Big data and the fight against human trafficking

July 25, 2017

The recent San Antonio, Texas, tragedy served as a vivid reminder that human trafficking is an international crisis that spans from poor nations to the doorsteps of some of the most developed nations in the world. While this United States-based event captured global news, the ongoing human trafficking crisis in India often goes underreported. A… Read More »

Amazon backs Presto with their launch of Athena

July 24, 2017

The SQL on Hadoop market is a crowded place, with numerous open source and proprietary options available. With any crowded market, the question is, which solutions will rise to the top and have the legs for long-term success. Companies not only want to get behind a solution that meets their functional and performance needs, but… Read More »

IntelliCloud Now in AWS Ireland – and Much More!

July 18, 2017

Good news! Teradata IntelliCloud has been upgraded with three new capabilities that are important to customers: International expansion to AWS Ireland – first AWS region outside of the United States for IntelliCloud (benefit = broader footprint) Customer Application Ecosystem – support for customer-supplied BI/DI apps within the Teradata data center in Las Vegas (benefit =… Read More »

The Future of Marketing – You Don’t Own Your Brand Anymore

July 18, 2017

In my last blog, I introduced two trends that have fundamentally changed data-driven marketing over the last two decades. In this instalment I want to introduce two more seismic shifts that modern marketing organisations have to deal with. The third big change to impact marketing has been the dramatic change in consumer expectations. Alberto Brea… Read More »

Unchartered Waters: Machine Learning in Geoscience

July 14, 2017

I’m still riding the tide of new information that swept over me at this year’s EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) conference in Paris last month. This wave of change was obvious for those that looked, but many still didn’t see it for what it is: the future. I’m talking about machine learning (ML)… Read More »

Analytics, data science, ethics, robots and GDPR at ‘The Future of Marketing’ event

July 12, 2017

Fascinating perspectives present and future, delivered by The Future of Marketing Initiative, University of Oxford and Teradata Teradata recently joined forces with Saïd Business School (SBS), University of Oxford to host a day-long conference, part of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative led by SBS Associate Dean of Research and L’Oréal Professor of Marketing, Andrew… Read More »

The future of marketing — is it really all about #data?

July 12, 2017

I recently co-hosted a one-day event with Professor Andrew Stephen at Oxford Saïd Business School. I’m lucky enough to be invited to a lot of events where I can learn from people much smarter than me, but this event was something special. The Future of Marketing brought together a brilliant and diverse range of speakers from across… Read More »