How To Calculate Your Income Tax

Calculating your Income Tax may seem like a daunting task! But, if you have some necessary info and an Income Tax calculator (you’ll find many online), it’s actually quite easy. Let us help you.

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5 Smart Ways To Pay Off Your Home Loan Faster

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3 Crucial Mutual Fund Tactics for Retirees

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ELSS Focus: DSP Tax-Saver Fund

ELSS funds can help you save taxes under Section 80C. However, with too many such funds, choosing one might be tough. Here’s an ELSS fund that you can look at.

Mutual Fund Focus: DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund

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Tricks That Retailers Use To Make You Spend More

Did you know that retailers psychologically push you to spend as much as possible with their crafty pricing, clever placements, and more such tricks? Here is a list of the common tricks that retailers use to make you spend more.

Are Wives As Guarantors Responsible For Business Debts?

A guarantor is a person who promises to pay another’s debt or fulfil his/her contractual obligation if that other person/firm fails to pay his debt.