Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

A car accident is a crash with an auto versus a fixed or moving object. Power poles, trucks, motorcycles, and potholes can combine to cause a terrible car wreck. Rainy weather also greatly increases the risk of a collision. As a matter of fact, California freeways and highways are very dangerous and slick following a fresh downpour.

A car accident attorney helps injury victims get money when it’s the other driver’s fault. In any event, car accidents are one of the many specialized fields of law Ehline helps with. Also, our injury attorneys work solely for injured plaintiffs. Our car crash lawyers use the tort law system to get accident victims paid. The substantive law for all motor vehicle accident cases we help with is called “negligence law.”

In a nutshell, if drivers breach their duty of reasonable care and cause a crash, they must pay money damages. In other words, the other driver must pay for your car, and your bodily injuries and other items.

Pocketing nothing, a thousand, or millions depends on the lawyer. Established in 2005, Ehline’s trial lawyers have a proven record. Since opening our doors, thousands of accident victims have hired us. Their choice in retaining us for their car accident was pivotal.

Whether it is a complex, or simple case, our proven track record speaks for itself. We have recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements to back up that statement. Most of all, we know how to achieve victory in court. So let us help you win your case.

Since the wreck, your life went upside down. But you do have legal rights. We can help you transition from your crash. You will need help with finances. And you will be fighting anxiety, worry, and ailment. Because of this, we extend a risk-free consult to place you at ease.

Top rated Los Angeles car accident lawyers:

Multiple Millions recovered in settlements, verdicts, and appeals:

Expert in handling car accident insurance claims:

International Recognition for Successful
Case Outcome Experience:

No financial recovery to you, no attorney’s fee to us:

Did you get smashed in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault? Our first promise: Under no circumstance do we charge up-front fees. So accident victims spend no money out of pocket to hire us.
Our second pact to you: If we can’t win, we can’t justify paying ourselves. So no money to you, no attorney’s fee money goes to us either. And this means no red cent to us till we get you paid. We call it a “contingency fee.”

Injuries can range from benign to terrible. In the long run, you need lawyers that battle. In nothing flat, you know we are in the same fight alongside you. And you know we want the biggest possible settlement payment.

We even advance reasonable costs in all motoring collisions.

We Are Aces of Los Angeles Car Accident Law:

The design of a car, its traveling speed, and skill of the driver all matter. These are all part and parcel of a negligence claim. Also important will be the speed of operation. And even the road design and environment could determine who to sue.

But you still have to look at driver skill and impairment from drugs. Habits and past conduct all matter. So we look at road rage, speeding, and past street racing. All these things can all play a role in a case.

Lawyers must do the research and make the arguments. We do it all. With us, you have first-class, respected car accident attorneys in Los Angeles. Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys have received peer and client praise. These great honors come from the most unsullied attorney rating groups.

Our Local Attorney Has the Respect of Friend and Foe.

Michael Ehline’s location is L.A. He excels as an accident attorney in California. With him, we have earned the title of “Ace.” And we have awards from top peer and client rating bodies. So we can prove it. The firm was honored by Personal Injury Warriors Int’l. They awarded us with “2012 Personal Injury Firm of the Year.”

And we are members of the Circle of Legal Trust. Also, we Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates. Michael Ehline, Esq., has received back to back Super Lawyers Rising Star Awards. Fewer than three percent of lawyers receive such an honor.

Nothing but a handful of car accident attorneys in LA have such praise. Also, Michael Ehline was a U.S. Marine. So he has acclaim, honesty and, motivation. But these qualifications matter nothing compared his trustworthiness.

We have the fighting spirit possessed by few accident lawyers. Friend and foe alike know our will to win. Our legal experts have honor, courage, and the pledge to win.

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Some Steps We Take – Los Angeles Car Accident:

Finding the at fault party will be the first step. Nothing but a trained Los Angeles auto accident attorney wins big. Also, the lawyer will determine who should pay those hurt in the crash.

Finding who breached their duty to drive safe is step one. Their duty of care on the roads is part of a social contract. To that end, all people owe others driving cars a duty of basic care. And the people who breach this duty must pay the hurt plaintiff. So the defendant is liable “party.” Because courts say they must pay, they owe a legal “liability.”

So being careless will be a big reason people got injured. But to get paid, you have to find out who is at fault. So we interview witnesses and gather facts right away. Also, we can prepare an affidavit to sign. Also, we take pictures and measurements of the crash scene.

All this becomes a compelling argument in your case as to who must pay you.

Let us go the extra mile for you. Other reasons to hire us right away:

  • Thousands of great outcomes for clients for over ten years
  • Over $30,000,000 recovered
  • Multiple accolades and awards won
  • We can help with rental car issues
  • Our agents will steer your property damage claims till paid
  • Seek and hold the liable party or parties accountable. Includes state and non-state actors
  • Hire specialists to find those at fault for your accident. Seek out evidence to support or dispute traffic reports
  • Go to the accident scene.
  • Local offices to serve all California
  • No cost phone consult
  • We also help with case costs
  • Come to your home, care center or work to meet
  • We use our advanced knowledge of Angeles County Courts
  • Help locate “lien doctors” with tender feelings. They treat you right away and get paid after the case concludes. Maybe we can help find ways to pay your long-term care. So surgery and physical therapy can get handled. That way you don’t delay medical care.
  • Deal with the adjusters. And take care of the arduous and confusing paper pile
  • Attend to all facets of your legal case. Includes arbitration, mediation, depositions, court and jury trials
  • Timely respond to case status emails, phone calls, and texts. We leave no one in the lurch
  • Find the cause of the car accident. We work with experts in engineering, traffic law, and biomechanics.

As seen above, we get it. For this reason, we travel to assist our clients. We offer 24/7 coverage for our clients. Our great results, customer attention, and access, make us the right choice.

Our 100% Focus – the Car Accident Victim.

Post accident, we focus 100% on getting victims due payment. Our laser focuses on the Los Angeles car accident plaintiff. So we keep clients in the loop. We listen with interest. We offer the comfort of constant feedback following a car crash.

Satisfaction comes with positive interaction. So we answer any case related questions with high speed. And we use email, mobile phones, and technologies to keep clients in the loop.

Also, this helps the attorney and client stay abreast of the issues. That way clients can update us. We like to hear the progress with their physical therapy and pain management. Also, the key players can sync depositions and discuss new evidence. You will see the caring Ehline difference.

24 Hour Los Angeles Accident Attorney Hotline (888) 400-9721:

Michael Ehline and his team of car accident lawyers put your fears to rest. So in your time of need, call our toll-free attorney-hotline. We can give you our opinion as to the success. How your accident happened will be your unique story. We will listen with forethought to your concerns. And we do so 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

We know that picking a lawyer for a Los Angeles car accident won’t be easy. It will be rough being injured and being alone. It can be normal for accident victims to become stirred. The law and the courts alone are daunting.

Being confused as to your legal rights and the legal process makes sense. Hiring a lawyer who fails to listen won’t be an option.

  • We Help You Preserve Your Virtue

Rich or poor, we are all human beings who deserve respect. High regard and empathy are earned by everyone in a car accident case. First, we give you the respect you deserve. Second, we believe our accident law firm is a cut above the rest. We are confident you will see the Los Angeles-based Ehline Law Firm difference.

