1. What is ?

is a tracking domain of the anti-fraud service. Advertisers spread their ads across a wide network of search partners and content sites. is not the source of the ads. Likewise, is not the source of traffic coming through this domain.

2. Why am I seeing on my computer?

Because the ad network contains thousands of traffic partners, you may have been included within a partner's advertisement distribution network. If you have received any ads that contain the url , it is important to understand that this property and the ads you’ve seen have no association with the traffic partner that is displaying ads to you. is neither the ads source nor the traffic source.

3. Our rules are strictly directed against any types of publisher's click frauds, advertiser's illegal sites/ads content or other violations.

If this domain was opened without your admission, or you were redirected through this domain to the site that contains illegal content – please, let us know about it as soon as possible and we'll block trespasser straightway. Please, describe below your complaint in details.

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