Is This The Best Photography Drones: DJI phantom 4 Review


* It’s the best option for a fully featured drone. People who have already used one drone before will find maneuvering this drone pretty easy.

* The main feature of this drone is the inbuilt obstacle detection system. People who have bought this drone vouch for it. They have experimented with its collision system. Some reviewers say that no matter the speed at which drone is driven towards the obstacle it detects it and stops at the right time. Its sensors are of high quality.

* It also comes equipped with a great quality camera. You can shoot high definition videos with bright crisp colors with this equipment.

* Second best feature is the addition of slow motion video capturing.

* Slow motion helps you to see better details and appreciate colors and happenings in a much better way.

* You have to be careful though with the obstacles that might be there in the sides and backwards too.

* Since the obstacle detector is only for the front side.

* You still need a tablet and controller to maneuver your drone.

* It is expensive but for the features it provides its worth the price.

* Though while controlling the drone you may seem to be working frantically but the drone would be flying smoothly also it has the best altitude stability.

* As mentioned above this drone is expensive but you can find cheap price DJI phantom 4 | Review says during sales.

* Also if you want a cheaper option you can go for the DJI Phantom 3 drone. Reviewers have claimed it to be the BEST dji phantom 3 professional !

But if you are a beginner or cannot afford to invest in expensive drones such as the above drones, and are still looking for good quality drones then, akaso drones are your best option. Akaso drones are efficient, sturdy, strong, made of good material and at affordable prices. Akaso as different varieties of drones and quadcopters. There are also many toy versions. For the price they came for, they are a good deal. They are highly popular. People interested in drones and planning to participate in drone races opt for akaso drones. They are easy to function and the risk of loss is also minimized with less investment. Once they have mastered the process of flying a drone, they can invest in higher featured drones such as DJI Phantom and others.

One more easier way to access the features provided by expensive drones at least in terms of video and photography is to attach camera to a drone. There are many cameras that are specially launched to be used with drones. But you can use ones that you already have if they are lightweight. Anything below hundred grams is perfectly good to be used with drones. You can attach the camera to your drone in few easy steps. With the help of some styrofoam or other cushioning material, rubber bands to secure and some adhesive. Drones are becoming more and more popular. They are definitely the future of video capturing. They combine the precision of a binocular and swiftness of a camera shutter.

Pentax DSLR Cameras


If you are planning to buy a new DSLR Camera, you might have already checked out the information on Canon T5i Rebel, or canon 70d review [2016/2017] as well as the Nikon DSLR Camera Reviews. And of course these are one of the top brands of DSLR cameras available today. But another DSLR Camera which we must go through is the well known Pentax Camera.

So, let’s first find out some information on this camera company first.

History of Pentax Cameras

The Pentax Cameras were made by Pentax Ricoh Imaging Corp which was earlier a joint venture of Pentax Corporation and Asahi Optical Co. Ltd. During the Korean War, many photographers went towards the Far East and the Korean saw good quality lenses of Nikon and Canon. They were impressed by these lenses and thought of using them in their Leica and Contax cameras and hence began the manufacturing of the first Asahi Optical Camera. Their first camera was Asahiflex I which was a 35 mm camera and had no competition at all.

This company grew multi-folds and today it manufactures many cameras. It is also manufacturing some good DSLR cameras as well as full frame ones.

Some Of The Well Know Pentax Cameras

Here are some of the well known Pentax Cameras that you can choose from. Pentax 645Z

If you are considering moving from a full frame to Pentax, this could be a good camera for you. With its 51.4 mega pixel and Pro SLR with Non-Zoom features, this camera can give you fantastic resolution. Priced a bit high at $6756.39, the Pentax 645Z offers better features than the 645D which was released in 2010. Its features are not only rare for a medium format camera but also you will know that it has a very interesting wide sensitivity range. It has an amazing 27 point phase autofocus which is definitely the best amongst its competition. It is also a great camera when you are on the move as it is pretty swift. Pentax K-1

Priced as low as $1849.95, this DSLR offers a 36.4 megapixel with a Pro SLR and a Non-Zoom option. It definitely has a great design and images are of high quality. A very strong and weather proof body, it could be a good buy if you are in the market looking for a full frame. This could also be one of the affordable ones than the others.

Pentax K-3

This is one of the Ricoh’s well known APS-C cameras. With its 24-megapixel this DSLR, it has an amazing technology. Also priced low at $739.00, it is definitely something you can give a try if you are a young enthusiast.