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Superb lawyers get suffering consumers the most money car accidents:

The goal of the accident victim will be a timely, fair and painless payoff. But any lawyer in a “settlement mill” can close a PI claim like a flash. Contrast this with the great accident lawyers. They will work the case file. Also, they can work out a deal for a larger payout. But a set formula for success remains elusive.

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What makes an excellent car crash attorney?

Certain character traits exist with great car accident attorneys as follows:

  • Command presence – Few people come into the world dynamic. This quality attaches an aura of trust, and respect. People see it by how you appear in person. Are you fat, lazy? How do you carry yourself (ego-driven, slouched over)? But other elements include how the person speaks (booming voice, etc.) and acts. It inspires confidence in allies. And it gains respect from enemies. Great lawyers like Michael Ehline have command presence. This quality sucks the oxygen of cynicism from the room. So the parties know we mean business.
  • Enthusiasm – Great counselors are ardent advocates. This injury lawyer runs to the sound of the gunfire. Do or die; they will render first aid a friend.
  • Record of success – Bond companies know our lawyers are tack drivers. They know we will push the envelope. We will fight hard to get suffering injury victims the most money. And we don’t take the first paltry offer. Rather, we want windfall like payments from the other driver. Excellent auto injury advocates work to increase the value.
  • Training – Training and past wins will help enlarge car accident case values. Our president, Michael Ehline, has proven himself as an expert. He knows writs, appeals, and complex cases. He even clerked for a court justice at the Second District Court of Appeal.

Victims with no lawyer don’t win what they deserve:

Accident victims battling insurance companies fight an uphill battle. People with no lawyer get little respect from bad adjusters. Along with their supervisors, they prey on people with no attorney. And they can string people along.

Adjusters Try and Run Out the Clock.

They want to run out the clock. Under the law, you generally have two years to file a lawsuit. So insurers will make a bunch of excuses. Anything to drag it out. And good luck arguing over money for car repairs and doctors.

But teaming with a fierce and capable lawyer scares shiftless adjusters. Michael has a take no prisoners ethos. Also, he has a string of wins few lawyers can challenge. We stand to help people get respect from their foe.

The problem has gotten so bad that people die waiting for help. So many times, these poor dupes don’t even know they should file a DOI complaint. With no lawyer, an auto accident victim could succumb to illness.

Others surrender. The goal was to work out your claim with no lawyer. But alone, with no legal experience, you failed to get it done. Sadder, many people believe they can get bigger money going it alone.

So they think they can cut out paying an attorney’s fee. But studies prove car accident victims with legal help get the most money. Also, to be prideful in this state can hurt the victim’s chances of a win.

So reach out to our firm and swallow your pride. Our job means helping car accident victims take back control of their lives. We offer consumers a rare chance to pull off a win from a losing angle. Grab the phone. Don’t wait. Call an accident attorney as soon as you can.

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Car accident in West Los Angeles, CA 90401, 90071.

A woman in a car crash in Los Angeles talks on a cell phone.

Car accident lawyers statewide. A local presence wherever you are:

Our Los Angeles partners have won tough car accident cases. Many involved DUI and hit and run. Some of these included driver arbitration hearings and mediations.

These complex cases can span from Greater Los Angeles. And they go all the way to San Francisco. And we have a selfless standing for helping traffic accident victims in CA. As discussed below, LA County auto accidents are among the most frequent. And they are also among the worse.

Choosing the best Los Angeles car crash attorneys:

Disaster meter

Catastrophe meter.

Most of all, consumers need to understand one thing. Useful legal aid becomes vital to winning a car accident case. Choosing a terrible, or inept car accident lawyer could harm your case. And that ruin a family’s long-term financial well-being. But hiring the right Los Angeles car accident attorney is key to winning. We have made this jarring and confusing selection process easy.

A competent injury lawyer will act as your agent. Part of their job means helping you achieve the lifestyle you had. Being effective also means having character and enthusiasm. Sure you must know law and procedure.

Building Case Values With Finesse.

But how pleasing the lawyer is with the other parties is important. The best way to build the value is communication. A great lawyer will always discuss case status with the client and parties.

Being a jerk to the insurance adjuster can sabotage a claim’s success. Lawyers who understand civility avoid a personal battle. As a result, they can insulate upset clients. And they face the case from an unbiased, matter of fact point of view. All this is part of our winning formula for success.

Los Angeles traffic accidents, facts, and statistics:

US DOT and Michael Ehline

Ehline attends US traffic safety hearings.

Angelinos have seen the highway culture in Southern California. (Read). Our seasoned car accident lawyers have assisted hundreds of drivers. Many got injured in serious accidents on California bridges. Other suffered harm driving on highways, and roadways. Many of these wrecks take place on the 10 Freeway or 105 Freeway. These were people commuting. They were traveling to and from Wilshire Boulevard and Huntington Park area. Also, we live here too.

So we take pride in our aid to those neighbors of ours. These are people out of work. These folks want to put food on the table and have a family to support.

But if the absurd happens, people could lose a loved one. A motor vehicle accident is no way to die.

Those left behind need a way to carry on and survive as they mourn. Loss of a breadwinner can leave people in the poorhouse. Many times the defendant won’t be able to pay. But other times others were at fault. They may have money to pay you.

Great Lawyers Pursue All Forms of Payment.

For this reason, in pursuing a car accident claim, we leave no stone unturned. And we act fast to identify all parties who are to blame. Our pursuit of relentless justice in car accidents is key. Afterward, people can get the money they lost from getting hurt. But only the best attorneys handle car accident claims swiftly. Call and speak to a great lawyer now at (213) 596-9642.

Los Angeles roads that present serious dangers and congestion to commuters:

We all know of the potholes and unrepaired framework of L.A. roads. But do we know the location of the hot spots for rear end accidents? But what are the dangers for slow moving traffic? We made it easy.

Below is a list of all the locations of crazy LA traffic. Incidentally, congestion figures fail to cover time and day of the week. For instance, rush hour weekdays sees greater traffic. As a result, more significant wrecks take place then. But statistics show L.A. has some of the most congested roads in the nation.

In fact, Los Angeles ranks 7 out of 10 for congested roads in America. So this means it has 7 of the worst roads in the nation!

Below is a snapshot of what commuters face weekly in L.A. County.

  1. The Harbor Freeway CA 110 Northbound. Also called the CA-110 North Bound. The 3.1 miles bordering this location is the most congested road in LA and the U.S.
  2. “Los Angeles” Harbor Freeway CA I-110 Northbound. Number two is the 6 or so mile stretch of West Redondo Boulevard to West 111th Place.
  3. San Diego Freeway CA I-405 North. This one runs a close number three for traffic congestion. The worst congestion runs along the north-bound lane of Santa Fe Avenue. And it goes all the way to Getty Center Drive.
  4. Known as the I-605 Southbound. The San Gabriel River Freeway. This is number four most congested strip of freeway in the County.
  5. Santa Monica Freeway Interstate 10 Eastbound. This section includes the 15 miles of the Santa Monica Freeway I-10 East.
  6. The Santa Monica Freeway Interstate 10 Westbound. So this one is easily the sixth most congested road in Los Angeles.
  7. Los Angeles Interstate 110 Southbound. Here, there is a 2.5 mile stretch of Interstate 110 South in Los Angeles close to 50th Street. And this is the number ten most congested road in the USA.

