Akshaya Tritiya, Gold At Rs.3000 Per Gram – Should You Buy?

Gold has always been a traditional investment for Indians. Occasions like Akshaya Tritiya make it even more special. But with gold prices at a 2 year high should you buy gold now? If you do, how can you offset any potential losses?

Urban And Poor? You Don’t’ Need To Be!

There are many young earners in big cities who continue to live a life of limited means but project otherwise (that’s just fancy for poor), thanks to their ridiculous spending habits. If you’re smart enough, you can become rich while staying urban. Wait, what?

Urban Poor: What Do You Have To Say About It?

All of us feel the need belong. It’s a basic psychological need. But, what is it that makes you feel like you belong and how far will you go to ‘fit in’; to be seen with the crème de la crème of society? Would you give up basic necessities to keep up appearances? We asked around and here’s what people had to say.

Spend For Your Kids, Get Tax Benefits!

Spending on your kids is a lifelong expense. What if you could get tax benefits on that? Well, it’s possible if you make some smart moves.

Everyone’s Going The SIP Way!

Why are people rushing to SIPs? With equity markets giving double digit returns in the last 2 years, many are starting to invest in SIPs. There has been a rise in the number of SIP registrations as well as the average SIP amount. Are you on the bandwagon yet?

FD Breaking Charges

Fixed Deposits are one of the most popular forms of investment in India owing to their good interest rates and guaranteed returns. But what about breaking your FD? Is this really a good idea? And what about pre-closure charges?

5 Money Mistakes The Young Make And 5 Kickass Solutions

You’re probably thinking that you do not need constant reminders to start investing early. You can do without them, for sure, but we cannot emphasise enough, the importance and benefits of investing early – while you are still young and strong! Thank us later.

List of Taxes Levied by the Indian Government

Direct Tax, Gift Tax, Income Tax…. Confused about the taxes you pay every year? Don’t worry! We are here to help you understand the different taxes levied by our government.

Top 5 Wedding Destinations In India

You would want your wedding to be different, no doubt – the right destination could ensure that. But it is critical that you have your finances in order to ensure that your wedding plans materialise without a glitch.

Top 5 Premium Hatchbacks 2016

Premium hatchbacks are all the rage in the Indian automobile market. Let’s take a closer look at some of this year’s hottest players in this automotive segment.