It has an autofocus, overhauled imaging and metering. It also gives you the option of choosing which of the two are good for your pictures, whether it be for its resolution or its moire-resistance. Even though these are some of its best features, it cannot really compete that well with the regular Canon or the Nikon DSLRS. Pentax K-3 II With its 24.4 megapixel, this camera also has a Pro SLR and a Non-Zoom feature. If you wish to take night shots you will find its GPS quite helpful. The pictures you will shoot will be of crystal clear quality as its Pixel Shift Resolution provides very sharp images. Priced at $808, this could be also a good option. However, do compare it with the original K-3 before deciding.

Microphone Reviews To Help You Choose The Right One


Usage of Microphone has transcended many aspects in our life. The advent of social media and websites such as youtube, has given way to many uploads of podcasts, live recordings etc., Many microphone reviews are available which are genuine. Some of these are real efforts of individuals to help you choose the right one.

We bring to you the review of top microphones available in the market.

Blue yeti

Blue yeti microphone high fidelity sound is of the best quality you will be able to find in this highly competitive market. The product is of superior quality and offers great features. Blue Yeti microphones are Mo-Fi Powered High-Fidelity Headphones with Integrated amplifier. This product is remains unchallenged in terms of the sound quality in recordings. This also offers a customised fit, which enables you to enjoy comfort. All these extra features are available without compromising on the performance. The dynamic drivers are made of 50mm titanium and are ultra- responsive. This microphone kit includes a one meter and 3 meter cable , Mfi Mic and 6.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor. The microphone is extremely easy to use. It can be used for multiple aspects such as studio recording (indoors, outdoors), live recording, podcasts, voiceovers etc.,


If you are on the lookout for a handheld microphone which has both USB digital and XLR analog output, atr2100 is a way to go. The microphone ensures that it does not capture any of the unwanted sounds from back or sides of the mic. The frequency of recordings is smooth and the mic is ultra-responsive which is suited for home recordings, podcasts and voiceovers. Of course, it is best suited for live recordings. There is a built in control in the headphone which enables you to monitor and control the microphone easily. The AD converter is of superior quality, it comes with the 16 bit, 44.1/48kHz sampling rate, which is the best offered in the industry. The microphone is compatible with both windows and mac. It is easy to use and can be used right out of the box with little help from the manual.

Sennheiser e835

Sennheiser e835 is a great product from the well known microphone company. They offer products which are durable and does not wear out with repeated use. Their technology is of superior quality. This is a dynamic cardioid mic which is ideal for speech and vocals. The recordings are clear reproductions with high vocal presence. It cuts through the strong instruments and enables the high presence of the vocals premium Audio Technica at2020 review 2016 and 2017. There is a consistent sound quality. The mic is able to handle high sound pressure levels, there is an optional on/off switch. There is a rugged metal casing to ensure that the product does not undergo wear and tear while on the go.

There are other products which have garnered much attention. One of them being premium Audio Technica at2020, review 2016 and 2017 features this product with high ratings. You may have to do complete research of various products to buy the one that suits your needs.

Radar Detectors – What Is The Most Popular?

Radar Detector

Some believe the best way avoid a speeding ticket is to just not speed. How hard can it be to stay under the limits? That is a good question. The people who do love to speed do not agree. They are more worried about how not to get caught. Hence, the question, “ What is the most popular brand of Radar Detectors are available in the market?’ and “Which is the best cheap radar detector?” are the questions that need to be answered. Some people to bend the law simply because they love to and that they can. They can because of the radar detectors that are available in the market. Get to know the radar detectors and the various brands before buying one.

Why do you need a radar detector?

This is a good question. The speedometer will tell you the speed you are cruising at. It tells you all that you need to know. Why do you need a radar detector? This is because the speedometer does not beep. It does not tell you when you exceed the limits that have been set by the law. It will not help you escape the clutches of the long arms of the law.

The radar detector on the other hand sweeps the vicinity for the police radar band spectrum and warns you of the danger that looms ahead if you continue on your current speed. This is why you need a radar detector.

How does a radar detector work?

Before buying a radar detector, it is interesting to find out how the instrument works. This helps in making sure you know what you are looking for when you are speeding down the highway. The radar detector measures the speed of the vehicle. It also detects the radio waves that are transmitted and received by the police radar. The radar detector, keeping in mind both the speed of the vehicle as well as the radio waves, warns the drivers to slow down as and when necessary.