Avoiding Congestion and Traffic Using the CHP Sigalert System:

A Sigalert is a Southern California creation. It is a system named for Mr. Loyd Sigmon. Loyd invented an alert system. This is used by the government and municipal police like the LAPD. Modernly, Sigalerts are on traffic signs. And they are heard all over the radio in So. Cal.

Their design is to warn commuters of car crash pile-ups. The idea is to slow traffic blocking over and above two traffic lanes. So if a wreck jams traffic for at least 2 hours, the CHP alerts here.

LA. Car crash statistics:

Los Angeles stats show at least 5.8 million registered motor vehicles exist in LA County. Also, at least and 7.5 million vehicles go back and forth in L.A. Plus, thousands of miles of poor roads and highways are in LA County borders. The CA DOT says we have 20,771 miles of roadways.

Also, 527 miles of freeways are right here in LA. And 382 miles of standard highways need service in Los Angeles County alone. That is a lot of work for road crews to keep up with. They deal with potholes, sinkholes, obstacles and worse every day. In many ways, to Caltrans, it is akin to playing whack a mole. The sheer number of machines traversing here wears the roads apart.

Each year, 600,000 cars get sold in LA County. Fewer than a few states have more registered vehicles than LA County. Of particular concern, Los Angeles vehicle drivers travel a lot. In fact, they reach over 92 million miles per year.

Also, Los Angeles County has high pedestrian traffic death rates. And these are far above the national average. In fact, deaths approached those of New York City. This is in a state with over three times the population.

2010 showing 57,777 reported injuries in Los Angeles car accident cases. California Auto Accident Fatalities 0 2005 4,304 2006 4,197 2007 3,967 2008 3,401 2009 3,076 2010 2,739 2011 2,835 2012 2,995 California Auto Injuries 0 2005 292,798 2006 277,574 2007 266,687 2008 241,873 2009 232,777 2010 229,354 2011 225,602 2012 226,554

Statistical Chart – Los Angeles Traffic Accidents

Created with data from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Above graph uses data from 2010. Source: Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

L.A. Accident Warriors Fight For You.

As discussed, L.A. accidents are frequent. And they include the most horrific wrecks. Also, we don’t play games. We are all in. These warriors fight for what’s right. Traffic safety in the Los Angeles area matters. And we pride ourselves as advocates for people getting duped.

We have argued in courts across the Greater Los Angeles County area. Our firm knows the lay of the land. Because of our roots here, we have fostered strong liaisons.

We are on good terms with many judges and clerks here. And we think we have the home court advantage because of our demeanor.

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The two pillars of car accident claims resolution:

Noteworthy is that most car accident claims are built on two pillars.

  1. Getting paid for harm and disease, and;
  2. Negotiating with insurance company adjusters. And we do this to get these agents to send us a draft payment. Of particular interest, these are employees. They work for a boss. Their job is performance. The largest money saved, the better their job recognition and bonus, etc. So they under normal conditions they make low-ball offers for the insurer.

Adjusters love it if victims remain with no lawyer. These are financial predators. And they will play with the emotions of the accident victim. The loss of your income can cause shame to your ego and self-esteem. Also, the post-accident physical pain and grief can overwhelm people.

If vulnerable victims take bad offers under pressure, they hurt their futures. Whatever you do, don’t sign a general release. For a car accident case, your needs to read it.

If you settle with no advocate, game over. Because of this signature, your rights to seek money again get extinguished. That is all you get for your car accident.

Getting Paid the Most is the Goal.

Getting you paid real money is key. And it means your accident lawyers have to convince people. They must show your motor vehicle injury claim has merit.

But even with terrific support, people can go broke waiting. Other times, the insurer won’t settle till you hire a lawyer. We recognize of this dilemma. Accordingly, we can help sign some people up for special programs.

We promise to help our best. And we can find entitlement programs. And these can contribute to paying for lost work. So this can include worker’s comp. Also, people can die to wait for a car accident to resolve.

Don’t let a car crash claim die with you. Get a lawyer who strikes while the iron is hot. Accelerate your matter. We will move fast to challenge those that caused the accident if retained.

We fight to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Most of all, we try to get you money to live off of as we handle the case.

A California focus:

Our attorneys have many offices in the state of California. Our headquarters are in Los Angeles. And we understand issues unique to CA motoring injuries. We are experts on causes of auto deaths and accidents.

Statistics of CA car accidents deaths from 2010-2014. Year Injuries 0 2005 292,798 2006 277,574 2007 266,687 2008 241,873 2009 232,777 2010 229,354 2011 225,602 2012 226,554

Statistical Chart. California Auto Accident Fatalities

So our accident attorneys have studied the rate of deaths from wrecks with focus. And we have worked with law enforcement and families of decedents. Many times, we use statistics like these to help jurors and adjusters.

So this way they understand the dire problems of Los Angeles roads. Our So Cal focus, skill, and talent helps a car accident victims. Most of all, it gets them that justice they deserve.

Your hometown team in Los Angeles County:

Sadly, Los Angeles is one of the most dangerous cities for drivers. Also, it is unsafe for pedestrians here compared to the rest of the US. Also, people on foot consist of one-third of all traffic fatalities.

Getting hit from the rear while stopped at a red light is common. But it also happens on the freeway. So rear enders are a common fear in LA. Take the Los Angeles County stretch of the 5 and 405 South Freeways. These are world famous for real bad accidents.

Car Accident Statistics – What They Mean for Drivers.

Statistics involving auto crashes in the U.S. place Americans in the lead over the rest of the world.

United States Traffic Accident Numbers.

  • Fatal harm in the United States in 1990 was at 2.1 deaths per 100 million. But it decreased to almost half at 1.1 in 2009.
  • In the U.S., motor vehicle crashes cost $260.6 billion per year. So this comes to near $820 per person.
  • In 2012, fatal crashes nationwide reached an average of 92 deaths per day. This equals an accident every 16 minutes.
  • During the year of 2012, the total number of deaths in the U.S. reached over 33,000.
  • The number of US children under 15 that die each year in wrecks is over 1,600.
  • The leading cause of deaths for U.S. citizens ages of 8 to 34 is auto wrecks. These figures include car, truck and motorcycle accidents. (These rides include pickup trucks, sports cars, station wagons and convertibles).
  • United States Motor vehicle crashes cause 2.35 million injuries or ailments every year.

How do U.S. accident numbers compare worldwide?

Worldwide vehicle accident statistics.

