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Let’s Get Crafty

Crafting by hand has been around as long as humanity. Prehistoric archaeology sites show bone awls and sinews used to stitch hides together by hand, a far cry from today’s high-tech sewing machines and wealth of online knowledge about sewing and crafting. There’s something so intimate about creating garments, blankets, and other things from fabric that holds a different life to it than the stuff you buy in the store. Whether your tailoring an outfit to specifically fit your unique body or are putting together a quilt of memories for a loved one, crafting things by hand is one of the tenderest crafts, yet even with the overwhelming wealth of information on Crafting available today, it seems that handmade crafts are starting to fall by the wayside. Less and fewer people make their own leather or denim clothes or spend time crafting handmade quilts then they used to. With how easy it is to buy clothes cheap online, the art of sewing seems to fall by the wayside. But there is an upswing in crafting on the horizon, one that can be difficult to navigate for anyone looking to jump headfirst into the world of sewing, quilting, and embroidering. That’s why we’re here to help.

A Stitch in Time

When most people think of sewing, they think of patching up an old pair of pants or making simple fleece hats. While these are both common activities that can be done with a needle and thread, sewing offers a wider range of opportunities than just a simple repair job, although being able to stitch a button does put you ahead of the pack as far as crafting goes. Sewing can be used for so much more, like taking in or expanding clothing, sewing costumes, custom making furniture covers, or even making your own matching curtain set. And that’s just the beginning. With more and more patterns available both on the internet and in crafting stores around the world, the number of projects that you can take on is only limited by the amount of fabric and free time that you have to work with. But all of this can feel overwhelming for someone who hasn’t seed that often, or someone who has only sewed by hand. Sewing machines (especially computerized), are more advanced than ever and can be daunting when staring down the whole line of technological options at the crafting store or online, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you want when the most advanced sewing machine you’ve had is a $10 starter kit. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking for a sewing machine for your kids or looking to take your clothing sewing skills to the next level, or find the right beginner sewing machine for your needs (like a singer brand), we’ve done the research and dug into the various sewing machines and projects available out there, so you can spend less time scratching your head over the right sewing machine and more time perfecting your crafting skills. After all, making sure you have the best sewing machine for any project can give you a leg up when it comes to improving your skills or creating that piece de resistance you’ve been working on.

Get Tied Up in the Details

Nothing shows care and attention to detail like crafting a blanket that can be passed down for generations and will keep people warm on even the coldest winter night, or will be a beautiful accent piece on the back of a daybed for generations to come. Quilting used to be a way to use up scraps of fabric into practical blankets, and it can still be used that way today. However, quilting operations have been streamlined thanks to a wide array of sewing machines, including long arm sewing machines and tools like bolt rollers and free motion quilting machines to help speed up the process of attaching the batting and lining to the top of a quilt. And while most quilt patterns do use small scraps of fabric, the number of patterns available for quilting are nearly endless and cover a range of styles from the classic geometric shapes to personalized creations and even pop culture references. If you’ve never quilted before, or if you find yourself looking to graduate from baby quilts to more advanced patterns, it can be hard to find your footing. After all, there are so many patterns to choose from and so many sewing machines that you can find yourself lost in the veritable sea of information. Whether you’re looking for basic sewing machines , the best sewing machines for quilting or the quilting patterns for beginners, we can help make sure that you’re batting a hundred on your next quilting project.

Needlepoint You In the Right Direction

There’s something special about a hand-embroidered or home stitched object that can’t be replaced by a factory made one. Even if your hand stitching is impeccable, there’s something so unique about the way each stitch is put into the cloth, whether by hand or using a machine, that it gives a certain life to the project. Whether you’re looking to craft the perfect gift or looking for decorations to accent your home, embroidering literally stitches new life in old pieces of fabric and gives you a whole new realm of creativity to explore. Embroidering comes in many forms, from the hand-stitched samplers of the early 17th century to the advanced embroidered blankets that you see today. The number of stitches available for embroidering is endless, and choosing the right size needle, the right hoop, or even the right embroidering machine for larger projects can seem like a daunting task. There’s no need to get tangled up in all the details while looking for the right embroidering projects for you. Whether you’re looking to make the perfect flower, patch the inside of a jacket, or have a full-scale project on the back burner that you’re just waiting to take on, we can help give you that extra bit of oomph to get you where you need to go.

No matter the sewing project you have in mind, we can help you skip the frustration and get to the fun part of sewing in no time. So take out your straight pins, turn on your iron, and get ready to measure along the bias, we’ll make sure that you end up in a pattern of success no matter the project.