Smart Cities 2.0 — Boosting Citizen Engagement

December 18, 2017

Today, a smart city mostly means infrastructure — better roads, more efficient energy use and a higher quality of life for citizens as a result of all these new, connected data points. But the next step for smart cities may look a lot less like public resource management and a lot more like marketing. The… Read More »

Q&A with Sri Raghavan: The Future of AI for Enterprises

December 14, 2017

Sri Raghavan, senior global product marketing manager at Teradata, answered a few questions on algorithms, bias detection and the maturity of enterprises using AI. As data analytics progresses, do you think there will be significant progress in the sophistication of algorithms? It’s not so much that one algorithm is going to make a difference in… Read More »

BYOL, Fold/Unfold Now Available on Both Azure, AWS

December 13, 2017

Good news! Release 5 has been published to both Azure and AWS Marketplaces, bringing important new features including: Azure and AWS: BYOL (Bring Your Own License) Azure: Fold/Unfold Azure: New Storage and AMP Configurations AWS: Storage Elasticity AWS: Teradata AppCenter BYOL (Bring Your Own License) gives you the ability to buy portable software subscriptions directly… Read More »

Supervised learning in disguise: the truth about unsupervised learning

December 12, 2017

One of the first lessons you’ll receive in machine learning is that there are two broad categories: supervised and unsupervised learning. Supervised learning is usually explained as the one to which you provide the correct answers, training data, and the machine learns the patterns to apply to new data. Unsupervised learning is (apparently) where the… Read More »

From Senegal to North Korea: Finding New Analytics Solutions to Fight Economic Disparity

December 11, 2017

Enterprises have grown dramatically in their ability to apply analytics to solve corporate ailments. But, as clichéd as it must sound, there is a far loftier purpose for analytics than just enabling businesses to make money, reduce costs, mitigate risks, engage in smarter purchases and so on.  Yes, these are important. But, of equal importance… Read More »

Understanding Teradata Elasticity

December 7, 2017

As a child in 1980 with the last name of Armstrong, you were bound to be teased with the nickname “Stretch.” (Google it.)  Now many years later, it is a fortunate coincidence to have that nickname “legacy” as Teradata delivers on a long-desired capability of greater elasticity of the database environment with the hybrid cloud… Read More »

Built like Blockchain? Creating a Foundation for Trusting AI Models

December 6, 2017

What is my AI model doing? That question is critically important to companies today — especially in heavily regulated industries. Banks need to clearly tell their customers and regulators why they blocked someone’s request for more credit or why a certain transaction triggered a fraud warning. But finding out the answer isn’t always immediately obvious.… Read More »

Analytics: A Powerful Force for Societal Good

December 5, 2017

I was fortunate enough to have recently presented at the Data on Purpose conference at Stanford University, where some of the best minds discussed the virtues of using data to further the causes of corporate social responsibility, targeted allocation of resources for the common good, alleviating poverty and more. It got me thinking how data… Read More »

How Personalized Insights Can Lead to 100 Million Happy Customers

December 4, 2017

It’s hard enough to make one customer happy, but what about 100 million customers? Each individual customer these days expects a relationship with each company they buy from. Each sale or marketing piece needs to guide them along a path to nurture that relationship. One false step — offering a potential customer a credit card… Read More »

Clint Eastwood And Data Scientists. Can Cowboy Processes Drown Your Business?

November 30, 2017

Cowboys have a reputation of getting stuff done, often regardless of the consequences. One of my favorite tough-guy western actors is Clint Eastwood. You never got in his way, or crossed him. Cowboys are stereotypically resourceful, determined, and ultimately productive, but may lack a longer term vision resulting in undesirable consequences. If not recognized, embraced… Read More »