  • Each year almost 1.3 million people suffer fatalities in motoring crashes.
  • The average number people that die in traffic crashes is 3,287 per day.
  • Also, in the world, 400,000 or so deaths happen to those under the age of 25 every year.
  • Vehicle crashes worldwide are the ninth leading cause of death. This comes to 2 percent of all deaths across the globe.
  • Worldwide over 90% of motorist killings are in small countries. And most have fewer than half the world’s transport machines. These are low to middle-income countries.
  • As a result, over half of annual deaths are age groups 15 to 45.
  • Also, the second leading cause of death for kids 5 to 14 is auto crashes.
  • And the number one cause of death for people 15 and 29 is transport mishaps.
  • Globally, each year between 20 and 50 million people suffer in wrecks. Or they may become permanently disabled.
  • Noteworthy here, in U.S. dollars, the cost of worldwide traffic crashes approximates $518 billion. And this is 1-2 percent of some select countries’ annual GDP every year.
  • The world cost for wrecks in low and middle-income countries is at least $65 billion. And this figure is greater than the help received from these countries by donors.

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A law firm with a history fighting for traffic safety legislation:

Michael Ehline Lobbying the Department of Transportation

Michael Ehline – Foreground – US Supreme Court – Back Ground

These talented and winning attorneys understand their mission. We are here to prove up the many causes of auto accidents. Most of all, we are hard at work with your political legislators. And this is to prevent as many as accidents possible.

As a result, Michael Ehline lobbies the U.S. Congress for better transit regulations. So we don’t just sign PI law cases. We fight for consumers. And we help get better safety laws. And that avoids creating future cases.

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Tips – how to avoid car crashes:

Travelers are unable to avoid every car accident. But they can lower risks of injuries or death by following a few tips.

  • Don’t drink and drive – Alcohol factored in over 10,000 motor vehicle deaths in 2012.
  • Observe posted speed limits – The NHTSA reports 30% of road deaths involved unsafe speed. And at least 10,000 traffic killings took place in 2012 alone.
  • Buckle your restraint – Science has done the studies. These indicate wearing seatbelts lowers the risks of driving injuries. In fact, at least 45% fewer deaths happen to passengers in the front seat. All other riders have near a 50% lower chance of injury. NOPUS says that seat belt use for all U.S. compact vehicles is near 86%.
  • Kids must use booster seats and safety belts – The NHTSA says they can mean life or death. In fact, a 71% reduced risk exists for infants in wrecks. Even better, a 54% lower risk factors in with buckled toddlers.
  • Follow the vehicle recalls online – 2014 was the “year of the auto recall.” Car makers ranged from Volkswagon, Toyota, Ford and many others. They issued over 550 vehicle recalls. That amounts to over 52 million motor vehicles. Of special interest, people can search recalled vehicle makes and models here. Go ahead and type your VIN into the DMV database.
  • In no circumstance do you use your cell phone as you drive.
  • Make sure airbags and other devices are all the way functional.
  • Rest first – you can’t drive with tired eyes.

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Cutting edge experience in car accident recovery:

Don’t go it alone for this mishap. Suiting your needs is part of our stated goal. Our accident attorneys take every aspect of your case seriously. We have advanced training. And we have handled hundreds of cases across California.

Rehab and rest are critical. And we understand you may be on pain meds. Also, you may be and unable to travel. You might have missed work and stress over paying medical bills and rent.

But this kind of devastation is what we help with. So call us today. We want to diffuse a sense of strength into our disabled clients. This is part of our plan. These are people who were hard at work earning livings. But in a sudden manner, someone else hurt them.

We Want Clients Rising Above.

No reason exists for them to feel like they are not important. And this is a reason we inspire clients to rise above. We use our elan and esprit de corps to motivate depressed victims. We show clients the light at the end of the tunnel.

And this is part of our service. Also, we will gather and protect evidence and discovery alike. Plus, we are ready, anytime day or night to help. That is the reason for our attorney hotline.

Most of all, we look to the future. We are active in all facets of your financial return. Let us get you paid for your car accident. For additional information or for a chance to talk to a star L.A. based attorney, reach out now at (213) 596-9642.

We promise:

  • To Use Cutting Edge Technology Every Step of the Way.

We agree to use the latest in digital technology. This means we can save lots of time and money. Also, we can use it to create a day in the life video.

As soon as you entrust your case to us, you are part of our extended family. Clients know we take pride in helping people with everything.

Pitfalls of Failing to Hire An Attorney With Haste.

Some suffering folks will delay in hiring a lawyer. Many won’t even call a lawyer till the time to sue has passed. Failing to hire a lawyer right away can kill any chances of success. The biggest mistake people make is to talk to the other driver’s carrier.

Sadly, this can be fatal. Many victims think they are good citizens by trying to “work it out.” But that is a major problem. The defendant’s insurance company owes no duty to you.

After all, you are a third party. All they have to do is dispose of the claim. So as you deal with hard times, they try and string you along. Our legal help will be essential in your car accident.

Prevent Yourself From Making Statements Against Your Interests.

Clients with no lawyer often say foolish things. On occasion, they make dumb comments to the insurance company and police. In the heat of the moment, they make statements against their best interests.

So if in doubt, tell the police you have an injury. Let them know that thinking straight is impossible. Tell the police to meet you at the hospital afterward. Then call a lawyer!

Don’t volunteer opinions or guesses. The responding officers could take it the wrong way. So the cop may say your it is an admission of fault. If you blew it, don’t worry. Also, your lawyer can order a copy of the police report. If a problem comes along, he can demand to amend the report.

Don’t Give the Carrier a Way Out.

But some victims may speak to the opposing insurance company. These shifty insurers can try to discount or insurance claims. Other times they will invalidate your claim. And unwary victims could give an incorrect, or false sounding recorded statement. And this can refute their claim and can get held against them in court.

Even if the other driver’s insurance company is at fault, you could get screwed. If you make a statement that proves inaccurate, it can shift the blame. So adjusters are counting on the person to give a botched phone report.

  • Usually, It’s Better To Talk To a Car Accident Attorney:

So refuse to speak with anyone until you have secured an attorney. In the event you make the confidential call, you can tell us your side of the story. Our promise includes hearing to every detail. We are here to assist our clients at a personal level.

So sit back, relax, and educate us as to the events which occurred. Also, we can arrange a face to face meeting and talk. Discussing the specific details with our lawyers is beneficial.

We Get Right to Work.

As soon as you call, we will go over the different courses of actions. Also, we will clarify possible ways we will provide help. This includes items like finding a decent doctor or physical therapist. So we help car crash victims with expert legal guidance.

And we will help, even if to explain how to file in small claims court. If someone charges you to listen to your story, decline the meeting. It is vital that your lawyers understand your case.

Feeling rushed by a clock charging you by the minute is no way to start off. Call us first off for a no-obligation phone consult at (888) 400-9721. Let us help you achieve a clear car accident victory.

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California Law Code of Civil Procedure section 335.1.

You Have A Limited Time To Act! California Statutes of Limitations Law.

California law has strict time periods to sue. So car accident victims must file a collision lawsuit in this period. And California Code of Civil Procedure Section 335.1 says the statute is two years. Also, the majority of California tort claims have this time constraint.

Exceptions come into play in cases against government entities. This gets done under the Tort Claims Act. Other rules apply in some cases. For example, if the defendant is a federal agency or employee.

In that case, they have sovereign immunity. So there is a special claim filing rule before you can sue. But mostly, the period to sue begins on the date of the accident.

Exception – Time to Sue in Cases of Death of a Car Accident Victim.

But other exceptions may apply in cases of wrongful death. Special cases such as negligent killings can extend the time to sue. An example would be a crash case. The plaintiff is in a coma and the family sues for him for the wreck. But he dies.

