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We’ve recently launched our digital short-term forecasting onto the Fastmarkets platform in an integrated service with prices over a single delivery platform. They have a similar scope to the Tracker services but are delivered in a digital format for you. With our forecasting services being delivered on our new platform in a single offering, this means gaining the enhanced and integrated functionality of our digital offerings, together with the continuity and convenience of our PDF and Excel delivery. As we bring these offerings together, we’ll be aligning the Trackers to our pricing services.

Service mapping our short-term forecasts

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Tracker services

Subscribers to Tracker services will receive access to the platform, including the enhanced functionality of the digital offering and full access to relevant Fastmarkets metals pricing. Tracker clients will be able to access their familiar PDF and Excel files. Subscribers to the digital short-term forecast offerings will now receive access to supporting PDF and Excel sheets. 

Read more about Fastmarkets benchmarks and rigorous forecasting methodology here.

Short-term forecasting services in a single platform

Fastmarkets has been publishing short-term forecasts via our Tracker PDF and Excel spreadsheets for more than 40 years and delivering them via Metal Bulletin Research. With our short-term forecasting now on the Fastmarkets platform, you get an integrated service with prices over a single delivery platform in a digital format.  

Why do customers rely on Fastmarkets short-term forecasts?

Competitive advantage

With our independent short-term forecasts, stay ahead of the market. Leverage the insights to secure a competitive edge in the fast-paced base metals market. 

Negotiate with confidence

Empower your price discussions with our unbiased and market-reflective forecasts. Make informed decisions, negotiate better deals and maximize your profit margins. 

Risk mitigation strategies

Identify potential market shifts before they happen. Our forecasts help mitigate risks by providing early signals of market changes, enabling you to adjust your strategies in advance. 

Save time on research

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Save time on research with our comprehensive market analysis and concentrate more on your core business activities. 

Are you interested in market-reflective prices, specialist forecasts and expert analysis for the metals markets?

Frequently asked questions
  1. Will I need to subscribe to Fastmarkets prices to obtain access to the short-term forecasts? Yes
  2. Will I receive the same content via the new delivery platform? Yes, and more. 
  3. As an existing customer, do I need to upgrade my subscription to receive the enhanced service? You will not be charged any extra for the enhanced service. Your account manager will review your services with you at renewal and negotiate the price that reflects the value you are receiving from the service. 
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As well as forecasting and analysis for the base metals market, we also offer news, price data and forecasting and analysis for the global metals markets.

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Gain a competitive edge in the emerging battery recycling market

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