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Students flourish on D.C.'s Capitol Hill

The two International Affairs majors were immersed in a robust and fast-paced work environment, and each found her own personal and professional connection to community in Washington, D.C. Read more

Trump gestures infuse politics with comedic effects

Donald Trump’s use of comedic entertainment, scholars at CU Boulder contend, goes a long way toward explaining his success in winning the Republican nomination. “In Trump we find a Rabelaisian character that deploys bawdy humor to entertain his audience," they say. Read more

New ‘4+1’ degree adds up for future teachers

The School of Education and Department of Ethnic Studies have partnered to offer a new degree that will allow future teachers to earn a bachelor’s degree in ethnic studies and a master’s degree in education in five years. The new “4+1 Ethnic Studies and Education Concurrent Degree Program” will begin admitting students in spring 2017. Read more
A Sentenced Life

Center for Study and Prevention of Violence featured in PBS documentary

Black and Latino Coloradans are disproportionately impacted by the criminal justice system, according to a new Rocky Mountain PBS documentary, A Sentenced Life. The documentary analyzes the impact of incarceration for minority populations through personal stories and research. Read more

Mallinda awarded $750K grant for reusable carbon-fiber composite

What’s one way to cut a car’s weight by 50 percent and improve fuel efficiency by up to 40 percent? Make it out of carbon fiber instead of steel. What if everyone had access to such a vehicle? Read more
Course to take students through the creepy craft of horror writing

Course to take students through the creepy craft of horror writing

CU Boulder’s Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies will offer an advanced horror fiction writing course Jan. 3-27. A portion of the course includes residency at the Stanley Hotel, said by some to be haunted and famously an inspiration for Stephen King’s novel The Shining. Read more
The Edge

The Edge: The War against Cheating and Corruption in the Cutthroat World of Elite Sports

Both entertaining and thought-provoking, The Edge not only visits the battlefields in the war against cheating and corruption, but also explores ways to ensure that “the spirit of sport” can survive in today’s high-tech, highly professional world. Read more

Cheatgrass swept through the Great Basin, permanently altering plant communities

Rabbit Valley is the last exit on I70 as you drive west through Colorado. It is in the McInnis Canyons National Recreation Area and it has several places to camp, so I decided to visit. But as I drove from I70 to Knowles Overlook on the Colorado River I was disappointed to see miles and miles of cheatgrass. Read more

NASA’s MAVEN mission gives unprecedented ultraviolet view of Mars

New global images of Mars from NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission being led by the University of Colorado Boulder show the ultraviolet glow from the Martian atmosphere in unprecedented detail, revealing dynamic, previously invisible behavior. Read more

Neural signature for fibromyalgia may aid diagnosis, treatment

CU Boulder researchers have discovered a brain signature that identifies fibromyalgia sufferers with 93 percent accuracy, a potential breakthrough for future clinical diagnosis and treatment of the highly prevalent condition. Read more
Students take the helm at CU Boulder’s fall dance showcase

Students take the helm at CU Boulder’s fall dance showcase

Expect the unexpected at this fall’s Open Space, a dance production featuring brand new works created, choreographed and performed by CU Boulder students. A tantalizing mix of pieces, which could involve anything from tap to tribal fusion, will be on display Nov. 11-13 in CU’s Charlotte York Irey Theatre. Read more
Sleep-deprived preschoolers crave more calories

Sleep-deprived preschoolers crave more calories

Is your preschooler getting enough sleep? If not, he or she may be inclined to consume more calories, according to a new CU Boulder study, findings with implications for childhood obesity risk. Read more
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Abby and Maribel

The visionaries see brighter days in Peru

Young CU Boulder alumni have launched a summer empowerment program for adolescent girls in Peru who dream of career and community service. Partnering with other nonprofits in Peru, the team has helped the young women move closer to realizing their dreams.
Stephen Graham Jones
Author has Mongrels on the brain
Wildfire in Colorado Springs
Humans, wildfires forge a ‘socioeconomic pathology’
Like-minded discourse breeds extremism
Like-minded discourse breeds extremism
Prof’s class examines the sociology of yoga
Prof’s class examines the sociology of yoga