At this point, the first case dies with him since it was for HIS injuries. The statute starts to run from the date the victim died. But if you want to make a car accident claim, you must act swiftly. Don’t sleep on your rights.

Other Time and Assistance Things that Can Kill Your Car Accident Claims.

  • Get Car Wreck Medical Care.

Caring for the many injuries from bad car wrecks is expensive. Costs include long term hospital and physician care. Most cases don’t settle until physical therapy is done. Some people like elders and small kids suffer severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues.

So this means they will need help in town to attend therapy sessions. But they may need counseling just to feel safe out shopping. Also, injuries can suck valuable resources from your entire family. If you don’t have decent coverage beware.

Because of this failure, you could spend your entire inheritance and savings caring for a loved one. And this can cause scared accident victims to take less than a lawyer would.

Get to the Hospital Right Away.

The bottom line is that you must build your case right. Failing this, you may never see the money you deserve. For this reason, car crash victims should take an ambulance. They need to go to the hospital emergency room.

And there should be no delay. Those suffering victims must create an entire medical file. And it must tie their injuries to the crash. Going to the ER days after gives the adjuster an out. So now he will tell your lawyer your injuries happened somewhere else.

But this is just one reason why immediate medical care is critical. It also helps mitigate medical related personal injuries. Because of superb medical help, a car accident victim can rise above. More than anything, they can prevent their condition from worsening.

Creating a Record is Key.

Also, doing it by the numbers means your doctor has created a record. So now your condition is official. He has taken the time to note your diagnosis and prognosis. Also, this detail helps prove the cause of the harm and damages afterward.

Even if no pain is present, you should get a full medical exam post wreck. Adrenaline, fight or flight, and fear can prevent pain responses. In that case, you could have spinal cord or brain injury. And this may have kept you from feeling pain. But days following the event, you could become paralyzed.

And even if it doesn’t seem like a serious accident you should ride in the ambulance. Get checked out and see the ER physicians.

Collect Basic Evidence With Haste – This is Crucial Following an Auto Accident.

Time is an essential component of any big vehicle collision case. You must act right away to protect your failing health. And you also have to guard your accident claim. Many reasons for this come to mind. Most of all, evidence collection is time sensitive.

Witnesses can disappear, video tapes can get erased. Evidence Code Section 412 treats the best evidence obtainable with the most authority in court. How can you handle this in a weakened state and with no legal training? You must hire a trained legal expert.

  • What Must You Do Right Away to Guard Car Crash Evidence?

Many clients become badly shaken from a wreck. Many times after a car accident happens, people don’t get all the info they need. The single most important thing to do is create a paper trail. You have to create a chain of evidence that lists it all.

So this below checklist is no hard and fast guide. But it is helpful. If possible, get a relative, friend or bystander to help at the accident scene. Lawyers like people to get them as much information as possible. Particularly useful is info regarding the opposing driver. Look out for these things.

We suggest getting the following:

  • Make a Digital Record. Ask for permission from percipient witnesses to use your iPhone to videotape them. Have them narrate what happened, and identify who they are. Even though the car may look like a crate, take pictures of license plates and vehicle damage.
  • Take Written Statements From Each Witness. Just the facts. Time of day, date, place, location, directions of travel. And get a narrative of how the accident happened. Don’t rely on the CHP or local police to interview everyone. Even if they do, it could be absent in the Traffic Collision Report.
  • Gather Witness Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers. Be nice. Don’t spook potential witnesses. For example, what if witnesses are illegal aliens? They may be scared to speak in a court setting in the future. But qualified lawyers can explain there is nothing to fear. And always try and get phone numbers too. Focus on contact info for their place of employment. And get their cell phone number. You need this info.
  • Document the Defendant’s Driver’s License and Insurance Numbers. By law, the parties in a motoring accident must exchange info. Make sure you verify proof of valid auto insurance with your own eyes. Refuse to rely on the defendant to pen the info. Of course, the other driver may be scared and shaking too. Maybe thinking straight was impossible. And take a picture of these items with your phone camera? Be smart.
  • Call the Police. If injuries and vehicle damage happened, get a copy of the police report. Many times, you could be on the way to the hospital in an ambulance. The police may arrive on scene later and fail to hear your side. But at least you have a record of some kind if the cops showed. A Traffic Collision Report is also very helpful. Although in most cases reports are barred as evidence. They fail to prove the truth of the matter asserted. But it could lead to other evidence. And that could be admissible. From a “smoking gun” standpoint, a formal police report is not required to win. But if statements are made to police, they should state basic facts. So limit what you say. Give them your name. Also state their direction of travel (north, south, east or west). And give them the estimated vehicle speed, and driving conditions. (was it sunny, was the sun blocking anyone’s view, was it raining, foggy, etc.?).

    Poor Evidence Gathering Can Make or Break a Car Accident Case.

Evidence on occasion favors the car accident plaintiff. Other times cases are vague. So you must collect as much information as possible. Very important is information dealing with the accident scene.

This includes things like the key players, as discussed above. Then car accident attorneys can maximize the case value. So collecting information like speed, traffic signals (was the light red or green?) all helps.

Little things like denoting the lane each driver was in can be very crucial. All these steps you take at this moment will be important down the road. Securing witness statements and contact data is important. It can mean the difference between settling or having to sue. Most of all, adjusters won’t pay unless convinced. They will want statements of unbiased parties. Same goes with a jury.

  • The Role of Relevant Evidence.

The rule is that all evidence is relevant at the discovery stage. So long as it might lead to things that are allowed in trial, it comes in. Also, this type of evidence can lead to related evidence. It may help exculpate your side of the case.

For example, a hearsay witness may lead detectives to a storefront. At this point, they may find a videotaped record of the car accident. It may be a business record of the street and the accident as it took place.

So a court would allow the tape into evidence. But the judge would exclude hearsay witness statements. Getting information like positions you to win.

Winning Does not Mean You Must Speak English.

Many times the witnesses speak a foreign tongue. And this is ok. Ehline will hire a translator to go to that witness.

If the witness speaks Spanish, we have people who speak the language. So that way insurance companies see you did your due diligence. In that case, in all likelihood, they will want to settle.

  • Other Reasons Police Should Come to the Car Accident Scene.

It is always important that law enforcement come to the scene. And this is for many reasons. But is will surely help protect evidence. For one, they can separate upset parties. Police can bring order. And they can protect people at the accident scene from another mishap.

In many cases, the victims are in shock and wandering in traffic. So it’s possible that distracted oncoming vehicles could run you over. These motors could come head on at high rates of speed. Also, it could be dark outside in the street. A fishtailed car could have crashed into a utility pole. And that can knock out power to street lights.

So in a moment, a new risk of a crash in the darkness. Plus, new dangers of electrical shock by downed power lines come to mind. Making matters worse, the wreck may have taken place on a blind corner. And that could lead to a chain vehicle collision.

But police can install an emergency blockade. And they can render first aid. In any event, they could perform any number tasks. So in the interests of public safety, they are nice to have at the scene.

Contracts and Waivers.

