We don't make art. We solve problems by designing and creating interactive Data Visualisations that provoke conversations and enhance understanding and engagement with your data.


Flink means clever in many Scandinavian languages and Labs implies exploration, investigation and curiosity.

Our aim is simple. We want to help you and your team gain insights and understanding from your data. We make sure we understand your unique needs and challenges. Using our expertise and experience, we deliver compelling visualisations that provoke conversations and positive change. We are clever.



We always begin with questions: who is the audience and what are their needs? What are your goals, objectives and intended outcomes?


The success of a visualisation hinges upon the data itself. We analyse and mine the data, exploring its size, distribution and texture. We look for unique and compelling stories within the data.


At the design stage we begin sketching. We explore concepts and ideas using both drawings and code. The visualisation design unfolds through frequent dialogue with you.


Coding and testing done, we deliver the final product. We load data, prepare documentation and ensure a smooth transition and handover to your team.

Australia's leading Data Visualisation studio

We create compelling and engaging Data Visualisations.


Teaching you the skills to design and develop effective and engaging visualisations of your data.

The staggering growth in data and technology mixed with ever increasing audience expectations has led to rapid growth and interest in the field of Data Visualisation. From Business Intelligence systems to Twenty20 cricket, data is being visualised in many interesting, engaging and sometimes terrible ways.

During the Data Visualisation Masterclass you will gain a solid, practical foundation in how to design and craft your own Data Visualisations to best communicate with your viewers, audience or stakeholders.

The Data Visualisation Masterclass will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to Data Visualisation and an understanding of the processes involved.

You will learn a set of practical skills that you can apply immediately to design and create your own Data Visualisations.

The Flink Labs Data Visualisation Masterclass is currently available as an in person ¾ day workshop run at your workplace.

For further information regarding the Data Visualisation Masterclass please contact

Your data, your tools, your offices

"The knowledge and experiences you shared with us though the Masterclass already has challenged us to rethink the way we present our work" - H Jeacocke


Flink Labs was founded in Melbourne in early 2009. With backgrounds in data mining, predictive analytics and design, the team at Flink Labs is uniquely positioned to help you explore the possibilities in your data and solve your problems.

Meet the founders of Flink Labs.

Ben Hosken

Prior to starting Flink Labs, Ben founded AgentArts, a recommendation and personalisation company that was ultimately acquired by Microsoft. Ben holds two patents in data mining and predictive analytics.

When not working, you'll likely find him in the pool, on his bike or out running.

Suzette Hosken

Suzette runs the business side of Flink Labs and works closely on all projects during their design. Suzette founded and runs Playground Finder, Australia's leading directory of children's playgrounds, and is a board member of the Touched By Olivia Foundation.

Away from Flink Labs, Suzette is an experienced Tai Chi instructor and is Vice-President of the not-for-profit Greenlink Indigenous Nursery.



Social Media Visualisation

Topics on Social Media

In-Browser Hexagonal Cartograms

Morphing Maps

Social Media Dashboard

Social Media Dashboard

Playground Finder App

Playground Finder Mobile App

Talking Tanks

Water Tank Management App

Credit Reporting Compliance

Credit Reporting Compliance

Social Research

Social Research Survey

Market Segmentation

Rail Works Satisfaction

Rail Works Satisfaction

Clean Technology Research

Elite Rowing

Elite rowing performance App

Science Projects in Australia

Science in Australia

Melbourne Pedestrian Flow

Pedestrian Flow

Australian Business Constellation

Australian Business Constellation

Political Networks

Some of our clients

Australian Institue of Sport
ANZ Bank
Australian Sports Commission
Buzz Numbers
City of Melbourne
Department of Human Services
Enterprise Connect
Ipsos Social Research
Melbourne University
News Limited
Nine Network
Origin Energy
Real Estate
Reed Business Information
South East Water
Tennis Australia
Tourism Research Australia
VIP Retail
Workplace Gender Equality Agency

A small look at our work

We are proud of our portfolio of work and are happy to discuss any projects with you. Some pieces are commercial in confidence, but we can talk about these in general terms.


Have some questions? Please contact us.

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Due to client commitments, we are unable to regularly answer phone calls. Please contact us via email for the most prompt response.