, home retailer websites will update you on the latest lighting trends, such as copper or bronze fixtures. Pendants or chandeliers in attractive metals and designs can change the look and feel of a room more than you might think.

Expected cost: Fixture prices vary widely, and can range from $20 to $1000. If you need to hire an electrician, you may want to choose less expensive lighting to offset your costs. Simply spray painting your current fixtures can cost as little as $20.

For the remaining 4 tips read the full article here.

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Survey - Improve Your DIY Skills To Save Money


As I have always been saying, the best way to reduce the cost of your home improvement projects is to acquire the skills to do much of the work yourself! Obviously, be careful with electrical and plumbing work and other areas that require skilled, licensed tradespeople, but there are plenty of areas you can do yourself. Become a DIY expert and save a fortune!!

A survey by the Home Projects Council (HPC) suggests that homeowners interested in reducing the cost of home improvement projects replace their do-it-for-me (DIFM) habits with improved do-it-yourself (DIY) skills. The online survey of 514 found that DIY homeowners (45% of respondents) spent less financially doing their last home improvement project than DIFM homeowners (55% of respondents) spent hiring a professional to do their last project. The survey also indicated that a homeowner’s home improvement skill level was directly related to the size, complexity and spending on a project.

“There is a clear correlation between a homeowner’s capabilities and the DIY home improvement projects they’re comfortable attempting,” said Frank Owens, vice president of marketing for The QUIKRETE® Companies. “The more advanced their skills, the greater number and variety of projects they can complete without a professional. With so many resources available, every homeowner truly has the opportunity to enhance their home improvement skill, which ultimately saves money that can be spent on other things.”

The full article and survey can be found here 

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“ Here is another Master Bath renovation! We transformed this 80’s bath into a luxury spa with new tile, shower, tub, granite counter tops and cabinets.
Love this bathroom renovation. Taking an old run down bathroom and...

Here is another Master Bath renovation! We transformed this 80’s bath into a luxury spa with new tile, shower, tub, granite counter tops and cabinets. 


Love this bathroom renovation. Taking an old run down bathroom and transforming it into a classic, modern room. Great use of tiling and counter tops to give the bathroom a deluxe feel.

Shop around and you can find these accessories at very reasonable prices. You will definitely get a great return on your investment with these tiles and tops. They should add significantly to the value of your property.

cheap bathroom renovation
I really like the understated white finish here, with simple silver handles matching the inbuilt oven. White is such a great color to use in your renovations - everybody likes white, or it goes with everything, or its an expected color!! Anyway, you...

I really like the understated white finish here, with simple silver handles matching the inbuilt oven. White is such a great color to use in your renovations - everybody likes white, or it goes with everything, or its an expected color!! Anyway, you won’t be putting off any prospective buyers by going with a white color for your kitchen!

The down lights give a nice, sophisticated touch, and are very cheap to purchase and install.

This is a perfect example of a simple, cheap kitchen that provides elegance with functionality. It will clearly add value, despite being a relatively inexpensive makeover.

kitchen renovation kitchen remodeling

Spring is Here, Time to Renovate!


When the weather warms up, we clean our homes and prepare to tackle all of the projects we dreamed up over the winter. There are some items on our lists which have to be done every spring, and this article details which you should be focusing on. If you get them done, your house will stay in tip-top shape for the coming year.

Air Conditioning

Since the days are getting warmer, your air conditioning will be in use shortly. The time has come to check it out to be sure it will run reliably when it is needed. Top up the oil and change the filter so that the motor will be protected from harm. If you aren’t comfortable doing this job yourself, call someone in who is an expert in the field. If you don’t have an air conditioner, take the time to clean your fans thoroughly to remove dust and mold. If you have an attic or whole house fan, this should be cleaned as well.

Wash Walls

Next, wash down the sides of your home. Whether you have siding or brick, it should be cleaned after a long, snowy winter. Rent a power washer and spray off all the accumulated dirt. You can even use it on your deck or your patio stones to blast out weeds. Your driveway likely needs a good clean too, so bring it over and wash that down too. Be careful of spraying any glass windows as the power might be too much for them, shattering them instantly.

Check Gutters

Your gutters desperately need a clean at this time of year, so get up on a ladder to get the gunk out. You should also remove down pipes so that you can wash out anything which may be clogging them up. Check out where the pipes empty on your lawn and decide if you need to add any tools to protect your lawn and your home from flood damage. For example, there are extensions you can put on which roll out when it is raining, but coil up when it is dry so they are out of the way. Gutter guards are another excellent add-on to consider installing as they keep leaves and other detritus out of your gutters for good.


It is important that you look at your roof to search for any damage backed up snow and ice may have caused. Check at the edges of your roof, in valleys and near openings, such as your chimney or pipes which expel gasses. If any shingles are peeling up, you need to remedy the problem before they develop a leak.

Concrete Foundations


As you go around your home looking for roofing issues, also look at the concrete at your foundation. Inspect it for cracks which could lead to leaks and bigger, more expensive problems. If you do find any cracks, call in an expert to give you advice on what your next steps should be. You will find a great concrete contractor in San Diego here

For the latest recommendations on checking your concrete foundations for cracks, check out this recent Patch article.

Now you can focus on the projects which really need your attention. You know what it takes to get them done, so put the effort in and make it so. The sooner you complete these tasks, the more safe and reliable your home will be.

spring concrete foundation roof gutters