Contracts with a blame waiver can complicate matters. Other exceptions could apply due to another contract. Also, you might have a contract with one or other defendant. A special provision may be present. It could require a written claim. Things to know prior to acting.

But failing to act timely could bar any future payment. We can’t stress the importance of an attorney’s help. Don’t leave money on the table.

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We aid victims with these car accident claims:

At least 200,000 people are harmed in Southern California traffic accidents each year. Doing it yourself can put you at a severe loss. The other side has their special lawyers and so should you. Car accident attorneys are dedicated to cases like yours.

Freeway and highway collisions are a significant portion of the cases we sign. Most of these involve rear-enders during rush hour. We help victims make insurance claims. And an experienced attorney can file lawsuits. So if they can’t settle in your favor, they go to court.

Most vehicular accident cases handled by us include:

Hit-and-Run Accidents:

  • The LAPD says 20,000 hit-and-run accidents happen each year in LA. Also, hit and run victims can suffer two times. They have repair bills and hospital charges. But the offending driver left the accident scene. Then the victim gets stuck holding the bag. Hit and run drivers are rarely caught. But victims do have options. And help from a lawyer is important if you want money.

Rear-End Auto Accidents:

  • Rear-end auto accidents are likely the most reported car accidents in the State. These are the opposite of a front-ender, which involves frontal impacts. These tend to happen if the front of a vehicle hits an object or thing. Often it strikes a curb, a small child, dog, or cat. Also, it can skid out in road debris. If the car jumps the curb, people at bus stops may get hurt or killed. Also, trees, hedges, and electrical power boxes can become damaged.

Texting is The Biggest Distraction.

Most of these car smashes are from texting while driving. But any distraction in traffic can kill or maim. The injuries can be minor or severe. Whiplash is most common in a fender bender. It can cause horrible injuries to the neck, and back.

Head injuries can also arise from being rear-ended at higher speeds. Impacts to the cranium can last a lifetime. Brain damage can occur if a head hits the steering wheel. Heavy vehicles like big rigs and SUV’s can cause big damage. Also, the head can hit surfaces in the car with strong G-forces.

Roof Crush Accidents:

  • Roof crush accidents happen a lot with SUVs. Vehicles can also roll over off embankments with unsafe guardrails. This can result in the car’s roof caving in. Usually, it crushes the heads of the vehicle occupants. Injuries can range from brain damage to quadriplegia. Paraplegia and death are also an outcome. So getting killed or paralyzed is a real possibility. And many injury lawyers are ill equipped to handle these cases. But we are ready to help.

T-Bone Accidents:

  • A T-bone car accident happens as the front end of a vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. So this is a head on collision. But it’s the left or right side of another vehicle. It resembles the shape of a T upon impact. As a result, the term is T-Bone. Bodily injuries mostly depend on vehicle speed. Low-speed collisions can still cause great injuries. The occupant of either machine can suffer. And the range can be moderate shock to severe trauma. T-bone accidents are close to 13% of all crashes. Our team of expert car accident lawyers litigate these cases.

Intersection Accidents:

  • Look out for pedestrians. In 2012 alone a reported 4,743 pedestrians died in car accidents. In America, most of these killings were at or near crossings. People hurt on foot will also need a lawyer. Many times the government has some fault over the road or crossing. Learn more concerning hiring a pedestrian accident attorney.

Defective Products Accidents:

  • Insurers like to point out the empty defendant’s chair at trial. So they may argue your prized convertible is a heap of junk. Now they could claim a manufacturing defect caused your brakes. Or maybe they say the airbags failed. So they say you sued the wrong person. This is another reason why you need to get a lawyer. If you need to bring a case like this, you will need help. (Read here.)

Other common cases we help with include:

  • Commercial trucking accidents,
  • Bicycle accidents,
  • Motorcycle riding accidents, and
  • Bus accidents.

We also help with many other types of accident cases. Also, we employ some of the top car accident lawyers in the country. They will help you for any vehicular accident. We help those hurt on the freeway, highway, subway.

Common car accident injuries we help with:

Again, the NHTSA says per year, at least two million people suffer in car wrecks. Many crashes happen right here in Los Angeles County. The injuries can range from major to minor.

Smaller injuries include:

  • Scrapes
  • Scratches
  • Bruising
  • Friction Burns
  • Cuts
  • Broken or Bloodied Noses
  • Whiplash
  • Migraines
  • Hairline Fractures
  • Aching Joints
  • Edema and Swollen Joints

More serious injuries include:

  • Facet Joint Syndrome
  • Open cuts and wound needing stitches
  • Compound fractures. Things like broken femurs, broken ankles, or a cracked pelvis
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Slipped Disks
  • Cracked ribs
  • Deflated or collapsed lungs
  • Cracked or fractured skulls
  • Mild Traumatic and Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Missing Digits like amputation of a fingertip, nose, ear, or foot
  • Fast demise or death of a close family member or loved one

Even minor injuries can conflate into deadly conditions. For this reason, even if you feel fine post impact, you must get stabilized. You must seek care. As noted below, failure to get to the E.R. right away can leave your case flailing in the wind. Don’t waste time.

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Monetary compensation for Los Angeles automotive accidents:

What is the value of a car accident case?

Many factors determine the worth a car accident claim. For the most part, cases get assessed by claims adjusters and courts based upon:

  1. Visible physical damage to the vehicle and property impacted by the crash;
  2. Meaning of the listed injuries of the victims. (Was it moderate whiplash? Or was it severe like brain damage or a broken ankle?). Another big mistake is for car accident victims ignore the doctor. It’s vital to carry out all medical care protocol;
  3. Asset exposure of the defendant matters. (does the defendant own a home or have other property? Does the accused maintain liquid assets? If so, are they subject to getting seized? Would it be enough to satisfy a money judgment?); and,
  4. Different types of coverage can vary court-ordered judgments. Insurance coverage can vary. And court-ordered judgments can differ. Excess or umbrella policies can affect a judgment. An over insured primary policy or an underinsured primary policy can matter. It can influence the decision. UM and UIM can also may alter the total you collect.

There is no Silver Bullet To Winning an Accident Claim.

No silver bullet exists in determining case values. But the more proof the better to make it valuable. Expert witness testimony can be necessary. Pros can be costly. We can give you an estimate of your car accident claim’s value. Remember it is no more than an estimate. Problems during therapy can arise. That can change the case value. No attorney can guarantee the value of a car accident claim.

And it is not ethical if a lawyer does make this promis. So in that case, you should find another lawyer with haste. We will give you a fair and honest assessment. But we will do so within our ethics compass. Call the superb Ehline Law Firm in Los Angeles for a free case eval at (888) 400-9721.

What Damages Can You Get for a Car Accident Injury?

There are many types of money damages. Types available in personal injury cases are as follows: “Compensatory damages.” This means monies awarded plaintiff to compensate for losses. So this includes items like bodily injuries or other loss. Damages used in valuing a claim are general and special damages. So in unique cases, you can get exemplary or punitive damages.

“General” Damages in Auto Accident Cases:

These types of damages reference the intangible “non-economic damages.” So it includes things like pain and suffering. However, these post accident items are hard to quantify. But they include payment for other intangibles. These could be items like mental anguish, loss of union and society, etc. Insurance adjusters in the past determined damages with a formula. They multiplied the injured party’s medical bills by three.