It is the maker of one of the best radar and laser detectors in the industry.

The Beltronics sti magnum is one of the best in the radar and laser technology. With an enhancement of 60% thee performance factor. Its dual antenna enables excellent range and accurate detection of the speed radar gun of the police.

The police is aware of the presence of these radar detectors. They are also working on a mechanism to ensure that these detectors do not work on them. It is a question of who has the more advanced technology. Who has the better machine.

The brand Beltronics claims a long and impressive list of technological inventions. These are built to overcome any hurdles that can be presented by the police. Hence, it is part of the list of the best radar detector 2016. For over six years, Beltronics Sti series have been rated for is amazing performance and accurate detection. It is most definitely one of the most popular and most in demand radar detectors.

The Best Hoverboard that Make Heads Turn

Hover Board

Hoverboards have become a fashionable means of transportation today. There are multiple options of hoverboards available in the market. But do they satisfy all the requirements and meet all the safety standards? Hoverboards are loved by kids but one must be careful while choosing one for them. That is why it is important to read top quality review of hoverboards before selecting one.

While talking about top quality hoverboards, the one that first comes in mind is the Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing scooter. As Razor is a big name is the hoverboard market, they own their own patents in the world of two-wheeled self-balancing scooters. It is safe to buy this product as they have a history of giving the best products to its customers. So, if you see a Razor Hovertrax hoverboard for sale, especially the RED – Hoverboard [make heads turn], then be sure to pick one for you!

After giving a positive review on this product, is the Ultimate Razor Hovertrax Review for NERDS?! Yes, it is. Let us run through a quick review.

Razor Hovertrax Self Balancing Scooter Review

The design of this self-balancing scooter is eye catching. The curvy shape of the body and its signature logo on both the wheels, this scooter has definitely come to attract everyone’s attention. With all the latest news about fire accidents caused due to hoverboards, this product is worth buying because of the safety aspects and the standards that it meets. Both the battery and the charger are certified as safe. So, though it takes a little longer to charge than its other counterparts, it is quite acceptable.

The ride on this Self balancing scooter is very smooth. The top speed of this hoverboard is 9 kph and it is fun to ride this scooter without having to worry about the vehicle getting out of control. This scooter is best suited for kids older than 12 years of age. In a single charge, you can travel in this Self-balancing scooter for 115 long minutes, Isn’t it amazing?

The body of this hoverboard is made of durable shatter resistant polymer frame. It is able to withstand all type of terrains and slightly slows down in grass which is natural for any scooter.

Here comes the pros and cons part of the review.


* It is a Razor product and hence, the build is high quality

* It is the safest hoverboards with UL2272 certification and both the battery and charger are certified for safety

* It is a patented product of the US

* Smooth ride without any hitches

* It is fun to ride this scooter as it is easy to operate


* It is a bit slower than the other brand of hoverboards available in the market. With a speed of 6mph top speed, it is definitely slow but certainly safe.

Razor Hovertrax is the no.1 choice of many people around the world. Its quality and safety is incomparable. When you buy this product, you need not worry about its durability as it is a product of a company known for delivering good products to its customers.

Camp Out With Survivalist Knife

Survivalist Knife

Hunting, trekking and camping is a passion for some. Travelling light is what everybody would prefer. Similar to water that gives you energy while camping or trekking; survival knife is the best tool that should not be missed while camping outdoors.

Starting for a long trek would get anyone excited and give energy to go a long way. You might have packed everything in your bag to enjoy the trek. Assume that in the middle of your trek, you miss trace of your friends and get lost in the jungle all alone. You are just left with a bag of few eatables and energy drink which won’t help you for a long while. Thank god if you have got your survivalist knife with you. At least, it could help you in doing multiple jobs. Wonder what a single survival knife could do? It can do lots during camping while you are left alone or among the group. Let’s look at how it could help you.

* To procure food: When you are out to camp in the woods, you might have to look in for something yourself to eat. The survival knife can help you out to procure your own food like small fish. If it is a jungle where you get fruits you can also use the knife to cut open a fruit with hard shell.

* To chop wood: The next thing you would think about is, lighting the fire. It can be for having your food and fish grilled or could make yourself comfortable in the chill weather at the jungle. You got lot of trees in the jungle but how to cut off wood to light up the fire? It would be good if you have an axe or machete. But, the survival knife could be the best machete in the world if you have one.