Example: your medical bills are $50,000. Multiply three times (3 x meds of $50,000=$150,000 in general damages) and you get an additional $150,000 for pain and suffering.

No More Three Times the Meds.

The three times the medical bill formula is no longer used as a hard and fast rule. Gory pictures of terrible scars tend to increase these damages quite a bit. Because of this, courts make it hard to introduce gruesome pictures into evidence.

But the risks of it getting placed into evidence make many adjusters want to settle quicker. Many times they pay out for a larger number. For this reason, it is an injury that has an emotional impact on a potential juror. The argument is this will stir passion. And this helps increase the damages award. Adjusters don’t want to risk a swayed jury giving the plaintiff a giant verdict.

These types of non-economic damages” include:

  • Cognitive anguish,
  • Emotional distress,
  • Physical suffering,
  • Overall quality of life issues,
  • Worsening of previous injuries,
  • Loss of love, sex and companionship. (also known as “loss of consortium.”).

Special Damages:

“Economic damages,” or “specials” are “past, present, and future” financial losses. These will have a fixed, hard economic cost.

Some examples include:

  • Re-education & employment re-training,
  • Physical therapy rehab,
  • Costs of surgery,
  • Costs of pain meds,
  • Lost wages,
  • Loss of capacity to earn standard wages,
  • Costs of basic services. Examples include in-home nursing care, housekeepers, and other help. It also includes special vans equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Punitive Damages Or Gross Negligence:

If a case goes to a jury trial, the jury can award punitive damages. A high profile example is the civil judgment in the Brentwood, CA, OJ Simpson case. The victim’s family got awarded $25 million in punitive damages.

But these awards are rare in car accident cases. The plaintiff must show that the defendant acted with:

  • Deliberate Intent, or
  • Recklessness.

Recovery problems arise in cases of intent to harm and gross negligence. It is against public policy for insurers to pay intentional act claims. So if intent to hurt a person was present, claim denied. And this is because monstrous people may use insurance as a license to hurt.

Knowing their carrier would pay for their terrible or heinous acts could encourage them. And others might get run over or smashed up care free. Of special interest, most Los Angeles accident attorneys don’t seek punitives. Even if intent exists, the goal in motor vehicle collision cases is to get paid.

The last thing the lawyer wants is to sabotage the client’s case by negating insurance protection.

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California Automobile Insurance Claim Coverages:

What Are the Various Types of Auto Insurance Coverage?

Several types of insurance coverages are available to California motorists. First, minimum coverage requires a 15/30/5 basic policy (explained more below). But drivers can buy a $10,000 insurance bond to satisfy the California minimum coverages law. But basic coverage fails to pay the insured driver. Extra coverage exists for that. And it gets discussed below.

Minimum coverage covers the legal minimum amount for a car accident victim(s). It also pays for injured occupants and others outside the vehicle who are hurt. Comp covers costs such as auto repairs to your car. Things like gap coverages for leased vehicles may be required.

This list can help you understand the types of coverages you can buy:

Basic Coverage:

  • Most drivers in Los Angeles elect to purchase basic minimum insurance coverage. “Basic liability coverage” covers single person bodily injury to $15,000. It can go to $30,000 total if another person gets hurt. Also, it includes $5,000 or so for property damage. And this represents mandatory minimum coverage. So this insurance pays for the damage to the vehicle you hit. It also includes claims by others in the zone of danger who suffered damage.
  • CAVEAT: Following a wreck, the accused’ insurer may pay the full policy if bad injuries. But make sure and speak to a lawyer first. It could be the other driver was in the course and scope of employment. So other coverage may exist.

Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Full Coverage or “comp,” coverage shields against vehicle damage. Examples are trees with falling branches and objects that fall on the car. But it can include vandalism. Examples include someone keying your car. But it can also cover damage caused by wild animals. Last, it pays for vehicle floods, hailstorms, and vehicle fires.

Collision Coverage:

  • Collision coverage for leased vehicles will be mandatory in most cases. This covers the vehicle replacement costs in a “total loss” claim. Also, it includes the hard repair costs for salvageable vehicles.

Gap Coverage:

  • Gap insurance will be required for many high-end vehicles. It pays for “the gap” in the actual value versus the leased or financed amount. Otherwise, the buyer may pay the difference out of their pocket. If not, the victim may be unable to get a replacement car .

Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM):

  • Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorists are trouble in some accident cases. Many insurance brokers reference this personal injury protection as UM/UIM. Many uninsured drivers travel the roads in California. You should consider purchasing extra insurance coverage. Every day you share the road with unlicensed, uninsured drivers. If a defendant has little to lose they will flee the scene. This creates a hit and run scenario.

If an uninsured driver, causes a road accident you could be in for trouble. So if he or she hits you or your car, you may have no way to pay for the ambulance ride to the hospital. Also, you may have no money for other hospital costs. You also might be out the money for damage to your car.

Pitfalls of Covering Primary Care.

Sometimes affording X-rays or your MRI won’t be possible. But that’s why you buy additional automotive insurance coverage. Even after that, some insurance UIM declarations exclude coverage. Mostly this happens if no physical contact takes place between vehicles during a car accident.

If the other car driver makes you take evasive action, you may be in for trouble. Good luck if you find no paint transfer on the vehicle. So even though you thought you had the coverage, you are wrong. In a New York Minute, you are left with a truckload of bills and headaches. Make sure you know what you are buying.

What is the smart way to protect yourself from a Los Angeles car accident? Easy, hire a lawyer. Just call attorney Michael Ehline or one of his staff. So give us a call, and we’ll discuss your policy. Also, we’ll guide you as to the coverage you should purchase for future security.

Medical Payments Coverage:

  • “Medical payments coverage” is a type of extra first-party coverage for present medical expenses. Lawyers call it “Medpay.” It gets used to cover passengers and drivers to a set amount. The maximum will usually be $5,000. On occasion, the auto collision lawyer will set this money aside in trust. He may use it to offset costs like filing fees and costs of depositions.

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Dealing With Car Insurance Firms for an Auto Accident in Los Angeles.

Following a Los Angeles car accident, your attorney will speak with two insurance companies. First, your lawyer will need to talk to with your first party adjuster. Next, counsel will need to call the other party’s insurance company.

Both carriers will assign reps to your claim and issue claim numbers. The agents they assign to your case are “claims adjusters.” These people use actuarial tables. And they will use other formulas to create an estimate for your car accident insurance claim.

Subdivided among these people are:

  1. Property damage adjusters, and
  2. Bodily injury adjusters.

The first claim to get resolved next will be car accident property damage. A “draft,” or check typically gets mailed to the repair shop. The fight here will be the value of the motorcar. The agent will want to depreciate it. They will argue wear and tear.

More Games Carriers Play.

Also, they may say your “clunker” was worthless. So make sure you have receipts and proof of value. Next you have the bodily injury adjuster. These are the ones you need to look out for if you have no lawyer.

As discussed above, you cannot make statements against your interests. Adjusters will usually try and trick you. Many times they trick callers into giving a recorded statement. Refuse to do it! This cannot help you.

They will use deny, delay, defend tactics to wear you apart. Their goal is to pay you nothing, or next to nothing. The insurance adjuster looks out for his boss and bonus. These people are your adversary.

Being helped by a top accident attorney gives you credible status. And that puts and end to the gamesmanship. It assures your right to just compensation gets preserved. We deal with the opposing side. So you can focus on repairing your body, mind, and soul.

Other than that, we also offer you moral support. All this as we pursue forms of payment. But we will take care of you no matter what.

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What Makes Us Winners In So Many Car Accident Cases?

Should you choose the excellent, million dollar winning Ehline Law Firm? Many people believe that all car accident law firms are the same. We have all seen the T.V. commercials and heard the A.M. radio jingles. But the chances are slim you will meet the celebrity attorney or his/her actors.

Many times cases are sent to mills. And they will have thousands of files. Also, they will have little time for you. You know we are serious when it comes to our ethos. Clients want a winning and elite attorney to produce above average results. Like you, we all want personal care. So look at our stellar track record and training. That way you can understand what makes us a cut above the rest.

We Accept the Best Clients.

What else makes us so different? For one, we are careful concerning the cases we take. We take cases that meet a certain value threshold. So this means that we can afford to give your claims file one on one care. You deserve to attention.

Personalized legal service is our hallmark. Because of this, we produce a constant stream of above average results. Small Los Angeles law firm service with big firm results. This sets us apart. We are the exception to the rule.

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Some of our proven client case results:

We have a proven and steady stream of case results. Below are just a few of our verdicts and settlements.

  • $8,700,000.00 Settlement
  • $4,966,255.67 Settlement
  • $1,400,000.00 Settlement
  • $1,000,000.00 Settlement

But that snapshot of our past success shows only a few of our results. Read more here.

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What Our Clients Say Regarding Us

As can be seen by our Yelp! reviews here, and our Facebook likes here, clients have a lot of nice things to say. Our staff and partners have proven our big firm results and small firm service. Many clients in car, truck, bus, and motorcycle mishaps gave us 5 star reviews. This snippet shows what one of our past clients said:

Aug 5, 2016
#1 Car Accident Lawyer

Ehline Law Firm truly is world class. I got a ton of money after firing my first lawyer (who wanted to settle for a few thousand) and hiring this former U.S. marine, I was thrilled. He hammered the insurance adjusters. But there was not enough money, so they offered the policies and he got the car drive that hit us, to fork over some dough. We got good money for our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys efforts. Thank you Mr. Ehline. – Thomas J.

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Car Accident Procedure For the Hearing and Impaired.


If you are hearing or impaired, just check out this video on Youtube. Let us know how we can help in your car accident injury matter.

Experts in Bad Faith Auto Insurance Claims

  • Pursuing a Defendant With No Coverage Can Be Foolish

Maybe the person that hit your car was at fault. Maybe he caused you to take evasive action and had no insurance. A lot of unlicensed, uninsured illegals drive in the City of Angels. Perhaps they did have basic California Prop 215 coverage. But maybe it wasn’t enough to cover the car accident bodily injuries.

Assume the defendants have no real assets to attach. What point would be made to pursue a broke third party in court? Why waste time and money? It makes no sense most of the time. But some cases of bad faith are worth pursuing.

  • Assignment of Third Party Bad Faith Rights.

A rare case exists when an at-fault party with a small policy gets denied coverage. But on some occasions, they are wrongfully denied coverage. So in that case, a car accident means the defendant’s assets are at risk. So at this point, they are damaged by their carrier. At this point, defendants could assign their rights to sue. If so, a deal can be struck. And this lets the plaintiff sue in defendant’s shoes.

  • Pursuing Your Own “Full Coverage” Insurance If Defendant Broke.

As noted above, in some cases a defendant has no assets to pursue. Also, it may be pointless to sue. Some cases involve people with no assets. To top it off, they may have a small liability insurance policy. Defendant going bankrupt will always be a threat.

Of particular concern, your motor vehicle accident complaint could get dismissed without prejudice. And that means it could get delayed a long time. Making an uninsured or under-insured motorist claim can be smart. This gets made against your carrier.

An option exists to buy comp and collision coverage. They can also purchase uninsured and under-insured coverage. The latter coverage pays injury claims to the policy limits.

The first two would do no more than cover vehicle repairs to your car. And it would pay for other things like a broken computer, for example. So don’t assume “full coverage” means you get covered for your accident. Do get copies of your declarations of coverages and exclusions. And hand them over to your attorney.

  • Enter First Party Insurance Insurance Bad Faith Law.

Auto insurers owe a special duty of care to policy-holder(s). But what if an insurance company stalls, delays, or wrongfully denies a claim? As a result of this, they can be subject to extreme penalties. For one, complaints to the insurance commissioner can cause problems.

Because of this, it can hurt an insurance company’s star rating with the state. Most of all, insurance carriers want a 5-star rating. So they don’t want trouble with the California Department of Insurance.

Second, wrongful delay or denial of legitimate claims would be unlawful. It can lead to a punitive damages award. (See the video here on punitive damages). So this will be bad for the insurance carrier. First, it means their shareholders get hurt. Also, it can lead to other penalties. These could be state and federal government fines. Most of all, it hurts their bottom line.

Insurance carriers treat you better if you hire respected lawyers. Also, if they see your lawyer is Ehline they look closer. They know Ehline has handled bad faith claims. Also, plaintiffs can include the California Department of Insurance. At this point, the insured plaintiff will be the least of their worries. If ordered, the DOI can take their license.

  • Getting Sued for Bad Faith.

Sadly, we’ve seen cases of carriers refusing to assist their insured’s. But we are finely attuned on how to help. n cases such as these, we go for the jugular. In that case, we can ensure these companies will honor their policies.

If your insurance company acts in bad faith, this is a far-reaching matter. As discussed above, punitive damages threaten big business. Victims can push back with a lawyer who knows what to do.

No matter how entrenched such a large corporation becomes, they weigh the risks. And it may be cheaper to pay off those with good legal help. We have stared the big boys in the eye. We have fought Farmer’s Insurance, State Farm, Infinity, and Geico. And we have dealt blows to Progressive, and others.

Rest assured; their corporate attorneys may scare others. But our clients have protection from bully tactics.

To Conclude:

You have now learned the pitfalls in dealing with large fortune 500 companies. Also, you have seen the problems of car accidents and dealing with the police. We also went over the steps to take. Take these steps for all Los Angeles road smashups.

Last, you learned how car accident bad faith law works. So getting vetted legal help for a crash fast can be key to winning.

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The Main California Cities We Service:

  • Carlsbad
  • Costa Mesa
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica
  • Rancho Cucamonga
  • Torrance
  • Laguna Beach
  • Long Beach
  • Irvine
  • San Diego
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  • Huntington Beach

Other car accident resources:

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Our lawyers are ready for you 24/7! We will help you navigate the legal maze of the Los Angeles court system. Also, if you unable to call, we offer live chat. And we have an email contact form on this page. So call us today! (213) 596-9642.

Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney, APLC
633 West 5th Street #2890
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (213) 596-9642
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Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney, APLC
633 West 5th Street #2890
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: (213) 596-9642
Company Name: Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys, APLC
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Phone Number: (213) 596-9642
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