* To light fire: The woods are ready but how to light it? This is also possible with the same knife. It can help you to start a fire. Puzzled? Yes, it is possible if you have the ferro rod with you. Hold the kni

* fe in one hand and the rod in the other. Pull them back and forth till you see the sparks coming out.

* To set up your tent: Had the food for hunger, fire for warmth and what next? You need a tent for yourself to sleep in. You need not go and search for big tools to put up the tent. You have cut wood, now you have to use a digging tool to fix up the tent. zt 0350, could be your best digging tool.

* To mark a sign: If you are lost in the woods, you can also carve on the trees as a sign for help or to make sure you are not going round and round in circles.

So, do not forget to pack your bag with a survival knife. It comes in variety of styles and sizes. For example, spyderco paramilitary 2 camo comes with a thumb hole. The cost of these knives

also comes within one’s budget. You can also get the best survival knife for the money you spend.

Building Your Way Into The Future With 3D Printing

3D Printing

Have you heard of the term additive manufacturing? If that sounds too technical, you might be more familiar with the term 3D printing or at least be able to guess what it’s all about from just its name.

This technology is not a new thing, but has been in use for more than 30 years. It is only recently that you and I can simply buy a 3D printer and print three dimensional objects from just a drawing on your computer. Isn’t that exciting?

So what is 3D printing all about?

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is creating a three dimensional object from a digital image by placing layers of material, one over the other until a complete structure is obtained.

A 3D design of the object that you want to print is first created, which is nothing but hundreds of thin slices of the object in an image format. This is then sent to a 3D printer to create the 3D print or the 3D object.

What materials are used for 3D printing?

You will come across two types of thermoplastics that are commonly used in 3D printing, namely, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) and PLA (Poly Lactic Acid).


You might already be familiar with ABS as it is used in cars and kitchen utensils. This is an oil-based plastic that is very durable and hence finds use in a lot of applications. Compared to PLA, it is less brittle and extremely ductile making it ideal to be used as filaments in 3D printers.


PLA on the other hand is a bioplastic, which means it is easily biodegradable and is made from renewable resources like corn starch and sugarcane. This is the most commonly used type of plastic and comes in a filament form. It finds use in applications such as food containers, medical implants, packaging material etc.

Whether it is ABS or PLA, white 3d printer filament is commonly used by those building prototypes as they won’t discolor while sanding. A white filament is also great for any objects that will need to be painted later.

Which 3D printer should I get?

The market is flooded with more than thousand different types of 3D printers. So the most obvious question to ask becomes ‘what is right 3D printer for me?’

The answer will differ based on what your requirement is. If you are simply looking to buy a 3D printer as a hobby then you can look for the best 3D PRINTER under 1000. But if your requirement is a little more than just a hobby, say for creating tools then a 3d printer BEST for tooling is what you should think about investing in.

Even if you narrow down your search to the best rated printers, it is wise to look into the following aspects before buying otherwise it can be a very expensive thing to regret about.

1. Type of printing technology (FDM or Fused deposition modeling is the most common)

2. Quality of the print

3. Printing software used

4. User-friendly

5. Construction and durability

6. Printing filaments used

7. Running costs

8. Price

9. Safety

A Miraculous Object – Binoculars


Ever wondered about the binoculars? Such an amazing invention of mankind! You get to see objects very close, with all finer details, without you having to travel all the way up! Thanks to the scientific expansions! You get to see the stars, watch your fav bird, animal just as close as you would want to be!

Well, binoculars are of different types. They are well crafted to meet each person’s requirement and interest. For one, it might be required to view the night sky and spot some stars and planets, for other that might never be appealing. He might be a birdie.

Yes, binoculars are specially designed to meet specific requirements. For all those Birdies, we shall give you an insight in choosing the binoculars for Bird Watching!

Bird watching is pretty difficult than wildlife. Ask us why, cos bird flies away just in a moment, and you never know why and when! So, you must be very careful and choose the right instrument to spot the bird and collect the details. In birding too, if you are just a beginner you have one set of binoculars to choose from, if you are trying your hand at being professional, then you may need higher ones. Let’s see how to choose Binoculars for birding!

Never grab big ones: yes, don’t be pulled by the notion that big is the Best! No, the bigger the model, bad is your Field of View (FOV). This FOV is what your eyes can see. So, bigger the magnification, higher is the image, lesser the FOV. So try buying one with the basic magnifying lens, like of 7 or 8x. This also has an advantage of giving you a wider image.

Focusing Speed: birds fly away within an instant! The object should be able to focus really fast and speed. The binocular you chose should be able to adjust the focus over to the object at a faster pace; otherwise chances are that you would miss the bird.

Fog and Waterproof: you might want to capture a bird that is on waters. Or even catch the glimpse of bird that comes early in the winter morning! In such situations, you must look out for binoculars with Water and fog proof. This will ensure that, you continue to pursue your interest without any worries of damaging your investment piece.

Weight & Size: for birdies this is more concerning parameter. You can’t carry heavier ones all over the trek, or through that forest or simply when you are out all day long. You might need to watch for the weight and opt for light weight ones.

Well, with the list of parameters given, let’s see some Best rated Binoculars overall!

From reviews across the globe, from all users, these brands below are rated to be the best binoculars.

* Zeiss

* Zhumell

* Bushnell

* Nikon

* Steiner

But, we need them to be affordable too. So, here we present best budget binoculars for Birding, for those who don’t want to empty their pockets to pursue their passion.

* Hawke Endurance ED 8x 42

* Opticron Discovery WP PC 8 x 32

* Celestron Trailseeker 8 x 42

These are the best ones in terms of quality and price too. You may notice that the best ones have the low magnifying numbers.

Let’s see the Best Hunting Binoculars too!

* Snypex Knight D-ED Binocular 8 x 42

* Eschenbach Trophy D 8 x 42 ED binocular

* Opticron DBA VHD 10 x 42 binocular

You may observe that these hunting ones too are not having higher magnification numbers.

We hope with so much of information, you wouldn’t go wrong in choosing the Best one for you! Go ahead, put your worries away and grab a binocular and pursue your passion!

Choosing the B-B-Q Grills


There are numerous ways the outdoor grills are being categorized across the world. But the important type of categorization of B-B-Q grills is based on the type of fuels being used to cook food. The major classification of grills is based on whether they are

* Charcoal grills

* Gas Grills

* Electric Grills

* Portable Grills

Choosing the type of grill that is best for you is what is going to be discussed here. One needs to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these grills to choose from them.

Charcoal Grills

In these types of grills, the fuel used is the charcoal. It takes more time to cook in charcoal and charcoal is quite expensive than other types of fuels. But most of the people prefer cooking the food in this type of grill as the taste is natural due to slow cooking.

Advantages: If you are purist and like the smoky, grilled flavor of the food, then charcoal grills are the only choice of getting that taste. Charcoal produces high temperature than other types of grills and so it is good for searing meat.

Disadvantages: It is a costly affair to buy charcoal and also it consumes more time for cooking in this type of grill. Also, the time spent to make the grill ready and for pre-heating takes at the least 45 minutes of the time.

Selection: Kettle Style grills provide a smoky flavor and horizontal barrels are used for smoking meats for a longer period at lower temperatures.

Gas Grills

For Backyard, Gas grills are the popular type of grills. They are fuelled by propane or natural gas. Though the common type is propane, there are ways to convert it to best natural gas grills. Natural gas grills are more convenient and less expensive compared to propane grills.

Advantages: Prepares the food quickly than any other type of grills.

Disadvantages: It does not give the flavor as the charcoal grill gives. Though there are many cheap gas grills found in the market, a good gas grill is always expensive than the charcoal model.

Selection: The black, aluminum bodies with one or two burners are the cheap ones and there are lots of Char broil gas grills available at cheaper rates and last long with proper maintenance. Higher end models have porcelain covered steel bars, stainless steel sheets, Iron grates or stainless steel bars.

Electric Grills

These grills do not need fire to cook and are powered by electricity to cook food. There are indoor and outdoor electric grill available in electric grills.

Advantages: Electric grills are boon for those in the city where other type of grills are prohibited by fire regulations.

Disadvantages: The taste can never be equal to the traditional type of charcoal grills. When using electricity, one can never expect the smoky flavor produced by the charcoal cousins.

Selection: This is a type of grill available in a wide variety. Select a grill according to the space constraint.

Portable Grills

These grills can either run in propane or in charcoal.

Advantages: Easy transportation. Hence, it can be carried easily for outdoor picnic.

Disadvantages: As the size is small, cooking big chunks of food is next to impossible.

Selection: As it is portable, the grill is usually lightweight. But it should also be durable.